Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 71

71. Liar

The 《Sub-source Colors》of Sonata-Campbell was rainbow color. Called, “Mana of Truth”.

When someone believed the lie that he said while using his Rainbow Mana, the mana would give the user the magic construction formula necessary to turn the lie into the truth in a moment (only 0.36 seconds, as time passed it would be forgotten). The mana gave only the magic construction formula, simply the knowledge necessary to activate the magic, and the Red, Green, and Blue Mana required to activate the magic were consumed separately. In ancient times, this mana was also called “Mana of Wisdom.”

The magic construction formula given by “Mana of Truth” was far superior to the magic construction formulas that exist in modern times, and the amount of mana consumed when performing magic and the speed of magic formation were both out of the ordinary.

However, it wasn’t all-purpose, and the lie that couldn’t be realized by the mana within Sonata couldn’t be materialized. For example, sealing wasn’t possible. Magic using Black, White, Yellow, and other Rainbow Mana couldn’t be reproduced. What could be achieved was within what kind of mana Sonata Campbell had ―― So, it was limited to his 《Three Main-source Colors》.

Sonata described this special mana as “unfriendly” Because it was almost impossible to use it with a monster who couldn’t understand language, or with a person who knew the nature of this mana.

As an advantage, if the condition was met, it would be possible to perform magic with power that might exceed those with a chant, in no time. The amount of mana consumed at that time was also small, and the amount of mana consumed by Sonata for making a thunder dragon wasn’t much different from the amount of mana consumed for beginner magic that was produced by regular means.

If there was a person who believed in his lies on the side, it would be possible to overwhelm those different in ranks by firing large-scale magic without delay. The control force needed when Sonata Campbell’s Rainbow Mana activated was immeasurable.

“Why do you need to lie?”, “Why do you need to have someone to believe?” The details were unknown. Research hadn’t been advanced yet, and Sonata himself didn’t have a detailed grasp of his Rainbow Mana. Rainbow Mana was treated as useless mana in some parts, and it was this aspect that caused this long research. Only a short history of property analysis, so it was difficult to apply them to many things. In particular, the difficulty level of the “Coloring” technique that combined the 《Sub-source Colors》 with the body, tools, and other magic techniques was significantly higher than the mana of 《Main-source Colors》. There was just not enough precedent who succeeded.

Sonata had no intention of telling this mana to Seal and his party. Because he wouldn’t be able to use it when he needed to fight them.

《Yuubaku Style》 magic mainly for restraining the opponent and the “Mana of Truth”. These two were Sonata’s main weapons.

———– Seal perspective ———– 

I’ve lost.

As expected of a Knight Captain. I can’t do anything if he gets serious.

“To make me use almost all of my cards, You’re amazing.”

“Was that last thunder dragon also a 《Yuubaku Style》 magic?”

“That was, different”

Sonata went up from the surface of the water to the ground, drying the wet coat with flames.

I also went up from the water and took the disposable weapons from the ground.

“By the way, your master, Barha Zetta, also used the 《Yuubaku Style》 magic.”


“Yeah. I heard that from my teacher. 《Yuubaku Style》  Magic specializes in binding, so I think it could be convenient in various ways.”

I see… Use those magics used by Sonata to bind your opponent and mark them to then use the sealing technique…

“Teach me in your spare time. Those 《Yuubaku Style》 magics.”

“I don’t mind at all. I have to get you stronger after all. But in your case, maybe, from more basic magic? “

Oh, right, Ash told me that she would teach me how to use the Green Mana, but in the end, it hasn’t happened yet.

Red, Blue, and Yellow Mana have come to be used in one or another way. Yeah, it’s time to start working on utilizing Green Mana.

When I returned to the tent, it seemed that the girls had returned before us, and I could hear laughter from their tent. Layla seemed to have done it well.

“Looks like it’s okay now.”

“That seems to be the case. So, should we talk about something? Wanna talk about some love story?”

“No way. Don’t say a word when you enter the tent. I’m going to sleep.”

“So heartless…”

I returned to the tent and rested my mind.

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