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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 302

302. Minakatain’s Reauest

“Now, the school festival is about to begin. I know that everyone is busy with class events, but I want each Student Council member to take a look around at the decided time. Also, if something goes wrong at other times. Please intervene with an appropriate attitude and try to solve the problem promptly.”

“… Well, even if President says something harsh, she won’t get angry if I buy something while looking around.”


After a small scolding to Vice President Katsurakawa, President Sanada started to speak again after clearing her throat.


“A lot of people come from outside the school to this school festival. Also, this time it’s co-sponsored by Seimei High, and so t’s getting a lot of attention than usual. Please do your best so that no problems occur! But don’t forget to enjoy it too. Let’s go!”

All the members of the Student Council said, “Yes!”.

And everyone left the Student Council room with a cheerful face.

For the time being, I decided to return to my class and wait for the opening.

The moment I tried to leave the room, President Sanada stopped me.



She looked somewhat reluctant.

“That… the students of Seimei are nearby your class… please don’t quarrel.”

Apparently, she was worried that I would cause a dispute.

…Why do you think so?!

I wanted to say so, but decided not to.

“Hmm, not only you, but also the boys in your class, I want you all to behave properly with Seimei’s boys. I mean, you all boys. So, yeah…”

…… I see, well, there are certainly a lot of people other than me who are likely to cause problems. If two butler cafes, which are the hot event, were to cause a dispute, it would not be an appropriate situation to be seen by guests.

After thinking a little, I answered the concerns of President Sanada.

“I understand. If something happens, I’ll physically silence them!”

“Good. Thank you….”

“Then, I’ll excuse myself.”

“Eh? Ah…”

I said so, bowed down, and left the room.

Alright, since I got the consent of the Student Council President. I won’t hesitate to do it in case of an emergency! Great!

I thought so and hurried to everyone in the class.




“Hey, hey, Sakura-san?”

“What is it? Miyabi-sama”

Minamihoin Miyabi looked at the complexion of her personal maid before continuing her words.

“You see, I want to go to a Kenran High’s School Festival…”

“I know”


“But unfortunately, Miyabi-sama has a job as the one who will continue Minakatain’s business, that’s why, we are at the airport.”

A cold gaze was directed to Miyabi.

“Well, I know. But! Perhaps!… I mean, my sixth sense is whispering to me. That I should go to this school festival!”

“Is that so? I’m sorry but you have a job to do.”

“I, I mean, why don’t we rearrange the work schedule, like shifting it a little?”

“No. The other party is also busy. If you miss this day, they won’t have time for a while.”

Another cold gaze was directed toward Miyabi.

“If Miyabi-sama left her job here and went to a school festival at Kenran High School…”

“If I went, then…?”


“The diligent Hatano-sama would think, “This woman, no, this trash is really useless.” “

“No way!”

“And once he thinks so, it’s over. Hatano-sama’s thoughts will then continue… “This irresponsible person who likes to throw her work, will be the one to succeed Minakatain Family? Maybe the future of Minakatain is dark? This girl, I guess it’s better for me to not get married to her? Okay, let’s stop dating Minakatain Miyabi. Fortunately, I have both Toukain and Seikagu. No worries.” “


“And the rumor will spread. After all, he is the King of Boys.”

“Ko-Kohaku-kun won’t say that.”

“Around him, many promising girls. Do you think he should choose someone who is irresponsible and uncertain about the future? Men want money, status, honor… and youth from women. Compared to other girls, Miyabi-sama is old, so other than that last one, you have to be better.”


Miyabi was shocked by the words, but Sakura ignored her and continued.

“And in addition to that, it’s important to show how much you could serve him and how much you would listen to his selfishness. It’s the so-called tolerance.”

Miyabi sighed and turned to her personal maid, Sakura.

“Huff, seems you don’t understand what I wanted to say.”

“Ugh… In other words, Sakura wants me to work properly, right?”

“It’s a little different. I’m telling you to work, and be successful. That way, you can appeal to Hatano-kun as an adult woman who can be leaned on.”

“Ugh… I understand. I’m going to work.”

Sakura nodded with satisfaction to the words.

“But, Sakura, you sure know the feelings of men very well. Maybe, you actually have a lot of experience?”

“Miyabi-sama, please get ready soon. Time is running out. You don’t have time to talk wastefully.”

“Eeeehhh! Sakura, Tell me about your experience!”

“Look. Time won’t wait.”

Miyabi was rushed to go without getting an answer.

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