Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 299

299. A worrying message

『This is hell… (ノД`)…』

One day, just a few days before the school festival, when I was preparing for a meeting, a message like this came to my smartphone.

There was only one acquaintance who sent a message with such an emoticon.

『What happened?』

I replied to Seimei High’s Student Council President, Subaru Shirogane.

『There is not enough manpower』

『?? There are a lot of candidates for the butler cafe, right?』

I heard from Maegashira that Seimei’s students were quite motivated for it. I even received a motivated word from Maegashira, “Since we’re going to do this, we’ll definitely beat Hatano-kun!”, was what he said to me.

『The candidates for the butler are full. Not for behind the scenes (* _ *)”』

『I see. How many people will be in the kitchen?』

I typed such a message and got a reply as soon as I sent it.

『… For now, only, me』

Hah? For real?

『And, as you know, food made on the spot is the best! In order to win against Kenran, we need to serve freshly prepared food! It seems that they don’t want catering. But, at this rate, all of the cooking will be thrown, only, at, me. It’ll be like in hell, to say the least.』

Crazy… are they really that dumb or something?

『Why don’t you give other people this job with the authority of the student council?』

『HaHaHa ( ‘∀`) , I have already tried it. As the result, kitchen knives were moving in a scary manner and ingredients weren’t cut satisfactorily. Many didn’t want to get close to the stove because it could burn the skin. Some started crying saying that they didn’t like the kitchen side. Perhaps, it’s better to go to hell now… Should I? (´ ; ω ; `)』

……Where is that “elite” they like to mention? At this rate, I may be able to win easily.

『I managed to persuade them to ask for catering, but they only want it limited to cakes. How about your side? Good?』

『It’s going well. You could say, it’s because there are girls willing to be in the kitchen. So, we could allocate work smoothly.』

『I envy you… (; ∀;)』

『Well, anyway, how about the butler?』

『I think they can show something, quite a high level. Just that they threw all the responsibilities of the kitchen to me. The butlers are under the great guidance of Hibiya, so it’ll be great.』

Apparently, President Shirogane had been working like a carriage horse, running non-stop with so much weight, for this school festival.

So… The butler side is doing well, huh?

But since it’s a cafe, customers may not be satisfied if the food doesn’t come out for a long time, right? Are they gonna be okay?

Well, I can’t say much about other schools. I’m sure, President Shirogane will do something.

More than thinking about them, I should think about the quality of our class butler café. Hmm… the boys are now more comfortable in behaving as required.

Still, I don’t feel like we can win in the quality of the butler.

Right… as expected, it’s better to make ours more like a host club rather than a butler cafe.

I mean, this route is better, we can’t win with a straightforward approach. From the customer’s point of view, it would be nice to have two different things rather than two similar things, right?

Yeah, it should be…… We can’t win this unless my assumption is correct.

Wait… Why did I believe that their customer service will be correct? Did I get overwhelmed by his convincing words?

… Well, there are many ways to win a battle. After all, the ranking is not decided by a simple sales comparison, such a thing is just one of many factors.

And over there, they have a problem with the food.

……Sure, there is the question of how many people are asking for food at the school festival’s butler café, but…

If I come as a guest… Yeah, as expected, the high school butler café will be one of must visit.

Rather, if it shouldn’t be even a question in the first place.

Since there are many high-class girls in our class, we can be particular about the tea leaves and coffee beans that will be served at the cafe, but… I don’t know if the customers will notice the difference.

On the contrary, in their butler café… the dish is made by the hand of a man, President Shirogane. Such a fact will give value more than high-class ingredients.

……Then, should one of the boys cook for our butler café too? No, there are not enough human resources for that, I don’t even know who can cook among the boys. Well, I can cook simple dishes, but the boy with the title “King of Boys”, is in the kitchen?

It’s just a waste not to use the fame that can compete with the fame of Seimei’s boys.

In the end, it seems that we’ve no choice but to demonstrate our abilities as hosts… I mean, butlers.


……….Should we prepare some champagnes for adult customers?

“Hatano-kun, the meeting will startーare you thinking of something “bad”?”

When I was thinking about that, Kenran High’s Student Council President, Risa Sanada, turned to me with a sharp eye.

“That… I’m not thinking about any bad things. I was just thinking about how to make the butler café more exciting.”

“Hmm, I see… I’m sorry for my rude gaze. By the way, have you found any good idea?”

“Hmm… I’m thinking of putting Dom Pérignon’s rosé for adult customers.”

When such words slipped from my mouth, I was forced to sit in seiza.



I was forced to hear some preaching about common sense.

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  1. A host club in that sort of world will be a double edge sword. I believe Seimei’s president will either surpass his limits and become Yukihira Souma of that world version or either die trying it……well, he his stomach will die while he tries…….
    Given all the circumstancial evidence i think Kohaku’s school will win probably by default….but i know there are twist here and there.
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