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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 86

86. Chapter 86

In contrast to the mercenaries who decided to wait-and-see, the regular soldiers attacked at once. They showed a distinction from the small fry until now. The closer they came at you, the deeper you could see the confidence in their eyes. Without being overwhelmed by the equipment used by the other party and the heat of battle, they rushed and killed many Dalimarx soldiers.

Despite being a local skirmish, they had the potential to reach the level of soldiers who once bet the existence of the nation in the northern countries and fought fierce battles without stop.

The same kind of Highserk soldiers. Even if the place was different, the nostalgia was pumping up in Walm’s mind. Meant, he couldn’t have time to soak in sentiment, and relax his mind.

After several rounds of interaction between cutting edges, his muscle memory responded.

The halberd that was thrust after a pulled back, the tip was sucked into the gap in the armor covering the throat. The instrument played its role as expected, and fresh blood flowed out of the armor after a bubbly groan.

Walm ignored the one who had lost his fighting ability and looked at the next opponent. He pushed the round shield slightly, folded his elbows lightly, and was ready to get his longsword.

The opponent wasn’t a small fry soldier who had just been trained in how to stick out a spear and collective action. The opponent was the one who routinely trained his combat and narrowed his choice of skills to fit his combat styles.

The soldier probably saw the battle of his compatriot with Walm earlier. He wrapped around to the right-hand side and closed the gap. It must be a calculation where you would jump into the bosom after handling a blow of a long sword and a round shield.

If you made a small thrust, the tip of the spear would be flipped by the edge of the round shield. Once you got it, it should be the end for your opponent. It was supposed to be so.

As Walm pulled back, the soldier jumped into the gap.

Walm, who had foreseen the movement, scooped up his halberd from the bottom while backstepping.

Another enemy soldier tried to divert the blow with the round shield in his left hand and the sword in his right hand. He was leaning forward in a low position, and after the blow of the halberd was diverted, he must take a step and do a shoulder charge to Walm who had lost his posture by the time.

Walm mobilized all his strength and sent mana into the halberd to land a 《Strike》. The eyes of the regular soldiers who realized his missteps opened wide.

“Guh, uck, aaaAAAHHH!?”

When the halberd that went into the shield broke through the iron plate and the reinforced wood, it cut off the left forearm and tried to chase after the remaining right arm, but it lacked the fineness of movement due to the momentary blood and pain, so the halberd missed it.

Instead, it went through the jaw and immediately forced the respiratory tract into dysfunction.

Without getting upset, the other regular soldier who was behind, stopped due to the difference in skill. It seemed he wanted to try to avoid one-on-one with Walm by keeping a distance.

“He has a skill. Avoid one-on-one. Don’t waste yourself.”

Walm, who received such an unflattering word from the 10-man commander of the enemy, who was equivalent to a non-commissioned officer, ran his eyes around him.

The friendly soldiers were about to continue their retreat in the collapsing castle with limited escape. If the whole castle got caught up in the turmoil, it would be the end.

After parrying the longsword flew to the temple, Walm moved his legs without catching a break first. On the sideways, the short spear that had pierced the air was lying on the ground.

“Don’t go too near, scrape him off from a distance.”

Even if Walm tried to reduce the number, the nasty blade kept approaching without stopping.

Slid the blade with the back of the hand and dodge the large mace with small steps. Kept the breathing shallow and kept the whole body moving.

“Huuh, haah”

Felt the tip of the sword through the armor. Even if the magical barrier that was considered to be another armor, was deployed, no matter how good the second outer layer, it wasn’t all-purpose enough to prevent every direct hit.

“Keep attacking!! Don’t let him rest!!”

“Keep a distance, don’t go in”

The cooperation by talking to each other, wasn’t easy to break. Fatigue accumulated and fresh injuries increased. Along with that, Walm’s heart kept beating hard. He was gradually back in getting used to his body, which had been forced to rest for a long time.

Walm, who prevented the spear thrust from the front with the halberd, didn’t miss the Meisenav soldiers who came to thrust from the side.

Two soldiers in the front and three soldiers on the side and behind. They must have looked for a gap while closing any opening. It was the most undesired development for Walm to continue to be poked without a gap.

Walm waited for an overconfident soldier who would get impatient to inflict a fatal injury from within the safe range.

It came, and Walm welcomed it, with a dark smile.

“Stop it, stay back!!”

Swung the halberd facing the front to the right without any preliminary movement. The warning of a skilled soldier was also meaningless, and the blow that even made the hand gripping the weapon, cut off the soldier’s Adam’s apple without allowing defense and evasion.

Equilibrium leaned towards Walm. A close battle would collapse in a chain if the balance was tilted. And there was only one soldier on the right-hand side of Walm. Being wary of the siege getting broken, the surrounding soldiers turned to the support and tried to build a development that would make fun of the opponent again by the difference in numbers.

Walm clearly knew their aim and also knew how to break it. It was easy to attack one soldier, but the defending soldiers could be annoying, and the supporting soldiers might attack from the surroundings.

The target was two soldiers leaning to the left side, and the distance to Walm, who was accelerated by wind magic once, was closed in a moment. It was a perfect time for death to pick them up. The two enemy soldiers stopped. While being surprised, they prepared for a thorough fight.

This wasn’t the time to politely slash each other. Swung down the halberd held high. The arm holding the longsword showed a slight fragile resistance and veered back, but couldn’t stand the 《Strike》. The halberd smashed the collarbone and cut the arm halfway.

Walm continued to move forward according to inertia and collided with a deadly injured soldier. While grasping the soldier’s throat, he swapped the positions with his opponent as if he was dancing.

A soldier on the left swung the war hammer horizontally. The dull metallic sound told Walm that the soldier had just hit the back of his dying companion.


A distance where you could grab each other with a slight reach. Naturally, it was a favorable time for the war hammer, and the halberd shouldn’t have fully functioned.

As the soldier swung down the small war hammer, Walm scooped up a longsword dropped by the dying soldier with his feet and grabbed it with one hand.

Walm wielded the longsword to follow the path of the approaching war hammer. The blade made a high-pitched noise as it slipped on the hammer head, and the blade that advanced all the way to the handle cut off the four fingers that hold the hammer.

“No, way, ah, gaahh――”

Without paying attention to the war hammer flying in a direction where nothing resided, Walm slipped in and inserted a longsword into the soldier’s neck. His throat together with the vocal cords was amputated, forcing his voice to be cut off.

Walm, who left behind the bubbly sound of leaking air mixed with water, confronted the remaining three.

“Step in and, KILL HIIIMMM!!!”

Soldiers rush in according to the command of the 10-man Commander who felt the loss of the number of his men. Walm slashed his crimson halberd to the sky. Although it wasn’t at the correct time, the aim was blood that clung to the tip.


Without having time to cover the face, the blood of the companion that flew in was sucked into the eyeball, forcing a physiological reflex and rapid blinking due to pain in the eyeball.

Waiting for the stiffened soldier, whose field of vision was obstructed, was a horizontally swung halberd.

The halberd, which cut through the forearm and entered the torso, also destroyed the iron armor.

Voluminous blood popped out from the slash engraved horizontally. Due to the deep wounds in the viscera, the soldier sitting on his knees, and without any quivering, he stopped moving.

“Gah, aah? Ah, uh ―― “

Without wasting the sacrifice of their companions, the remaining two soldiers swung the longsword and battle axe down to Walm. There weren’t enough distance, space, and limbs to parry it all.

Walm was determined to avoid direct hits. He entwined the axe blade of the halberd to the battle axe. But the 10-man Commander who set his hips was tenacious, and so a tug of war began.


The last subordinate was swinging down a longsword to Walm. It was a good movement without any hesitation, and even if it was received with armor, it was not something that could be fully prevented. A skillful collaboration.

Walm was praising their tenaciousness inside.

Wow… well, if you like the halberd, I’ll give it to you for a while.

Let go of the halberd. The eyes of the 10-man Commander, who was struggling to seal the halberd, opened.

Grasped the handle of the longsword and rotated the hips half a turn while lowering the legs half a step. When the blade came out, it was the perfect time to catch the tip of the sword approaching the neck.

The collision was just for a moment. Flipped the wrist, and while flipping the soldier’s longsword, Walm’s longsword went to the head from the right side, cutting the soldier’s jaw.

Freed from power comparison, the 10-man Commander, who leaned forward, tried to slash at Walm and swung the battle axe to the face. If this went in, Walm’s skull would be smashed and it would be inevitable to show off his brain.

But that didn’t happen.

Walm, who was in close contact with him and had no time or space to pull back his wrist to parry it, pulled back the handle of the longsword.

“Oh, ah—aaa”

A blow with the power raised by mana crushed the jaw and shook the brain. The longsword was stabbed into the 10-man Commander who sat on the ground with a staggering foot. He trembled and reached for Walm’s hand, but fell to the ground without grasping anything.

“Well aim!”

There was no time to immerse in the lingering sound. Magic was approaching Walm.

The fireball that hit directly at the feet scattered the explosion and burned the people who just had a deadly battle.

“Yay, a direct hit!!”

A frivolous, out-of-place woman’s voice reached the ears. Walm squinted at the discomfort and looked at the nasty person as he was wrapped in flames.

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