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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 97

97. When you have something working well, no need to change

Meanwhile, around the same time Kaede having fun in the maid cafe.

There was a man in the back alley a little away from there.

The man was planning to ambush Kaede. The reason was very simple. He wanted to retaliate against Kaede who had cornered him so far.


『”Seriously, you’re really bad at learning.”』

Such a voice echoes in the man’s head.

“W-what?! Why, there’s a voice, in my head…”

『”Don’t behave suspiciously, Toru Ninomiya-san”』

The man――― Toru, opened his eyes even bigger when his name was mentioned by the mysterious voice.

“Y-you… who… are you…”

『”Me? Well, I wonder who. Please interpret it as you like. But… one thing I can say is that, I, am your enemy.”』

Your enemy.

From that word, Toru understood that the other person wasn’t in favor of him.

However, his head had not caught up with the situation.

Toru was still confused about the situation. It was a natural reaction. But more than where was the voice come from. He was confused by the fact that the voice was directly transmitted to his mind, and that was why even if he didn’t like it, he was forced to accept that he was in reality though it was a strange situation. 

The mysterious voice asked a question.

『”Well, let’s just ask the reason. Why are you here? No way, it wasn’t for doing something to Kaede Hirose, right?”』

“W-why, do you know that…”

『”Huff… I thought it was the case, but now that I actually heard it, I’m amazed. I mean, why do you want to do this?”』

“Why…!? Of course!! Because of her… Because of that woman, Kana…!!”

『”Huff…are you still saying that? Huhh…”』

In response to Toru’s words, the mysterious voice continued, after a long sigh.

『”You should have heard about the situation from your sister. About what was Kana Inoue trying to do to Kaede Hirose. It was her own fault that made her have trouble with the police. You know that you were used by her, right? She said she got engaged with you so that she could have a higher status and be in a higher position.”』

“It’s a lie… it must be a lie!! That’s just, what my sister said!! Oh, right. She’s been on good terms with that woman for a long time. “

Toru hadn’t listened to the story of the mysterious voice at all. He was forced to hear, but he didn’t trust what he heard at all. He judged anything by his own values ​​and sense of justice, which was why the words of others would have a hard time to effect for him.

For Toru, Kana was still the victim and Kaede was the perpetrator. He heard everything from her sister, which was the best source of proof, but he still couldn’t believe it.

And at this point, it was his own fault.

『”Well… I think I could understand a little how hard your sister spent her life. Certainly, this is beyond saving.”』


『”I mean, can you be in a place like this? If I’m not mistaken, it seems that you were officially disowned by your own parents. You are neither the eldest son of the Ninomiya family nor the successor to a large corporation anymore. Just a genuine stupid man that you can find here and there. No one can help you if you have problems.”』


Toru clenched his teeth in those words.

The mysterious voice continued.

『”What is it? Isn’t it the truth? Is it so frustrating to be pointed out? Or are you angry at being disowned by your parents? Either way, it’s all the result of your stupidity. In the first place, if you were facing Kaede Hirose-san properly, it wouldn’t have become like this… But what’s done is done. It’s a little too late, isn’t it? That said, she didn’t have to be with such a daydreamer, a stupid and naive person, this outcome may have been for the better of Kaede Hirose-san.”』

“Bastard, come out! I’ll give you a lesson…!!”

Toru was angry, but because he had no idea where the owner of this voice was, he had no choice but to wander around without a destination.

『”Well, I don’t think you’ll hear other people’s stories from the beginning… But, this is the last piece of advice. Even if a doomsday comes, Never Ever approach her again.”』

“Hah, do you think I’ll say “Yes” without complaining?!!”

『”Huffー, yeah. Well, that’s right. I knew it. So far, I just asked, since it’s a promise… Then, I’ll do my best so that you won’t ever want to get near her again even if forced to.”』

Toru tried to ask further… but the one behind the mysterious voice was no longer giving him any opportunity.

『”Then――― I will sing, all OP medleys of the anime “Shinge〇〇 no Kyou〇〇〇”, Ready…!!”』 
[TN: Attack on Titan]

The next moment after the mysterious voice said such words.


Such a man’s scream echoed in the back alley.

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