Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 307

307. A break

“Well then, my lady, please have a nice day.”

Saying that to the customer who nominated me, I bowed as a finishing.

I had already served several and sent them off like this.

“Yeah, I had a great time.”

After saying that, she put her hand on my cheek to lift my head up and stroked it.

…Hmm, hello? The way you touch it is strange, you know?

“But I’m sorry. I have an important job ahead of me. I know you still want to spend time with me, but I’m sorry you can’t.”

“That’s… really disappointing.”

“Fufufu, you say cute things sometimes.”

She smoothly lowered her hand that was stroking my cheek and rubbed my chest area with her index finger.

… Hello? This is starting to cross the line, you know?

“I’m sorry, customer, more than that…”

Female staff came saying so.

When the customer heard that, she took a distance from me in an instant.

And, she gave a bewitching smile.

“Ara, that’s disappointing. Then, see you soon.”

“Yes, I’ll always be waiting for you.”

After saying that and seeing off the girl who was leaving, the female staff who was watching it asked me in a low voice.

“That person was so nervous at the reception that she couldn’t even speak, you know… Hatano-kun, what the hell did you do to her?”

“I just gave a polite butler service”

“…her personality has changed so much in this short time.”

Yeah, right? It’s really strange.

“Ah. That’s right, Hatano-kun, it’s almost time for your work as a member of the Student Council, right? I’ll get your name out of the billboards. Well, have a break now, and don’t forget to have lunch before coming back.”

“Ah, right. thank you.”

“Well, it’s a little disappointing for those who are coming to the store at this time.”

“Well, I’m grateful that you think so. But, I’m sorry.”

After saying that, I went back to the back to take a break.

“Thank you for your hard work. Would you like to have a sandwich or something?”

“I’ll take it. Thank you.”

When I returned to the back, Seikagu-san called out to me with a gentle smile.

However, contrary to that gentle smile, her hands were moving at high speed, handling orders one after another.

While I was amazed at how skillful she was, she came to me, bringing a beautifully plated BLT sandwich (Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato) and a cup of black tea.

“Here it is”

“……Thank you”

I took a bite of the sandwich that was served.

Crispy lettuce, fresh tomatoes, and the thick and juicy bacon, all of them were delicious.

No matter what I thought about it, I couldn’t help but think that the quality exceeded the level of food that you usually could find at a school festival.

Well, in a way, my classmates who could provide this level of cooking without difficulty were amazing.

“How is it?”

“Very delicious”

“I’m glad if you think so…”

Seikagu-san said so and smiled.

“Umm, what about your work as the butler?”

“Hmmー. I haven’t met anyone who is that arrogant, so I think it’s going smooth so far.”

“Well, that’s… you might end up in trouble with the police if you’re trying to cross the line, so…”

“I see”

“Rather than that. Kohaku-kun, you should never let your alert go…”


Why is it… Even though she’s smiling, her eyes aren’t really smiling at all… scary

“Yuzuka-chan! Come back to work noーw!”

“Ah, I’m sorーry. Then Kohaku-kun, I need to go.”

“Yeah, thanks for the sandwich.”

“You’re welcome”

When Seikagu-san was about to go back to work, she immediately stopped and came back here.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well, umm… there is something I forgot to mention. I want you to come here after today’s school festival is over.”

Seikagu-san said so and handed me a folded memo.

“Is there something there?”

“Well, it’s a secret for now. Then, see you.”

“Okay. Do your best.”

When I tried to open the memo that was handed to me.

“Oh, Kohaku-san, are you taking a break?”

“Yeah, Minori-san, are you going to work now?”

“Yes, until now I was helping my club, so from now on, I’m going to help here.”

“From now on, I have to look around for the student council work.”

“Student Council’s work is it, do your best! Come to think of it, when I came back here, I saw how popular the butler cafe was. Not only ours but Seimei’s too.”

“I guess so.”

I mean, it’s the most prestigious boy’s only high school in the country. The brand power is clearly different from the normal one. In addition, the number of butlers who can handle customers is incomparable to ours. Just a simple how many customers you can serve per hour, we’re at disadvantages.

That’s why I’m starting to get exhausted like this…

But, wait a minute, now that I think about it, is it okay to leave the kitchen to only President Shirogane?…. Alright, let’s go take a look.

It was set to be easy to look at each other’s kitchen area. So, it should be easy to look at what’s going on there, on Seimei’s side.

“I’ll see what’s going on over there.”

“Ah, then I’ll accompany you.” 

In this way, Minori-san and I decided to scout the kitchen area of Seimei’s butler cafe.

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  1. The host club…i mean, the butler cafe is fairly popular. It seems one of the girls stole a march on the rest, reminded me of someone saying a woman can’t trust in other woman…forgot where or when i heard that…………
    …………All right time to see if Shirogane leveled up and became Souma, he collapsed while standing and the rest of seimei dudes are either managing somehow or panicking or he actually found a solution to his problems.
    Whichever the case i’m sure it will end up in disaster due to Kohaku’s presence.

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