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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 297

297. Tasting

While Kohaku and the other boys were dressing up, what the other classmates were doing was making prototypes of the dishes to be served on the day.

“Hmm. I hope the cream is sweet enough.”

“let’s see…”

With an electric mixer in one hand, Yuzuka was looking at the cream with a firm texture.

Shino noticed it and scooped the cream with her finger and put it in her mouth. Checking the taste, before giving her opinion.

“I think it’s better to add a little more sugar.”

“Is that so?”

“But if it’s a cake with fruits as the main ingredient, this sweetness might be better. What kind of cake are you making now?”


“If so, I think it’s better to be a little sweeter.”

Strawberries were the main character of a shortcake, but most of the taste came from the cream. Shino, who had eaten various top-class pastry chef cakes, thought that it needed to be a little sweeter.

“Everyone, taste this… how about it?”

“I wonder if it should be a little sweeter too…”

“Hmm, for me, think this is more than fine.”

Girls in the class got together, and through trial and error, they would make food and sweets that would be put out in the cafe.

Shino and Yuzuka had many opportunities to eat dishes made by top chefs, but it could be said that there were almost no opportunities to make the food themselves. Therefore, both of them were working happily, as it wasn’t so often things they would experience.

“… But it’s a little scary.”

“Scary? What are you scared of?”

Yuzuka tilted her head to the words that Minori, who was making a different cake, muttered after tasting the cream.

“The amount of sugar used in this cake.”




Minori’s words stopped the movement of the girls who were there.

And the girls unknowingly saw the cream in front of them and the prototype cake that had already been made.

“I, haven’t had much opportunity to make sweets, so I haven’t been concerned about it until now, and I don’t eat many sweets because of club activities, but when I try to make it myself like this, the amount of sugar for it is more than I imagined. And we have to sample the finished cake to see how it tastes… So, what I mean is, you’ll get fat, right? “

A girl returned her gaze from the cake to near her belly. She thought that her belly had slightly more soft meat than it was a few weeks ago. 

The girl picked up her belly with her fingers, hoping that it was just her hallucination.


But the reality was harsh. She felt the thickness of the flesh on her fingers, which made her feel certain elasticity. The fact overwhelmed the girl and she kneeled in despair.

It wasn’t just her, many girls there were kneeling as well.

“…No way”

“A love event… a school festival is approaching, but what should I do with this meat now?”

“I-I’ve been thinking of doing something fun with a boy, but now…”

“No, in the first place, you probably don’t have a partner…”

“…..Wait a second”

As if noticed something, one of the girls on her knees, screamed.

“Why are you all normal?!”

Regardless of the despair, the girl stood, throwing doubts at her classmates.

And among them were Shino, Yuzuka, and Minori.

“I burn a lot of calories in club activities, and when I taste it, I reduce the amount of carbohydrates I take. After all, my body has to consume protein.”

“I also move quite a bit for various lessons.”

“Me too.”

Following Minori, Shino and Yuzuka also gave their own answer.

The girl who received it looks at her other classmates with a regrettable look.

“We don’t taste many.”

“Yeah, just a bit.”

“If you talk to others all the time, someone will always come to taste, so I was saved!”

“Are…you… for real…”

The girl was surprised that she was being used without knowing it. And she thought that her classmates had hidden black emotions behind their kind faces.

Seeing the girl having a hard time accepting the fact, the others gave their excuses.

“Well, I just called out.”

“Yeah, you ate it at your own risk.”

“You guys who don’t notice it are the ones in wrong.”

“ ” ”Kukuku…” ” ”

They who laughed with sinister faces, were the winner

And the girls who were overwhelmed, were the losers.

“What a fierce battle…”

“Minori-chan, it was you who caused it.”

Shino thrust her face into Minori, asking for resposibility.

At the same time, a voice could be heard.

“Everyone. Mont Blanc is ready! Please try it.”

“Huff, I think I was able to make it quite well.”

Shino and Yuzuka thought that it was such a wrong time, but Serina and Yuri who brought a new cake weren’t in the wrong.

“Everyone? What’s wrong?”

Shino, who heard Yuri’s words when she realized that something was wrong, explained the situation to them. When Serina heard it, she made a surprised voice, “Really…”, and Yuri touched her belly and muttered, “I’ve just lost weight recently…” and her knees were trembling.

“What should I do? This Mont Blanc… I just had it not long ago, but it’ll be a waste, alright, let’s get another one.”

Saying so, Serina started eating.

A girl looked at her suspiciously and asked a question.

“Maizumi… what about your weight?”

“Well, I don’t seem to get fat even if I eat much for some reason. I’ve eaten a cup of cake for tasting.”

The girls who heard the words became one in mind. When they looked at each other, they nodded.

” ” ” ” ” ” Guilty! ” ” ” ” “ “

“Hey…?! What! Stoー Kyaaaー!”

In this way, the hearts of the depressed girls were united and so, Serina Maizumi was punished by being rubbed on every part of her.

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