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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 103

103. If a match goes too long sometimes you may get bored

In conclusion, Atsushi’s team won the match.

Barely. Their match was so close.

It could be said that it was because luck tilted towards Atsushi’s team.

“Honestly, I never thought the match would reach 40 points in the final set.”

“Yeah. Not at all. Honestly, whoever won, I didn’t think it would go that far.”

Normally, if a team scored twenty-five points, it would be over, but the state of deuce continued all the time, and before they noticed it, the score had gone up to forty points. Even though this was a game world, people could still feel tired. But even so, even with the absurd score, the concentration of the two didn’t break.

Therefore, it was another factor in Atsushi’s victory.

“Anyways, we both sweated a lot, so let’s get into the sea right away… I’d like to say so, but…”

While saying that, Hiiragi turned his gaze to another direction.

“ ”………(DEAD EYES)” ”

There was Yuri and Sumi, who were both in gym sitting and depressed.

All of their energy was scraped off, and there was no light in their eyes anymore.

“As expected, we did a little too much.”

The girls couldn’t keep up with the boys, and in the middle and latter half, it turned into a one-on-one battle between Atsushi and Hiiragi. However, they were still on the court and were throwing tosses, so they were exhausted. Or rather, it was unbelievable that both were able to keep up with the boys until the very end.

“Well, they should be fine after a little rest. But, Chairman, I’ve some questions… what’s your aim this time?”

With one eye closed, Atsushi asked Hiiragi a question.

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb. There’s not much reason that would make you come with Kirishima. Don’t tell me it’s just a coincidence. I won’t buy that.”

Hiiragi knew about the relationship between Atsushi and Sumi. On top of that, he invited them to this VR experience. It couldn’t be just a mere coincidence.

“There’s no deep meaning. It’s just, you guys… no, in particular, I wanted to shorten the distance between you and Kirishima just a little more.”


“I know. Your circumstances with her. I know, it won’t get better in a short time, with just this much. Just… I mean, every time you both met, the atmosphere always became awkward. And that’s not what I want to see. It was the same as when we were in that kindergarten. It would be nice if your distance with her could close a little.”

Atsushi and Kirishima still had a somewhat strained relationship. But that was natural. Rather, it would be strange if that wasn’t the case. After all, it was Atsushi’s parents who captured Kirishima’s father.

Of course, her father was arrested for doing something wrong too far. But, Atsushi had nothing to do with it in the first place.

Even so, considering each other’s positions, it was impossible for them to get along normally.

Hiiragi was also fully aware of this. But still, he probably thought that he could do something to shorten the distance between the two, even a little.

“I understand that it’s unnecessary meddling. I’m sorry if I offended you. But, really, the reason just now is even not that much at all. This time, it just so happened that I was asked to come in two pairs of men and women. That’s when I came up with the idea. That’s it.”

“Hmm… It’s you after all, there must have been other people you could choose to invite, right?”

“That’s not true. Even I, am not that good at socializing. The only people I can talk to like this are, only you guys.”

While saying that, Hiiragi gave a tough smile.

Atsushi didn’t know if it was true, but it didn’t seem that Hiiragi was lying.

After a while, the girls’ dead eyes were revived, and everyone enjoyed the sea.

In addition to swimming in the sea, they also played “split-the-watermelon” and “sand-castle-making”, and everyone played to their heart’s content. It felt like they were on a real beach, and hardly felt that it was inside a game.

However, such happy times didn’t last forever.

“―――Now then. It’s about time.”

The time had turned to dusk.

Hearing Hiiragi’s words, the girls raised their voices, somewhat dissatisfied.

“Eeeh, already? Isn’t it too early?”

“Definitely, this is all caused by the beach volleyball in the morning.”

Atsushi and Hiiragi didn’t respond with words of denial. Or rather, they couldn’t argue against it.

That was why the answer Atsushi gave was something else.

“Huft, oi, ladies, don’t keep dishearted like that. I’ll treat you to a delicious restaurant on the way home.”

“Huh? For real? Yaay!!”

“I can’t believe that it makes you feel better… Seriously, Shirasawa-san, are you a child?”

“Atsushi-san, can we go to karaoke with Kirishima-san before dinner? Don’t worry, it’ll be short, I’ll knock her out in five minutes.”

“I’m sorry, I got carried away. I’m regretting it, so please forgive me.”

Kirishima was seriously freaked out by Yuri’s words.

Apparently, Yuri’s singing voice still remained deep in her brain, perhaps it had turned into a trauma.

“Hey, guys. Until when you want to keep talking, let’s log out quickly.”

While saying that, Hiiragi opened a window that looked like a status screen in a game, pressed the logout button there, and disappeared with the light.

Following that, Yuri and Kirishima also logged out.

Atsushi also pressed the logout button and so, all of them returned to the real world.

….It was supposed to be.

” ―――― Oi, oi, where is this?”

That was what Atsushi muttered in front of the unfamiliar lake.

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