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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 83

83. Chapter 83

“Slow, so slow, too sloooOOOWW!!”

The formation of the scaffolding by the earth magic was terribly slow for Digor, it was such unbearable pain for him and burned his patience. Digor, who loved freedom, something that could shackle him, he hated it.

“Oi, the scaffolding, has not――”

Without even hearing the restraint of Rouvan, the stupid magic user, Digor sprinted to the newly made scaffolding. The ground he stepped on collapsed, but he escaped from falling and stumbling, barely.

Finally, he overtook the uplifted ground. Kicking up the ground with a jumping force backed by his high physical strength, Digor jumped over the wall as he dexterously folded his big legs. When he landed on the other side, Dalimarx soldiers who were hiding behind the walls, were now in front of the onslaught of the mercenary.

“What!? He jumped ov――”

Digor immediately made a stance to attack, and swung his two-handed sword. The blade cut through the wind and entered the shoulder of the soldier, cutting until the solar plexus. Annoying flies were silenced with the spurt of fresh blood.

The sensation of tearing the flesh made Digor’s body tremble with joy, and the nasal cavity enjoyed the fascinating dead odor. From toes to head, Digor was full of happiness. Digor loved even the stinks that leaked from the viscera, for him, it was just a spice that stimulated his desire.

“I’m number ooonnnNNEEEE!!!”

Digor started to run without a break as he called himself the first spear. The enemy soldiers who were amazed by his《Strike》were slashed, and the overflowing blood and the death agony evoked Digor’s fighting instinct and lust.

“I don’t need stiff old man. Haーh, all of you, overgrown. no. NNNOOOOO.”

Digor used his sword to parry the coming spear, and looked into the face of the soldier who he pushed down with his power, but the soldier wasn’t what Digor liked.

“I want it moist, softer”

The stomach was hit several times with the handle of the big sword, the teeth broke, the fundus was dented, and convulsions started to happen.

A longsword was thrust into Digor, who was on all fours, but he grabbed the useless soldier with one hand and threw it at the approaching enemy soldier.

The soldier bent his upper body to dodge, but Digor had already jumped in and kicked his knees.

“Ahaーh, it likes a fountain.”

Digor clapped his hands innocently when he saw blood and vomit spewing out of the soldier’s mouth.

“I won’t let you, damn it!!”

Digor, who glanced at the Dalimarx soldiers who pushed out the round shield, casually slashed his two-handed sword. The shield was slashed in horizontal, numbing the soldier’s hand. Digor repeatedly slashed the soldier who was still trying to close the distance.

“One, twoー, three, foーur, good, do your best, do your BEST!!”

Digor lightly repeated his《Strike》while counting. He cheered hard, and when at the fifth slash, the head of the enemy soldier was separated from the body.

“Press with number, KILL HIIIMMM!!”

With the call of a few regular soldiers, four small fry pierced their spear tips to Digor. Instead of being afraid of the imminent danger, Digor happily jumped in.

The roaring two-handed sword cut the two reinforced spear tips and twisted one spear tip. The one spear that still remained was supposed to pierce the throat and leave a log-like body. But, Digor bowed his head and accepted it. The unarmored head, especially his cheeks, was scraped off by the spear tip. As soon as the extended tongue tasted the wound, Digor accelerated without hesitation.

“Why, you didn’t stop?!!”

At a distance where breath mixed, Digor opened his mouth and literally bit off the soldier’s throat, to be exact, the Adam’s apple. He sent the chewed Adam’s apple to his stomach. Fresh blood splattered and the cervical spine was exposed to the atmosphere.

Soldiers whose spears were crushed pulled out short swords and knives all at once, but Digor’s two-handed sword smashed the second person’s temporal region and slashed the third person’s neck without weakening his momentum.

“Uh, ah, AAHHHHHH!!!”

The last one raised an inspiring angry voice and thrust a dagger that he pulled out with his other hand. It was trivial for Digor, who still left his body to his instinct.

Digor turned his body half a turn and kicked at the last person’s torso with all his might.

The soldier rolled on the ground while spraying saliva and gastric fluid into the void as he couldn’t bear the unbearable pain in his viscera.


A shadow came into the sight of a soldier who was bending and writhing. It was a heavy boot with an iron plate. In addition, the total weight of Digor was added, and its power was sublimated to the point of having the ability to kill. The soldier’s skull didn’t show any resistance and was shattered.

“Hmmー, uーh, a gourd, is more comfortable, to step on.”

Digor tasted the sticky liquid on the soles of his feet. He wasn’t very satisfied with only this level. After that, he continued to search for his prey, but he couldn’t find any prey like the two rabbits he saw from afar.

“I wonder if they’ve returned to the burrow. Well, I just need to dig them up!!”

“Digor-san, where are you goー”

One of his underlings asked. Despite the confusion, unlike the madman who jumped into the enemy alone, his subordinates who also lack screws in heads, still had better reasoning.

“All of you, too late. I’m going to hunt the cute rabbits. Follow me.”

The underlings had amazed faces when they thought that Digor would start again. Digor’s eccentricity wasn’t something new. One thing that anyone could agree on, was that he had an overwhelming strength. And he would choose any means to fulfill his desires. Only the leader, Giusto, could stop him.

“Rabbit-chan, my cute rabbit-chan”

Digor started running according to his instinct. The aim was the near corner tower. Intoxicated by the blood and flesh that flew in the air as if the start of a performance and the appetizer of a banquet, Digor continued to laugh. While he swung the coming soldiers with his two-handed sword, he saw a boy soldier with armor on the belly, unfortunately, was different from the one he was looking for.

“Hiii, eh? ah, aaaaAAAHHHH――!!”

Digor hugged the boy soldier who spat blood momentarily, gently as if he was hugging a fragile doll. After all, there was an order for enjoying your favorite, to play with it for a long time and to have it deliciously.

“Ahaha, good, really, good”

A painful sigh was thrown onto Digor’s face. The boy just kept trying to release himself. But, the boy could only scream while spilling more blood.

Feeling the slowly crushed ribs and spine in his arms, Digor trembled.

“Ahhhー, huffー, it’s the best.”

Desires were getting satisfied, Digor threw the broken doll away and looked at the corner tower.

It wasn’t once or twice that he broke his favorite. So Digor remembered to spread his desire before enjoying his most loved one.

Digor approached the corner tower while humming, but he stopped because of the explosion and the flash of light.


This was because the corner tower that he was aiming for was attacked by magic, and Digor couldn’t help the thought of his main dish being ruined.

“Rabbits, my cute rabbits, NOOOOO!!! aaAAHHHHH!! What are you planning to do? LyckaaAAAA, you b*tch!!”

Digor scattered his drool and rushed to a group of people who cast magic on the rabbit hut. Among the mercenaries, those who were good at magic were gathered there. Among them, the woman who managed the magic users had a bloody eye.

“Fucking biiiiiIIIIICTH!! They’re, MY PREY!! What are you doing? aaahh, aaAAAHHH!!”

“Giusto said, after rushing in, shoot magic into the corner tower from the inside.”

The name of the leader who put together the mercenaries was mentioned, but his freedom couldn’t be hindered by that just that degree of reason.

“Whooo, fucking, cares, don’t fuck with meEEEE!!”

Digor’s beloved rabbits were swallowed by the magic. The wrath raised the muscles intensity of his whole body, and the hand holding his two-handed sword repeatedly swung it, scooping the ground. The average members were frightened. The woman also had a loose screw on her head, so it couldn’t be said the same for her.

“Aren’t they still alive? Well, even if they die, you can use the corpse, right?”

Digor was silent. He pondered Lycka’s proposal with his small brain. His favorite was always broken after one gentle act and must be thrown away, especially on the battlefield where pests were everywhere. To be able to enjoy it slowly, what an exciting and luxurious thing. Digor couldn’t hide his excitement just by thinking about it.

“ah, aaAHH!! As expected, of a rising b*tch. What a good idea.”

“I don’t want to be told that by someone with a lack of screws like you.”

The believer of freedom and desire, the berserker, Digor, pushed forward following his instinct. The aim was the lovely and cute, shivering rabbits.

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