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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 308

308. Seimei Butler Cafe

“President, a new order is coming. 1 mixed sandwich, 2 beef curry, 1 iced coffee, and 2 orange juice.”

“An order is coming. 2 omelette rice, and 2 iced tea.”

“Order is coming. 4 omelette rice. 2 hot coffee, and 2 iced coffee.”

“New order. 2 omelette rice.”

Saying so, the butlers of Seimei Butler Cafe left the order sheet in the kitchen.

As butlers, they properly served the girls who came as their customers.

Subaru thought that it was something wonderful. The boys’ manner of serving customers, not even the slightest bit of complaints or fears towards women either, was appropriate to call them “the butlers”.

Their sincerity in the given duties couldn’t be compared to that of the other butler cafe.

Their growth is wonderful, but how come, not a single person helping out in the kitchen after seeing the number of orders…?

Do they not have a human heart?

Seeing the order that came in at once, Subaru thought about such a thing

However, the orders that come in wouldn’t decrease unless they were handled.

So, Subaru saw the orders placed and quickly began work.

Seimei’s butler cafe also had a set length of stay. Therefore, it was absolutely unacceptable for the food to be delayed. So, Subaru prepared himself.

Alright!! Let’s do it!

First, he prepared glass and cups. Took out orange juice from the refrigerator and pour it into the glasses. Then put a tea bag into each cup and pour hot water into the cups, and wait for a while. In the meantime, he put a cup in the coffee maker and pressed the switch. Repeated a few times. Put in a few blocks of ice for some. And the drink was completed. Rang the bell and let the butlers carry it.

Next, was the food. Unlike drinks, this would cost time. However, even this too, Subaru cut time as much trouble as possible.

First, he narrowed down the menu of meals as much as possible. And he made was thought as effortless as possible. For sandwiches, he just needed to cut the ingredients for the filling into pieces, and for the curry, since it was made in advance, he just needed to use the warming machine.

‘Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler’… While preparing for the school festival, Subaru reaffirmed that the words of the renowned intellectual person were indeed wise.

By the way, on the menu, the product names were “Seimei High’s Special Mixed Sandwich” and “Student Council President’s Leftover Tasty Homemade Curry”.

The name of the product, sounded very delicious. Surely many girls would think so.

To be honest, Subaru himself didn’t know what was special about the sandwiches, and as for the curry? He couldn’t make the curry in time if he didn’t make the curry the day before.

However, it was what people called marketing. Just by changing the name of the product, it gave a premium feel. All for increasing the chance to sell the product.

Anyway, Subaru quickly prepared a sandwich and put curry on two plates.

It didn’t take three minutes.

Subaru then rang the bell again to inform the butlers that the food was ready.

Immediately, Subaru started working on the remaining omelette rice. This would cost a lot of time and effort compared to the previous dishes. Subaru wanted to get rid of the menu, but the others said “Omelette rice is a menu that can’t be separated from the butler’s café!” or “It’s a must!”. But, this menu would cost time and effort a lot more than other menus.

Then, with that excuse, the request to increase the number of foods was brilliantly ignored. This was an essential skill for boys in this world. To ignore the things that you really didn’t want to do.

In the end, it was decided that the egg of the omelette rice should be soft and fluffy, covered with demi-glace sauce. And at the end, letters would be written with ketchup.

The ketchup part would be the role of the butlers, and that it was ok for the rice to be prepared in advance, but not the eggs. Moreover, they said that the egg must be soft but firm, so that it could be split easily and beautifully. It seemed that was a popular thing on the recent TV program.

To be honest, when Subaru heard this, he forgot that he was the Student Council President and wanted to hit everyone on the spot, but didn’t do it. Still, thanks to… no, because of the other’s persistent request, Subaru had to practice making this omelet after returning home.

Damn you all…!!

Subaru took the egg and took a deep breath. And he put his broken heart aside for now and concentrated on cooking.


“… K-Kohaku-san. Why is he in the kitchen by himself?”

“Minori-san, that’s because the other boys don’t want to get their hands dirty.”


Minori-san and I secretly peek into Seimei’s kitchen from the back, but Minori-san couldn’t help but make a stupid face after hearing the backstory.

“Wow! He’s using three frying pans at once!”

“Is he actually a professional?”

“I mean, look, he’s cooking with a technique, “Heart of Clear Water”.” [TN: Yu-Gi-Oh! card]

“… is that even a technique in cooking?”

What I saw was President Shirogane handling orders with terrifying speed. After putting several frying pans on the fire, he naturally cracked an egg with one hand, pouring the eggs in. Then he quickly made an omelet, put it on the prepared rice, and as he split it, soft and fluffy eggs could be seen.

“I-it looks delicious…”

“He really can do anything huh…”

No wonder, those Seimei’s boys dared to make an unreasonable decision.

After finishing the order in no time, President Shirogane muttered.

“Life is hard…”

And a new order came.

“… I think, I just heard a sad muttering.”

“He sounds like a middle-aged person who is tired of living…”

Come to think of it, I often saw people with eyes like him at the company in my previous life… Were they equipped with “Heart of Clear Water” too?

“Alright, we cannot lose either. I will do my best too!”

“I’ll do my best too.”


Perhaps inspired by President Shirogane, Minori-san was in high spirits.

“Well, that aside…”


For some reason, Minori-san suddenly got embarrassed.

“Umm, please read this later.”

Minori-san said that and handed me something similar to what Yuzuka-san gave me earlier.

“Then, I’ll go to help others now.”

After saying that, Minori-san left.

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  1. ………WOW……….he really is becaming Souma……but i don’t think it will last for too long………..
    Welp, i think it was going to be fine if Shirogane fought against the other student council members. That would have opened their eyes, besides opening a few layers of their skin.
    The girls are stepping up their game for Kohaku.

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