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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 304

304. Conflict 2

When I was trembling in shame at the words of both parties, Fukushima and the other boys from my class, who seemed as if they felt good about the reaction of the Seimei’s boys, continued to say whatever they wanted, one after another.

“Hah? What’s wrong? Are you that scared of that guy?”

“I’m disappointed. Really. You see. I sent Hatano to buy my lunch the other day.”

“I’ve asked him to do my homework instead!”

“I made him record my favorite TV program instead!”

That guy, that guy, and that guy, all of them told a story that made me, Kohaku Hatano, look like their lackey. At this point, I could only look at those people who sang a series of amazing lies with a straight face.

Looking at me, the girl who was closest to me gently stroked my head to comfort me. That pitiful gaze was painful.

“That’s… a lie. That devil can’t be…”

“That demon who sent many people to the health room with just a dodgeball, he can’t be that low…”

“The guy who made the first-grade boys have a war in a short period of time and disturb the school peace…”

Stop it. Don’t add in my bad reputation. Also, it was a coincidence that I sent “that guy” to the infirmary. I don’t even have a memory of doing a rebellion.

…… Look, the girl who was stroking my head with a gentle smile, just looked at me with a shocked face! As if she has been betrayed!

Oiii! My classmates, say something! Ah, don’t tell a lie again!

However, it seemed that my trivial wish wasn’t answered. Fukushima and the other boys from my class spoke only as if they were on the side of the Seimei’s boys.

“… What did he do at your school? Really.”

“Seriously devil”

“Yeah, must be a demon.”

“Is this the reason why he came back early? Doesn’t he know the word “friendship”? Is his head okay?”

And many more, they kept saying such things.

……Prepare yourself. Don’t think that I’ll ever forgive you easily.

“…Well, perhaps Hatano he wanted to let off some steam sicne he couldn’t be arrogant here in Kenran. A-anyway! What I mean is…!”

Fukushima cleared his throat, as if to change the atmosphere.


And with a serious face, he said,

“The best man in Kenran is this I, Fukushima!”

However, the boys of class 1-1, who had a reputation for not putting others first, weren’t silent.

“Don’t make me laugh. The best man is this I!”

“No, it’s me!”

“Fufufu, why do you all want to hide the fact? It’s this I who have been evaluated as the best!”

“… So, who is on the top?”

The Seimei’s boys showed confused faces as they claimed to be the best.

The girls around me have an atmosphere of that someone who found an interesting show. But there was no more time.

…It can’t be helped, seems I need to control this turmoil.

I approached Fukushima and the other boys from my class who were fighting for the best. The Seimei’s boys changed their complexion as they noticed me.

Quickly I put my hand around the neck of the boy who was closest to me, tightened it tightly, and dragged him a few steps behind. Repeated a few times. Only then, the boys from my class noticed my existence.

“Who! The one who dares to get in the way of this I, the best man…”

“Really! Who’re yo…”

“So troubleso…”

When the boys saw me, they stopped their resistance instantly. Then, after their consciousness got brought back by the girls from my class, they looked at each other and nodded.

“Yo, Hatano. You’re late. I’m ready, you know? Ah, don’t worry, there’s no problem.”

“Yeah, we’ve been interacting with the students of Seimei High whose store is next to ours. Of course, there are no problems.”

“Everything is OK. There is no problem at all. Please forgive me if you found any.”

The Seimei’s boys looked at me with a scared expression.

“Hou… friendship, yeah right.”

“Y-yeah. There’s no problem. No problem at all.”

“I’m sure I heard you’re talking about the best man?”

“Of course, it’s about you. The King! Banzai!”

I turned my cold eyes to Fukushima and the other boys from my class who made an apology while dripping sweat.

“By the way, I’ve been given permission by the Student Council President to impose physical sanctions if something goes wrong.”

” ” ” ” !!!!!! ” ” ” “

“Well, who’s first…”

I looked at each person’s facial expressions.

Their facial expressions… they were already in despair.

…Strange. They shouldn’t have been so scared of me…

“It’s about time. Go to the given position.”

When I was thinking about my impression for a moment, I heard a quiet but dignified voice.


The Seimei’s boys, who were watching anxiously, had a breath of relief at the appearance of their Student Council President.

“Hmm? Ah, Hatano-kun. Let’s do our best for each other.”

President Shirogane said so and extended his hand. It was a very “smart” greeting.

“Ah, yeah. Let’s do our best. I’m looking forward, to your cafe.”

“Yeah. Well then, see you later”

President Shirogane said so and went back with the Seimei’s boys.

“Well then…”

When I turned to Fukushima and others again, they shook their bodies.

“As President Shirogane said, it’s already time. So, show me your repentance with good work.”

“O-of course!”

“Everyone will skip a beat seeing me in a butler uniform!”

“Leave it to me!”

“Good, then, let’s get in place.”

Fukushima and the other boys who heard my words, went to the position with a sharp movement.

Alright, lastly…

When I turned my body toward the girls around me, I bowed with a movement reminiscent of a butler.

“Excuse me for the commotion. My lady, it would open soon. If you have time, we would be more than happy to welcome you to the store.”

Then, I smiled.

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