Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 306

This ch is a POV from a girl (the first customer of class 1-1 butler cafe), called Kana Tozawa

306. An experience

And finally, the girl prepared herself for a suicide attack as she went into the dangerous place.

On the first day of the school festival, Kana Tozawa, a 2nd-year student of Kenran High School, went into one of the most popular food stalls in this school festival, waiting in a heartbeat for the butler she nominated.

The reason why Kana arrived at the butler cafe before anyone else was because of the cooperation of everyone in her class. She needed to… she must bring back solid information in return. To be honest, she hesitated about which butler cafe she should pick, Kenran or Seimei, but just as she had declared to everyone in the class, she chose the butler café of class 1-1.

She didn’t deny that there was a desire to see the “King of Boys” up close behind her reason. That was also why a normal high school girl, dared to dig deep into her wallet and paid a large sum of 1500 jenny, just to nominate him. Since it was only the money for nominating the butler, she must dig her wallet deeper for the food and drinks, as they would be charged separately.

But still, she couldn’t get rid of all her anxiety. She remembered the things she had read in a book that if this happened, the one who felt it would often get a bad response rather than a good one. She might have just stepped on a dangerous landmine, basically, it might just be a scam. But, she heard nothing but good rumors about Kohaku Hatano, but it was also one of her worries. After all, it felt like another made-up rumor.

…It’s okay. Yeh, it’s okay. Even if it’s a scam, it’s not that expensive if I think of it as a study fee….. No, it’s still expensive.

No, that’s not true. It’s not expensive, not expensive… with this, I’m one step closer to being an adult.

Kana felt that she just chose to receive a painful blow without shield, but she told herself so to mitigate the damage.

“My lady, Welcome back “


While Kana was persuading herself, Kohaku Hatano, whom she chose, had come close. She was so focused that she replied with a strange noise. Even though this might be an encounter that would lead both to the path of love… really, what a blunder.


Kana cleared her throat and replied to Kohaku Hadano, who had come to pick her up.

“Yeah, I’m huewe…”

And bit her tongue… what another blunder.

“Ahem, it seems the air is too dry. Anyway, please escort me.”

“I’m really sorry. Understood, I’ll tell the person in charge of the air conditioning.”

“Yes, please.”

Yes! Nice save! Me.

Kana made a fist pump in her mind. With this, the impression of her should have changed from an airhead senpai to an elegant senpai who was a little weak to dryness.

Quietly, she looked at Kohaku’s expression, but Kohaku just looked at Kana with a soft smile, and a gentle gaze. Noticing it, she thought…

…Hafu, hafu, I like you.


……Hah! What did I just think!! No, I’m not an easy girl who falls in love just by being smiled!!

Kohaku called out to Kana when she was having a conflict in her heart.

“My lady, if you don’t mind, no, please let me bring your luggage.”

“Huh? My luggage?”

“Yes. As a butler, I couldn’t overlook the burden placed on my lady, even if it’s just a little. So, would you please give me the honor of carrying your luggage?”

“O-okay. Umm… I’ll let you carry my luggage.”

“Thank you. My Lady. It’s such an honor.”

Saying that, Kohaku politely accepted the luggage.

“Then, I would guide you to your seat.”



While following Kohaku, Kana thought,

This is… so much fun!

She felt as if she had become a young lady of a noble family. Moreover, a young lady with a personal handsome butler.

Generally speaking, she grew up in a quite wealthy family, but even so, she had never been called “My lady” by a man, and she had never been treated like this by a man too.

She couldn’t stop being excited, thinking about many more first experiences that she would get.

“Here it is. My lady, please have a seat.”

The seat Kana was guided to was a soft-looking sofa and a chic table.

When she sat on the sofa, it firmly supported her body, and its softness seemed to ease her tension.

“My lady, what would you like to drink?”

Kohaku got down on his knees, and then handed Kana the menu.

“Hmm. What should I have…”

From the outside, Kana looked like she was having trouble choosing from the menu, but inside her heart, she was screaming.


T-the King of Boys kneels down for me! Letting me feel like his real master… what a good butler!!! Excellent!!

By this time, the high nomination fee had disappeared from Kana’s mind.

“Then, I shall have this recommended tea and cake set.”


“Make it two, please.”


“Yeah, you should take a break too. B-beside me.”

Kana remembered the system she heard at the entrance.

It should be OK to have tea together!!

Fortunately, the price of the set was the same as that of a very common café. But, for some reason, there was also tea with a price of 10,000 jenny, but she decided not to see it.

“M-my lady……”


When Kohaku heard Kana’s words, he took kana’s hand and wrapped it gently with both hands.

W-what happened!! Why so suddenly…

Kana’s heart was in a messed state.

“I am deeply touched by your special consideration. Thank you, my lady.”

“I-I see.”

“Then I shall prepare it immediately. Please wait for a while.”

Saying that, Kohaku left.

And Kana, who remained behind, had her eyes chased after Kohaku’s back, while holding her wrapped hand to her chest.

……Hah! No, no, no. I was about to ask for an additional order of that 10,000 jenny tea.

I mean, it can’t be helped, right?! If he were so happy with a normal cake set, how would he react if it was more expensive?!! I want to see it!!!

What a terrible butler to make his master feel this way…

Come to think of it, what kind of person are the other butlers in here?

Until now, Kana had no time to worry about her surroundings, but since Kohaku left the scene, she regained her composure and observed the other butlers.

Fortunately, there was one who was serving customers nearby, so she took a quick look.

“This is the menu. By the way, I want to eat this!”

“O-Okay. Then, please.”

“How many?”

“How… many?”

“Yeah. If you order two, I’ll sit beside you to eat it. I’ll also let you feed me!”

“Umm… then two.”

“Okay. Please wait!”

After saying that, the butler bowed his head and left.

Kana thought.

Ara, not that excellent as him but, what a friendly butler.

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