Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 301

301. Last Confirmation

The entire school was surrounded by the school festival mood. Given the date, there was no more grace. The same was true for other classes and various clubs, they were putting the last effort into each event.

The atmosphere of the students had changed to tense but somewhat full of excitement, in proportion to the events that were gradually completed.

Even in my class, the students were busy preparing for the final check of costumes and menu for the cafe, and preparing the interior to decorate the cafe, but everyone, including boys, was doing it with a smile.

Meanwhile, I went to the gymnasium with the members of the Student Council to get an explanation of the kitchen. And the people of Seimei High were also with us.

Since there would be a final joint meeting after this, everyone was seriously confirming the placement as the final confirmation.

“I see… It seems that you also gave thought to the type of kitchen. Thank you.”

“Yes, after all, this event isn’t just about the success of the school festival, but also about friendship and the future of boys and girls of both schools. We must make it a success.”

“Hoo… That’s right. Well, don’t be sad if the class of the famous King of Boys, gets defeated.”

“Fufu, for us, as long as we get a good event, it doesn’t matter which one wins… But there are many interesting events other than this, so in the end, it’ll be us who take first place.”

“Yeah, I know that. In light of your past cultural festivals, I honestly saw a lot of events that I didn’t think the students could possibly make. Well, as expected of an event that companies pay attention to. I’m impressed.”

The atmosphere wasn’t bad despite the exchange of words between the student council presidents. As if they recognized each other.

President Shirogane was as usual. Nothing seemed wrong with him, but, somehow I got a signal saying that he was having a difficult time.

I wonder if he’s okay…

I quickly approached President Shirogane and asked in a low voice.

“Are you tired?”

“I’m tired to death”

Such words came back immediately.

“Even today, I’ve been drinking a nutritional drink made from pit viper that is usually bought by the slaves of bad companies.”

“…Really? It sounds bad.”

“It’s not delicious.”

We talked to each other without looking at each other.

For someone who had experience working as a corporate slave, hearing this happened among students reminded me of bad memories. Still, What a tragedy.

Vice President Hibiya called out to President Shirogane, who had such problem.



“It seems that the equipment is better than I expected.”

“Yeah, you’re right”

“We can expect a lot of customers with this, but… It’s not enough to beat that guy there. Shouldn’t the menu be enhanced? It seems that this equipment can serve authentic dishes. What is it? The ingredients? Don’t worry. The Hibiya family will bring you the finest. I won’t waste your skill.”

“… Hibiya?”

“Sure, I lost before, but now you better be careful. I’ll definitely win.”

With that said, Vice President Hibiya’s eyes turned to me. And to the eyes of President Shirogane.

“… Right, how about jumping over the scope of a normal café and putting high-class delicacy on the menu?”

Vice President Hibiya’s eyes were shining while saying so.

Seeing it, President Shirogane closed his eyes as if he went to think a little, and then faced the Vice President again.

“Hibiya… This is a school festival. It’s not a place to have a fierce battle. I’m sure Kenran students also think the same. Our only goal is to improve the success rate of the event. “

President Shirogane continued talking.

“If you do that, people who will come as guests will be satisfied. That will lead to a good evaluation. It’ll be proof that we succeed in beating him, Hatano-kun. Right?”

Vice President Hibiya was looked with gentle eyes.

“Shirogane… yeah, you’re right. I’m sorry, I’m almost trapped by Hatano again. That’s right. If we do our best, we won’t lose!”

“Huff, as long as you understand.”

President Shirogane said so and laughed a little.

The members of Kenran’s Student Council who were watching the interaction were honestly impressed with the words of President Shirogane.


…Hoo, well I think it’s a very good word.

It is yourself that you should improve. In a way, it’s very stoic.

But, I understood the real meaning of the words. President Shirogane was desperately connecting words so that his work wouldn’t increase anymore. Behind the gentle eyes he gave to Vice President Hibiya, there was a strong desire to stop the madness.

Well, it’s impossible for an ordinary high school boy to cook a high-class cuisine.

…… Wait, is Vice President Hibiya trying to drive President Shirogane? Nah, no way.

But, looking at President Shirogane, makes me realize that the position of Student Council President is very difficult. Perhaps more than the one in my previous life.

…Is his stomach, okay?

I thought about that while looking at President Shirogane who was touching his stomach.

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