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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 81

81. Chapter 81

How wonderful would it have been if the next day could be reached with a nice rest? Even if many hoped for it, reality said differently.

After about two hours, the enemy was about to resume their offense.

“Go back to position, the enemy is coming!”

It didn’t mean that Dalimarx’s soldiers did nothing in the branch castle while the enemy completed the reorganization of their formation and repairs of their defense tools, such as the big shield. As well as repairing the walls, some of the soldiers descended from the walls and went outside the walls, collecting arrows and pebbles.

“If you don’t want to be stabbed in your ass, go back inside the wall. Now!”

Soldiers rushed to the ropes and ladders hanging from the walls to avoid being left behind.

“Calm down, there’s still a distance”

The counterattack had forced the attacker to suffer painful wounds. Even if they inadvertently rushed to attack again, it was a fact that the Meisenav soldiers had suffered damage.

Climbing the rope ladder, Kuwen looked into Walm on the ramparts. Kalim followed from behind. The basket on their back was filled with arrows and pebbles.

A piece of meat was stuck to the arrowhead. Literally a used thing, freshly pulled out of the corpse. The archers reached out to the basket and collected the arrows.

Working hard to collect them, both were out of breath and their complexion wasn’t that good. Walm wanted to throw some words, but he saw a longsword that didn’t exist until they got off the wall, hanging on their waists. It must have been the prize of war they collected while collecting the arrows and pebbles. The two were trying their best to get used to life on the battlefield.

Walm thought that many words wouldn’t be needed.

“What a nice sword you’ve got there.”

Like a boy whose mischief had been found, the two got bashful.


“I’ve picked it up just now.”

The attacker’s method wasn’t so different from the first time, just that this time, they finally introduced the siege tower. The rough rope connected to the base was towed by a large number of soldiers and like that approaching the branch castle.

The annoying archers, the archer with “Skill”, began to drop arrows at the corner tower. Having some skill, the difference in height and the presence or absence of a shield would be the decisive factors. There were many things that could twist physical phenomena, and Walm was one of them. Even so, the potential energy was on the side of the enemy. Arrows were drawing a parabola in the sky, some reached the ramparts, albeit most of them had lost momentum.

It was regrettable, but it seemed that Walm, who shot fireballs intermittently, had been set as the highest priority target, and every time he came out to shoot a fireball, an arrow would almost always fly towards him.

“tch, so annoying”

Getting the siege tower destroyed would be the best outcome, but wasn’t possible since it kept dropping arrows from outside the magic attack range. Apparently, the range and habits of the attack had been analyzed from the first attempt. Since arrows were shot randomly every moment, not only to Walm, the movement of Meisenav soldiers became much slower but sharper than at the time of the first attack.

A soldier on the ramparts who was swinging a spear to block the arrows got his throat pierced, resulting in him suffocating on the ground. Another soldier entered the vacant gap, but because he looked closely at the last moment of his predecessor, he was concerned about the sky, leaving the bottom, and got struck by a javelin coming from below.

Kalim, on the other hand, continued to throw at the enemy soldiers below without hesitation. A fist-sized stone was reduced in size by the head of the enemy soldier and that enemy fell from the slope to the bottom of the empty moat. The boy’s facial expression loosened as the number of enemies attacking decreased. Walm, who was running his eyes to find the next target of his fireball, grabbed Kalim’s armor and pulled it back. An arrow passed where his head was, and it fell to the ground.

“Ah, eh”

Kalim, who looked between arrow and Walm for a while, finally understood the situation.

“It’s good that the enemy can’t disturb your pace, but you must have a wide field of vision, or you’ll die young.”

“Yes, t-thank you.”

Kuwen, on the other hand, responded sensitively to the arrow, but he wasn’t comfortable with the important job he must do, which was, throwing stones. Two people who didn’t match their appearance and behavior might be able to live long on the battlefield if they always complimented each other.

Walm’s eyes caught a group of soldiers with a round shield climbing the slope at the limit of his magic attack range. What a bunch of daring soldiers, but it was also proof that they somehow had the ability. Trying to intercept them, but a soldier with an arrow in his hand appeared at the edge of Walm’s field of vision.

Reflexively lifted the left arm, which held a shield, and covered the head. A slight delay caused a shock to the arm, making a high-pitched sound and an arrow being flipped.

“Trying to fish huh? Not bad.”

Not only the archer in the siege tower trying to shoot Walm, but the archer who hid the bow behind a shield and was aiming to sniper Walm.

“Oi, you’re being targeted!”

The archer, whose eyes met with Walm’s eyes, had his face tense and turned himself behind the big shield again. Walm shot a fireball to live up to expectations. Half of the shield was blown away and broken pieces were scattered around.

The hiding soldier was injured, but avoided fatal injuries. Walm was worried about a counterattack and was trying to give the soldier a surprise present, but he saw the soldier’s shoulders were bleeding and the bow had been crushed, reducing the threat level in Walm’s eyes.

Walm’s interest was more in the daring group and turned his attention there.

The group was successful in clinging to the walls. Unfortunately, simple fire magic to the feet blew off more than half of the group, leaving behind only corpses without functioning limbs and head injuries after a while.

“It’s too much”

Walm realized his companion’s blunder. Overall, the result was good. The problem was that the power wasn’t adjusted properly and a hole was created on the slope. It could be used as a stepping stone to crawl up, and if corpses were piled up surrounding it, that small area could be a really good safe spot. The corpse, which contained water and was equipped with armor, could exhibit a defense performance comparable to that of sandbags, perhaps even better.

Of course, soldiers would use whatever they could on the battlefield to prolong their life. A number of soldiers entered the small but safe zone.

When it came to the second attack, there were a certain number of people who were smart, regardless of whether they were regular soldiers or militias. One sure thing, if they managed to survive, they might grow into nasty enemies.

The offensive of the enemies never stopped, even though they had suffered great damage. It could be said that this, was a crucial moment.

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  1. The seige tower is an elevated platform to shoot arrows, rather than the type that allows soldiers to embark on the wall. That alone is actually more historically accurate to medieval warfare, though everything else is fantasy logic – like how quickly it was assembled and moved and how far from the wall it was left.

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