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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 303

303. Conflict

About 30 minutes before the start of the school festival. Each class probably doing the final confirmation in their own class.

Class 1-1 was in the gymnasium, and since opening the cafe, everyone had already moved there. I, who had finished the meeting inside the Student Council room, was heading to the scene quickly.

The boys were also very supportive, so we were able to prepare in a peaceful atmosphere. Perhaps because of that, I felt that the distance between boys and girls in the class had narrowed.

… I don’t think the boys would have any problems with this place, but there are some events prepared by Seimei High nearby. It’s still possible that there would be a dispute with them.

Because of that idea in my mind, my legs naturally moved faster.

And when I arrived at the gymnasium, a lot of people were gathering for some reason. Based on the number, probably it was a gathering of people from classes and clubs who would hold events nearby.

…Are they trying to see the boys as butlers first?

As I proceeded while wondering, I found out the real reason why people were gathering.

The boys of my class and Seimei’s boys were glaring at each other.

“Oi, what happened to the greeting?”

“Yeah! That’s right! It’s natural to come to say hello if you’re trying to get along with the neighbor.”

“Hah… This is why those who don’t have common sense are hopeless…”

The boys of class 1-1 said so, and the Seimie’s boys ridiculed them back.

“Huh? Don’t be stupid. You know that we’re here at your school’s request.”

“That’s right. Then, if you go with your logic, you have to thank us first.”

“Fast, do a dogeza while you give your gratitude. You can put tears in your eyes too if you want.”

The boys from my class were not happy with the words that could be taken as provocation.

Sadly, they were a bunch of easy people.


“As the one on the top of Kenran, I can’t forgive those wordsl!”

“I wonder if you’re prepared for the consequence!?”

“Prepared? What kind of preparedness do I need?”

“Really. The top of Kenran?… HaHa, don’t make me laugh.”

One of Seimei’s students came out to the front.

“Listen to me! We don’t compete in a small pond! The best men in this country are gathered in Seimei High! In other words, we are competing for the top of this country!”

The girls who were gathering around them screamed “Ooooh!!” to the student who said so confidently.

By the way, these girls weren’t trying to stop the fight at all. On the contrary, they looked at them warmly as if they were watching cute Chihuahuas and Pomeranians playing together.

Some of them were watching with popcorn in one hand, which might have been made as a sample.

……As expected, they’re arguing, but they aren’t trying to resort to violence. I wonder if I should let it go until they get satisfied…

When I had such thoughts. A student came out from the boys of my class who had been pushed to a bad position.

“HaHa, you say something interesting.”


“Well, you did your best. Leave the rest to me.”


While making a regrettable look, the other boys of class 1-1 stepped back. The others were looking at the situation with a curious look.

“Whoever comes doesn’t matter? History has proved that we are at the top of the country.”

Fukushima muttered with a giggle at the end.

“Proved… the top… huhum”

Seimei’s boys were angry at the words, which sounded like a mockery.

“…..What do you want to say!?”

“Bastard… are you mocking us!?”

“You’re below us, and dared to go against us…? Unforgivable.”

They got on the provocation… Huff, they’re the same.

In front of provoked Seimei’s boys, Fukushima continued to speak with a grinning expression, and the girls around him were paying more attention to the development, as if they were expected a reverse after being pushed down.

“Well, I mean. There was a fight to decide the top just recently, right?”


“Are you trying to disregard it? Anyway, who won the championship there? It’s none other than our Kohaku Hatano. If I’m not mistaken… your school’s Student Council Vice President was there?”


“Right? Well, yeah! The one on the top, in reality, is, him.”

“It’s not history. He is at the top in terms of ability. It’s really easy to understand, right?”

With the advent of Fukushima, the boys of class 1-1 who should have been pushed back, made a comeback. And on the contrary, the other party endured with a frustrated expression.

From the girls around me,

“That expression is not bad…”

“I feel like I can eat as many bowls of rice as I like today!”

And so on.

Thanks to my name being mentioned, some eyes were on me too.

“Ugh! For sure, we’re behind Hatano, but we’re not going to lose at this school festival! Keep that in mind!”

“Kukuku. Alright, I’ll keep it in mind.”

The girls were impressed by Seimei’s boys who were trying their best to make a return without losing their fighting spirit, even if they must admit a temporary defeat.

Well, our boys, just don’t have that skill. Too bad.

At the same time as I thought so, Fukushima said to their backs.

“Oh, I forgot to say that Hatano is the weakest in the class.”

Seimei’s boys looked back vigorously at the words. Fukushima continued to speak loudly, perhaps he felt better after seeing their expression.

“He’s the weakest man in this class, and I thought such a man could win the tournament easily without us, so I let him go.”

“T-that’s a lie! Such a villainous person can’t be that weak!”

The eyes of the girls around me gathered at me because of too much evaluation.

Very embarrassing.

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