Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 100

100. Something like cannot log out is not that strange in a story

A few days ago.

In the club room of the Light Novel Research Club, just before the summer vacation.

『”The newest virtual reality experience game?”』

Yuri tilted her head a little while saying so.

『”Is it the so-called “VR” ?”』

“Well, seems so. Hiiragi told me that his friend works for this game company. And, it seems that he was invited to join the latest test experience of the game which is under development of his friend.”

『”And that’s why, Atsushi-san was called out?”』

“Yeah. In addition, I was asked to bring another one. Shirasawa, I thought you liked this kind of thing…”

『”Of course, I will go!!!”』

It was an immediate answer.

Yuri’s face, as usual, was expressionless, but the telepathy sent to Atsushi told him about how excited she was.

Well, it wasn’t surprising.

After all, VR games were a fantasy that could only be seen in manga, light novels, and anime until a while ago. Anyone who loved games would be happy to be able to test the latest version.

『”But, wellー, VR gameー, is it? I’ve been interested in it, but I haven’t done it before.”』

“Hmm, it seems this one is a little different from what’s on the market.”

『”? What do you mean?”』

Atsushi’s answer only made Yuri have more questions.

“What do you imagine when you hear “VR game” ?”

『”What I imagine… a game where you wear something like goggles?”』

“That’s right. I thought so too. But, it seems that it’s different from the ones that are generally on the market. It seems that this one is the type which a person goes inside something like a giant pod instead of wearing something like goggles.”

Hiiragi said that it was necessary to cover the entire body in order to use all five senses, not just the brain. And, by doing so, the person inside could experience a virtual space that would be more realistic than normal VR.

『”Aーh, so, it’s not like the one in “Sword Art Onli〇〇”, but like the one in “Detective Con〇〇 The Phantom of Baker Stre〇〇”?”』

“Yeah. That’s right, but stop with that analogy. Really.”

It was like what Yuri said. So, Atsushi couldn’t comment more.

“Well, this time, even though it’s a game, it seems to be the one where you just experiencing a virtual world. So, you shouldn’t expect it too much because it’s not gonna be an action game or RPG.”

『”Is that so? I thought it would be something like a VR-type Monst〇〇 Hunt〇〇…”』

“Oi, stop it… Well, it’s just a test. Also, the purpose is to experience virtual space. This mean, you can experience a more realistic virtual reality game. They seem to have prepared some events too. Please look forward to it.”

Although it was the latest model, it was in fact, still under development. Testing was for finding something to improve. Fixed it, tested it again, and fixed it again, until the desired result was achieved. Therefore, it was said that it would be a long time before the official release of the game console.

The development of the game was still a long way. This time, it would be just the prepared section of the game.


Still, it could be said as the latest VR game, and that was why Atsushi was looking forward to it.

『”Oh, that’s right. Speaking of VR, perhaps you suddenly couldn’t log out and it’ll be the start of the death game…”』

“No way it will happen. Seems, you’ve been reading too many light novels.”

『”Well, that’s something I can’t refute… Then, perhaps once you logged in, it looks so magical, it seems that you have been transferred to another world before you know it.”』

“Like I said. Stop it. Well, isn’t it something a little older?”

『”No, no. Well, sure it may be the case with novel stories published online. But, it still has many possibilities in the “market”.”』

“Wait, which “market” you’re talking about? Why it sounds like you’re talking about the “market” for buying groceries…”

Sometimes, the trend of online novels and the trend of novels that were actually published might be different.

“Anyway, stop with that death game, or getting transferred to another world. Don’t arouse anxiety. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime invitation. We should play to our heart’s content.”

『”That’s true. Now that you say that, it sounds like I’ve raised a strange flag. If you said something weird and it really happened, it’ll be a disaster.”

“If you know, stop it…”

No way it’ll happen.

Atsushi murmured in his heart.

But at this time, he was unaware.

That there was a psychic with supernatural power, a kind of people which wasn’t common in the world, just like Atsushi and Yuri.


That was why, there was nothing in this world that couldn’t never happen.

“Oh, by the way, the stage of the game seems to be the sea of ​​everlasting summer, it wants to virtualize a summer vacation. So, think about what kind of swimsuit you will wear in advance.”

『”Eh? Are you serious… Hmm, but it’s a hassle to think about. Yup, let’s go with the school swimsuit.”』

“Really? Are you sure?”


And, many more, Atsushi pointed out many things to Yuri who was troubled.

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