Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 309

309. Flirty girls

“Then, Hatano-kun, please patrol from the east club building.”

After parting with Minori-san, I went to the Student Council Room as planned and received instructions from President Sanada.

“Okay. Then I’ll go.”


“? Yes?”

“Well, umm… many girls are getting carried away with the atmosphere of the festival. I’m sure, many will try to invite you. Please act accordingly.”


“I mean, every year there are cases where several boys are swept away by the atmosphere and… well, yeah, be careful…”

“I see”

So, you mean, be careful with flirty girls, right? President, aren’t you a worrywart? Do you think I’m going to get caught in some random pick-up? Seriously… You know I’m not that cheap of a guy.

“President…don’t worry, my type is those who have promising future. I won’t be easily caught by those who just want to play around”

I said with a smile so that the Sanada student council president would be relieved.

“Is that so? Then, it should be fine… right?”

“Then, I’ll go!”

President would be relieved if she know my type, right?

After saying that, I walked out of the room.

“Wait, what would you do if the girls who’re picking up on you have a promising future…”

….Hmm? Well, I’ll think about it when it happens! I don’t need to think about such a thing right now!


“Hey, you. Cutie, let’s play together!”

“Hey, wait a moment, please! You were on TV, weren’t you? Meeting you here right now, means it’s destiny!”

As soon as I came out of the room, I was approached by gyaru girls.

Usually, the police would come to help deal with persistent girls, but they wouldn’t come at the school festival.

And it would be annoying if people thought I was weak against a push. So, I decided to make a resolute attitude here.

“Sorry. No one can shake my heart unless she’s a woman with high education, high income, and good personality.”

And, I tried to stop them with a finishing move. Nice smile.

“I seeー, then we’re perfect!”


“That’s right, we’re the perfect candidate! I mean, we’re from Touto University. And you know that that school’s reputation is good, so you can say that our future is guaranteed. Moreover, our personality is exceptional!”


After being told that, I looked at the two gyaru girls again. This time, more properly.

The appearance of those two girls was very good, among the high ones according to the standards of girls in this world. Or rather, my strike zone was something that could be found here and there in this world. To be honest, there were many. Too many.

But even so, I wasn’t stupid enough to swallow these two’s words raw.

I laughed lightly and told the two,

“Do you think I’ll just believe those words? You must show things that can back up your words…”

“Look, our student ID cards.”

When I looked at the student ID cards that were handed out after saying that, on both were certainly written, “Touto University”.

“… Well, it might be a forgery, a fake.”

“Eeeeー then see this. This is the school’s website with a forum that only students can enter. You need a student ID number to log in, you know.”

“I see…”

…Then, it must be true that these two are students of Touto University. It’s said as the best school in the world. Moreover, they look like extroverts. I think it’ll be easy for them to get a job in a good place. They both have a promising future. Should I give them a chance?

When such an idea popped into my head, a loud voice called out to me.

“Aーh! I’ve been waiting for you! What are you doing?!”


“Hurry up! Let’s go!”


I was pulled by the hand, and in no time, I got pulled away from the two gyaru girls.


“Umm… Mishima-san?”

“Hatano-kun, that’s not good! You can’t let yourself caught by a pickup!”

Mishima-san, who dragged me along, said while breathing heavily.

“Hatano-kun is kind, and easily trusts other people. But! There are a lot of cruel people in this world! If those girls earlier managed to bring you home, after… they’ve done “this and that” to you, they may throw you right away! Or perhaps get sold away!”

“Hmm…? I’m sorry.”

I sincerely apologized. The reputational damage to those two gyaru girls was a bit odd. It hurt my heart for some reason. And if I argued with Mishima-san poorly, it would only make her more unnecessarily angry.

A man who could read the atmosphere like me, of course, wouldn’t say anything superfluous in such a situation.

“Please be more careful… Hatano-kun, you really worried me.”

The hand that was grabbed when Mishima-san pulled me away was tightly grasped.

“Ah… I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s fine.”

Then we both stared at our connected hands.

For a while, we were stuck in that position.

“Ah! I have something to do!”

“I see……”

I tried to let go of Mishima-san’s hand, thinking that it was somewhat regrettable. However, the hand was still held by Mishima-san. She just wouldn’t let it go.


“…Hatano-kun. After today’s cultural festival is over, there’s a place I want you to go!”

“Where do you want me to go?”

“I’ll let you know the location later. What do you think?!”

Mishima-san looked desperate. As if being sucked by that momentum, I nodded.

“Thank you! Then see you later!”

Mishima said so and ran off. Not long after, she turned around once and waved her hand.

I waved my hand, thinking about what she just said.

Seriously, where the hell do you want me to go?

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