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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 85

85. Chapter 85

Invited by the blood, the drunk with adrenalin soldiers were rushing in like carnivorous fish. Soldiers who were watching the situation from a long distance came to challenge Walm.

Showed the halberd’s tip to them as a greeting.

The soldier in front showed an attacking stance, but somehow the soldier didn’t seem to put enough effort into his movement. Clearly, it was an easy-to-predict diversion.

“I’m going!!”

Tilted the posture rapidly and jumped at a soldier who was trying to come to the left side.

The gap was closed without any time to blink, and the reflexively swung mace approached Walm’s head.

The blunt weapon, accompanied by wind noise, went to Walm’s temporal region, but flowed in the air without biting into the flesh or iron. The Meisenav soldier that was now with an opening covered his upper body with a round shield. At first glance, it seemed to be a strong defensive measure, but for those with a certain level of skill, such a defensive method where you created a blind spot by yourself was a flawed stance.

Walm inserted the halberd into the soldier’s inseam from the blind spot and pulled back the halberd immediately as much as he can. The claw-like blade of the halberd peeled off the ligaments on the back of the knee together with the clothes.

“U, guh, gwaaaaAHH!!”

The soldier screamed with bubbling saliva and collapsed to the ground. The other soldiers rushed in from the front and right side to fill in the blunders made by their compatriots.

Walm thrust the halberd to the soldiers who jumped in from the front, just in time. The tip intersected, but the enemy’s one was flipped off with the axe blade of the halberd, and the spear slipped over Walm’s head. Without waiting, the halberd gouged out a part of the neck of the enemy soldier.

A hole was made in the throat, and blood spewed out momentarily.

Looked away from the soldier who was suffering and holding his throat with his hands, and responded to the threat approaching from the right.

The battle axe handled by the remaining soldier was approaching in a sharp vertical trajectory.

It might have the power to break through helmet and armor, but the trajectory of the vertical swing was easy to read, and most of the time it wouldn’t hit unless unexpected moment.

Walm pulled one leg, prepared his half body against the coming enemy soldier, and looked at the axe with both eyes. Moved his upper body down while twisting it, the cutting edge passed through Walm’s cheeks.

“Wha— aaahh!?”

Instantly, turned from an angry look to a frightened look. But, everything was already too late. When the tip of the halberd entered from the side, it reached the heart. The tip that chaotically broke through the artery instantly took the soldier’s life.

While losing the ligaments, the head of the soldier, who only had one functional leg and was trying to rechallenge, was cracked with the halberd’s axe blade. Walm, who swung the halberd to clean the sticky blood, caught the scream of Kalim, who was supposedly retreating with Kuwen.

“That guy, what is he?!”

Walm’s eyes, which responded to the scream, caught something unbelievable.

“Afufufu, hehe, come, where are you going!? My cute rabbits, play with meee!”

There was a mercenary trying to chase the boys who tried to escape. With the nimbleness that couldn’t be imagined from the giant body, and with strength that was more than the giant body, the man approached the two while literally crushing the Dalimarx soldiers who tried to block him. By now, it was more difficult to find a place that wasn’t exposed to blood.

“Aaaahhhh, don’t come! Go awaaaAAYYY!”

“Kuhu, huhu, so cute, your crying voice, ah, it, incite me, fuuu, fuuu”

The most difficult thing to understand was that the man’s “thing” near the lower abdomen was inflated to the extent that it didn’t look like he was on a battlefield. One word to summarize him was “pervert”. The worst one. Even if he got reborn as a better person, Walm wouldn’t want to get near him.

“Damn pervert! Why’re you exist in every world!”

After being accelerated by wind magic, Walm used《Strike》 on the man from behind. Based on his behavior alone, he was an opponent who seemed like a joke, but the threat felt from him was incomparable to the soldiers around him.

The halberd was supposed to cut through the skull. But, the giant man leaned backward, as if saying that his neck would be fine.

The man spun on the spot with one of his steps as the main axis while deflecting the halberd with his two-handed sword.

“Who, are youuuuUU!?”

The man hadn’t only a blessed body, but also a sense of control and a solid sword technique. He didn’t just swing around randomly.

Indeed, it was really wonderful.

Fortunately, there was a thing called “balance”. Even with a short time of interaction, Walm knew that the man had a lack of screws in his head.

“You damn macho pervert, if you want it so bad, shake your waist to the ground!”

“Anoooooyying! Don’t disturb MEEEE!!”

The collision between 《Strike》made a momentary dazzling light. It wasn’t a sword technique backed with only normal physical strength. Other than extraordinary strength, it was also backed by muscle memory. A troublesome opponent who seemed to be good at petty tricks.

“A type that looks like a muscle-brain, but is good at little tricks huh?”

Walm cursed his missteps. The man should be buried in the first strike.

Attacked several times and looked at the reaction, but the man didn’t handle the attack in the same way.

“An, noy, ying, so, annoying, I, am, not interested, in, bastard like you.”

The tip of the halberd was flipped by the sword, and the axe blade of the halberd aimed at the wrist when pulling back was also flipped by the base of the sword. Walm slid the handle on his palm and changed the grip position. Then swung the halberd in a way as if to reject the man who tried to approach his bosom.

This man who seemed to want to push Walm down also stopped rushing and wrapped around to the left in response to the blow of the halberd that was swung down.

“How can someone like you, use small tricks so well!”

Walm tried to cut the man’s feet by mixing feints on the man’s head, but the man’s light steps and sword handling prevented all of Walm’s attacks. The man treated the heavy two-handed sword like a twig, and if Walm were to show a gap, a heavy blow would be delivered.

“Ah, aaah, AAAAHH, why’re you not dying, just die alreadyyYYY!!”

The man stepped in with footwork that seemed like a casual one at first glance.

Reluctantly, Walm responded. He couldn’t take the time. It was one-on-one combat between soldiers at most. If surrounded, by now spears would have been devouring Walm’s viscera.

The halberd that was drawn out by the strength of the whole body extended in a straight line toward the throat. The man tried to twist the trajectory with his sword’s hilt. But, the momentary pushing battle leaned towards Walm.

The pushed halberd was sucked into the man’s throat. The axe blade cut through the skin and induced bloodshed.

“Damn it!”

Walm gave a small swearing.

The man leaned his upper body and bent his neck to avoid damage to the carotid artery and spine. And the two-handed sword was swung down.

“Ahh!! aaah, dieeeEEE!”

Avoidance was too late. And so, Walm chose to advance.

The blade approaching the neck was caught by the back of the hand. The surface layer was scraped off, and the magical barrier peeled off violently. The ulna creaked and protested, fortunately, it didn’t break.

Walm, who clenched his teeth and dyed his cheeks with vermilion color due to excitement, jumped into the man’s chest.

The man responded as if he were welcoming his beloved lover.

“This bastard, I will, hug you, to deaaaAATH!!”

“HAAH!? Do it, if you can, Bastard!!”

Both threw their weapons and put their hands on each other’s shoulders and hips.

Sheer physical strength wasn’t enough.

Walm stepped back and entwined his legs in line with the leaning man. The posture collapsed and the two rolled to the ground as if best friends having a quarrel.

Due to the close contact, Walm felt the man’s hot mouth breath.

A chill ran on Walm’s back.

The opened jaw tried to bite Walm’s neck.

Walm pulled his head and moved it back with the momentum. Headbutting with the helmet was enough to leave a painful mark on the man’s face. The man’s nose was crushed, blood was dripping, and some of the front teeth were missing.

“Hah, your ugly face has become better!!”

“Guh, fuuu, I’ll mess you up!”

The intertwined body couldn’t be easily separated. The wrapped arm gradually reached its limit. Walm had no intention of holding up his integrity by continuing to have a strength contest properly.

A dark smile was on his face.

“Do you hate being hot?”

When Walm refined his mana, the man noticed something had gone wrong, but it was already too late.


Put the hand on the scapula from the armpit of the man, and embodied the fire attribute magic from one hand that was touching the throat. Fire wrapped the whole body of the two. Unlike Walm, who had fire attributes, which meant he had fire resistance, the man’s sebum burst, blood boiled, and meat burned.

The man tried to escape the fire, but the intricately intertwined limbs couldn’t come off so easily. If a normal person’s throat got burned, that person would die immediately, but the man couldn’t die immediately because of the magical barrier made from his abundant mana.

“Ahhh, gah, gwaaaAAHHH, a—”

The vocal cords were also scorched, and finally, blue flames blew out from the oral cavity.

Walm, who burned the man’s neck, stood up quietly.

It was too conspicuous. Already, most of the surroundings were only enemy soldiers.

Threw the man’s neck at the subsequent mercenaries. The mercenaries who were shown the gap of power, stopped their movement.

“Oi, oi, Digor-san has been killed.”

“Ugh, it’s too brown.”

“He was a man who only had eyes on young boys. I’ve always thought this would happen someday.”

“Anyway, what should we do to “that”? Trying to fight “that”… surely, it’s not worth it.”

The mercenaries said so, as if the death wasn’t their problem.

Both mercenaries and regular soldiers turned their attention from Baron Josh’s ordinary soldiers, to the man who had caused great damage, Walm.

Walm was drawn into a theater called the Battlefield, where he must perform a mad dance in the middle of the stage. A play that wouldn’t end until anyone on stage danced to death.

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