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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 298

298. Offering

“Uhuhu… You’re all so mean…”

Serina, who had been rubbed everywhere, said so in a low voice.

It was Minori, the cause of this, who was gently stroking Serina’s head.

“It’s okay, you don’t need to be scared anymore. Next time, please look at the situation a little more.”

“Minori-san …”

Serina looked at Minori, who smiled gently.

Seeing that, Shino and Yuzuka, exchanged words in a low voice.

“Why can she have a face saying that it doesn’t matter to her…”

“It’s similar to a technique similar to those doing domestic violence to keep the other feel that they’re in the wrong…”

“… Did you say anything?”

” “Not really…” “

Two young ladies quickly looked away from Minori’s intimidating smiles.

COUGH!!… anyway, we have to finish the shortcake that Yuzuka-san made, we’re running out of time.”

“Aaah, that’s right!”

“That’s true. So, the perverts who rubbed the innocent girl a while ago, come he… What’s wrong?”

Shino raised a question to the girls who didn’t move.



“Serina Maizumi is soft…”

“What are you talking about?“

Shino tilted her head.

“I thought that the drama club was just like an army club, so I thought she would be as hard as Saegusa…”


“…I’m not that hard”

Minori argued even that she must lie. And Serina was shocked by the criticism from her classmates.

However, the girls didn’t react to their words and continued to speak.

“… The texture was surprisingly soft. Unlike Saegusa.”

“Moreover, a slim figure… Unlike Minori-chan, who looks like a condensed mass of muscle.”

“Furthermore, the skin feels comfortable to touch, as if it’s sucking your hands. Unlike Saegusa-san’s skin, who is rough and hard.”

“I lost… but I’m confident that I’m softer than Minori.”

The perpetrators were the ones who got shocked.

The positively criticized Serina had her face bright red, she didn’t know if she should be happy or angry, nevertheless, it wouldn’t the fact that she felt embarrassed. And the one who was hit by the stray bullets in such criticism couldn’t stay silent.

Minori then spoke very calmly and gently as if she wanted to slowly teach a new student.

COUGH!!… everyone seems to have misunderstood, but I’m not rough or hard. On the other hand, it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s soft enough to describe it as elastic skin.”

“Huh, are you trying to make me laugh? Muscle gorilla.”

“Your abdominal muscle looks disgusting like insect”

Minori’s cheeks were squeezed at the terrible words from my classmates. Then she replied as if she didn’t want to lose in arguments.

“Hmmmm, it seems you’re all stupid, so I’ll tell you, but muscles are very soft when you’re relaxed, and very hard only when you put your strength into it.”

Yuzuka was impressed by Minori’s proud words,

“Is that so? I see…”

And so, Yuzuka stretched out her hand to Minori’s body for a little touch.




However, Yuzuka’s hand was knocked down before touching Minori’s body.

Yuzuka tried to reach out again.


Yuzuka looked at Minori’s face. She had a gentle smile.

“Well, Minori-chan. Can I feel your stomach?”

“I’m sorry. I have no intention of letting others touch my body except my future husband.”


The words sounded kind, but anyone could feel the atmosphere telling them to never ever touch them from Minori.

“As expected, it must be hard”

Minori’s shoulders trembled.

“Well, that’s right. That kind of muscle can’t be soft.”

This time, the whole body trembled.

” ” “Poor girl…..” ” “

And Minori exploded when she was called out in pity.

“It’s not hard! Sure, my muscles may be a little stronger than others, but it’s within the margin of error! I’d rather be as lean as I am now, rather than have a sloppy body!”

“Hah! We’re not sloppy!”


“Hah, hahaha…!”

Looking at such an ugly battle, Serina wondered what to do with the tasting. At this rate, the girls here wouldn’t eat any. She concluded that, put the remaining cake on a large tray, and tried to leave the classroom.

However, a hand was put on her shoulder.

“Hey, girl. Where are you going with these cakes?”


“Are you thinking of “offering” it?”

For some reason, Serina was questioned by Shino, who used a strange word. And Serina was surrounded by other classmates who noticed this exchange.

“Oho, ohoho, well, well, this girl seems to want to give a good impression to the boys by offering the cake.”

“Ah, no… I’m not thinking about that …”

“Shut up!!”

“I see…”

“Well, Serina-chan said so. Let’s believe it.”


“But if she brings it with her, Serina’s point will increase. Then her word will be a…  Instead, I’ll bring it, so that her words stay true.”

Shino, who smiled and touched the tray, was grabbed by her classmates.

“Hey, girl. I’ll do that job, gladly.”

“For the time being, let go of that hand.”

Then, another ugly battle broke out again for deciding on who would bring it. In the end, all the members of the cooking team decided to go together. And they happen to hear it.

Rumors of the school festival.

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