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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 98

98. After all, Yuri Shirasawa is still disappointing

『”Huff… Well, I really did it. It was my first time singing in medley format, but it was better than I expected. And, maybe because the song changes in the middle, I think it was more effective than usual. Alright, let’s try another anime song medley next time.”』

While walking in the shopping district, Yuri sent such telepathy.

“Leave that matter aside. That, Is he okay?”

『”No problem. He shouted, “OK, I’ll never get involved again!!”, riーght? Or rather, he just came across such a strange phenomenon. An ordinary person would never want to experience it again. Well, aside from whether that person has a normal human sensibility, I’m sure he’ll give up in this matter.”』

That certainly made sense.

Hearing a strange voice in your brain… Normally, that alone was scary enough. But, more than that, it was a barrage of murderous songs. It would be natural that normal humans would never want it again.

Plus, this thing, you couldn’t even talk to anyone. You might be recognized as a crazy guy. There would be no better way to unilaterally stop the other person without shedding blood.

“…That, my bad.”

『”? What is it?”』

“Well, I relied on your power again…”

Yuri tilted her head.

『”What is it, Atsushi-san? You’re strange.”』

“I mean, hmmm, I’ve been relying on your power lately, and I thought I couldn’t do anything…”

In the case of Sumi, when strange people surrounded them, this time as well.

Atsushi had Yuri solve all of them.

Originally, Atsushi should have had no problem dealing with them. However, for Atsushi, who wasn’t so smart, the solution that came to mind immediately was, violence.

In this case, Atsushi would have beaten Toru until he wouldn’t want to be involved again. There might have been such a future.

However, that wasn’t a good solution in this modern Japan. Above all, Atsushi had once seen a bad result from his violent way of solving things. Therefore, he relied on Yuri’s power again.

Atsushi felt he was useless…

『”Huh? What are you talking about, Atsushi-san? Are you even in any position to say that?”』

Yuri sent such a word.

“Eh… but, I really couldn’t do anything this time …”

『”No, no, no. That’s not true. I wouldn’t have met Kaede-san without Atsushi-san. In addition, without Atsushi-san, I wouldn’t have been able to make friends with Kaede-san. I was connected to Kaede-san because of you who for some reason had friendly behavior. In other words, it’s all thanks to Atsushi-san.”』

“No, that’s too far away from the story …”

『”No, that’s not true either. This ending is also thanks to Atsushi-san. Please be aware of it. As I said before, Atsushi-san always has a low self-evaluation. It’s like, those heroes you found in net novels, who always felt weak while having a transcendental cheat power.”』

“Aren’t you know it too well?”

『”Shattap!! What I mean is, that those people who misunderstand themselves are sometimes frustrating to see. I hate that. So, Atsushi-san should be more confident in himself. That way, you’ll look cooler.”』


Atsushi was told so, and involuntarily lost his word.

To be honest, Atsushi still couldn’t realize that he had done something this time.

However, but.

Still, Atsushi was really happy about the fact that someone said it was all thanks to him.

“…Shirasawa, thank you “

Atsushi muttered such a word.

『”? Did you say anything just now?”』

“No, nothing. More than that. Even if it was by telepathy, you must be tired of all that singing, right? I’ll treat you something.”

『”Eh? Really!? Then, let’s buy a mega serving of roulette takoyaki!!! It seems that one of that eight takoyaki, is mixed with super spicy spices, but other than that, it has a reputation for being super extreme delicious!!! Let’s see who gets the spicy one!!”』

“Huff, you want something strange again… well, that’s fine, but don’t complain even if you get the spicy one?”

『”HaHaHa, what are you talking about, Atsushi-san? That’s my line. I suggest buying water so that you can neutralize that spiciness.”』

While talking about such things, the two walked together to the shop.

Direct intervention wasn’t the only way to solve someone’s problem.

Just by being friends, just by having fun together, just by being on the side.

That alone, could support the other person’s heart, and change something.

No matter what kind of the encounter it was

No matter if the relationship made was those that could be found everywhere.

Atsushi learned that he, might be a factor in the growth of other people.

Not long after, 

Well, of course.

『”GyaaaaAAAAAAHHHH, spicy!! It’s spicy!! Too spicy!!! A, A, Azuji-zan, water, buy me water, plueaseee~~~~!!!”』

“Huff, really. After all, you’re still disappointing.”

When Atsushi saw the girl nearby him begging with her tongue out and tears after eating the spicy takoyaki, which was the only one of the eight, he felt some kind of relief.

TN: And so, the end of Arc 2.

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