Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 300

Huff, ch 300.

300. The approaching school festival

“What? You want my class to do it at the gymnasium?”

When I was hearing the explanation, Vice President Katsurakawa said something that made me stop her.

And what was informed at the meeting was that my class’s butler cafe and Seimei’s butler cafe would be held together in the gymnasium.

“Yeah. To be honest, it seems that it’s become a hot topic more than expected. In addition, at the request of Seimei, we were asked to install a simple kitchen to serve food.”

President Sanada took out one paper and gave it to me.

“And your classmates, Toukain-san and Seikagu-san, asked the president directly for the same request.”

…to jump over to the teacher and talk directly to the management… this is too serious…

“As a result, we decided to install the kitchen as requested. But, we were worried about the size of the classroom, so we decided to make both, do at the gymnasium.”

“Well, visitors can easily go if there are two butler cafes next to each other.”

“As I said earlier, your event is a hot topic, it will be featured on TV on the day, and we expect a lot of customers to come in. It’s also a measure for that.”

…… Next to each other. In other words, customers can easily compare and we can increase sales through synergistic effects. On the contrary, if there is too much difference in the cafe, only one will cry. Perhaps the school staff predicts that this will not happen.

“The expectation is high, but I want you to do it without stressing yourself. The most important thing is for you to enjoy.”

“Yes, thank you.”

President Sanada gently smiled and reminded me so.

…well. even if you say so, there is no one in my class who is stressing themselves.

I’m sure, the girls are happy for having a nice place to do it. Even if they know the school’s predictions, they all have a tough mental power, so it won’t affect them.

The thickness of their mind is different from that of a normal high school student.

As for the boys… they must’ve thought that the school will give some help, so I don’t really think that being given a large space will shock them. I’m sure they thought it was natural that the school gave them the spot.

But this bad way of thinking, is the thing that worries me.

Especially, the butler cafés will be next to each other, and that means, the boys on each side may have a terrible mood.

After all, Kenran boys often have a complex with Seimei boys in their hearts.

Well, that doesn’t mean that the boys in my class are the best, and probably they will go to throw some insults. Yeah, It’s useless just to worry about it.

Really, What peace of mind! Huff…

The meeting went on while I was thinking about such things.


Shinichi Hibiya, the Vice President of Seimei High’s Student Council, was working alone in the student organization room. Soon, the door was knocked with a nice rhythm.




Once he gave permission to enter the room, Kanda, a first-year student, entered the room.

“Excuse me”

“What happened?”

“Kenran High has given the answer to the request the other day.”


After Hibiya received the paper from Kanda, he looked through it.

“Good, all of the requests have passed.”

“Yes, and the cost will be all on them.”

“It would be cheap considering it as an advertising expense.”

From the school management side, boys would gather even if Seimei kept silent, but Kenran couldn’t do that. In addition to securing boys every year, the school needed to pay for their school fees, so it couldn’t be helped that only a few were asked and chosen. Therefore, securing many students should be essential. So, at such a hot event, they wouldn’t spare any money to advertise.

“But next to us, is that guy class… and you know, it’s the same as us.”

When Hibiya shut up to think, Kanda called out to Hibiya with a slightly stiff voice.

“Vice, President”


“This time, it’s that guy’s territory. I think, we’ll have a hard time.”

That guy… Kanda didn’t say the name, but both of them knew


“But, if we work together, I’m sure we won’t lose.”

Hibiya smiled thinly at the words filled with determination… He felt the growth of his junior.

“Hmph… of course”


Then they laughed.

“By the way, where did President Shirogane go? It’s rare that he’s not in this room at this time.”

“Shirogane? Ah, he’s in the cooking room”

“Cooking room…?”

“Yeah, Shirogane is also amazingly enthusiastic about the upcoming school festival. To be honest, I don’t remember seeing such a dreadful look of him.”

Kanda gulped at the words. He thought that the president must be under a lot of pressure.

“… I-I see. President Shirogane, who is called the best among the famous student council presidents of Seimei High, will we finally be able to see his serious mode?”

“Yeah, he puts so much effort this time. There’s no compromise at the upcoming school festival.”

“Yes, I know.”

With that said, the two were even more enthusiastic.

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