Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 70

70. Sealer vs Bard

Unlocked the dagger from the talisman and held it in my right hand before accelerating to Sonata.

” ‘The prisoner’s name is Aleister. Tied up by fantastical ice sword――’ “

Is it a chant?

If he finished it, it may be my end.

Sonata wasn’t suitable for close-quarters combat, he looked so. That was why, my plan was to never let him finish his chant while crushing him.

“I won’t let you …!”

Splashing water, I rushed to Sonata while throwing the dagger.


Sonata dodged it by tilting his upper body forward while holding his hat. Raising his right foot and aiming at his face, Sonata jumped and fled to the sky.

While crossing the sky, Sonata recites the continuation of the chanting.

” ‘Manifested in a symbol of freedom, in the shape of wings ――《Hyoujou Kenu》” [TN: Roughly mean, ice locking feather swords]

Just above Sonata, big ice in the shape of wings appeared.

Looking closely, the ice was made up of a collection of small swords. The small swords separated and approached me from all directions.

“tch, so troublesome…!”

I ran on the watery surface and avoided the swords. When the little ice sword touched the water, it froze the surface of the water around it.

The side touched by the sword got frozen, even a single hit may freeze my whole body.

――If I get hit, it’s over…!

“You won’t let me relax huh――<Osiris Orb>! “

Took out the dangerous ring and fit it on my right index finger. Bruises spread from my right hand to my nose.

Boosted my physical strength with the power of the ring and jumped into the waterfall.

There was a rock scaffolding in the space behind the waterfall, and I landed there.

The waterfall was frozen by the ice sword, but the water that kept falling from above shut out the ice sword one after another.

I put the talisman with “月” written on it on the rock scaffolding, and jumped out from the side of the waterfall. Scratching the coming ice sword, I approached Sonata.

” ‘O, Chains of Flame Lord, come forth and strangle thy lord’s enemy’ ―― 《Ensasen Baku》”

A chain of flames that evaporated water came from around Sonata’s feet.

The number of chains gradually increased, expanding to the point where Sonata couldn’t be seen.

The chains stretched and flew to tighten my neck.

I won’t retreat… I’ll keep moving forward!

Thanks to the ice sword for creating an icy scaffolding, I could move fast.

While kicking and crushing the ice so as not to slip, dodged the approaching flame chain and ice sword in steps approached Sonata.

” ‘O, the playful wind’――”

“Bard! You’re singing too much!”

I deployed the <Lion Spear> to the left, extended the spear, stitched it between the chains, and threw it toward Sonata.

Sonata jumped back to avoid it.

“Hey, not bad! You can pass two of the seven 《Yuubaku Style》magics!”

“How long can you be so relaxed! I won’t let you use magic anymore!”

Let go of the spear and held a dagger in my left hand before closing the distance.

I won’t let you even say another word. I’ll always stick close to you――!

“You can’t use other mana while chanting, right? The sign of Red Mana has faded since you started chanting a while ago.”

“Yeah! You’re right! Red Mana can only be used a little while chanting. “

With the dagger in my hand, I tried to stab. Sonata leaned sideways, avoiding my attack and putting out the palm of his left hand toward my right cheek.

I moved the dagger to my right hand and grabbed the Sonata’s palm with my now free left hand.

Aimed at Sonata’s abdomen with my dagger, but before entering the motion, Sonata’s right foot kick pierced my belly.


You can keep up with my movements after the boost of the <Osiris Orb>?!!

However, as much as I was concerned about Sonata’s close combat skill, I didn’t feel the difference in pressure and ability as much as I felt from Pearl.

I slid onto the surface of the water and retreated by two steps, but accelerated immediately. To set up close combat again without giving a moment of time.

“What an enthusiastic approach…!”

Sonata seemed to hate that idea and so he ran towards the waterfall to get some distance.

I chased Sonata’s back, grabbed the coat, and brought it to the surface of the water.

” ――hm!?”

Only the coat was left in my hand.

Sonata abandoned his coat the moment it was grabbed by me.

Away from me, Sonata with a black shirt which sleeves up to his elbows, spreading his hands.

“President, it’s a checkmate. At this distance, the chanting will end before you get closer.”

“Really? I wonder if that’s the case ―― <Engetsu>”

A boomerang was unsealed on the rock behind the waterfall, far behind Sonata.

I left it when I hid myself behind the waterfall.

Sonata looked a little confused at my words.

Yep, he hasn’t noticed… I’m glad I’m able to guide you to be in this situation.

” ‘O, the playful wind’ ―― “

I stretch a chain made of Yellow Mana from my feet so that it passed under the surface of the water. When the chain stuck to <Engetsu> behind the waterfall, I pulled my right foot back. In response to the movement of my legs, the boomerang flew out of the waterfall and approached Sonata’s back.

” ‘carry the thunder’ ―― Hm!?”

<Engetsu> hit Sonata’s back. It wasn’t powerful because it was in the normal condition without any “Stack”, but for turning the tide of battle…

――it was enough.

While Sonata got staggered, I would close the distance―― was my plan, but…

“Hahaha! You surprised me! Well, well, you possess such a surprising weapon huh.”

Sonata laughed as he lost his stance.

Now… he’s trying to cover his body with Red Mana. Means, the chant has been canceled…!on

――The battle will be determined here!

“But, didn’t you forget something, President?”

Sonata continued talking, brilliantly avoiding my vertical slash.

“On <Seadust Island>, I put out a thunder dragon without chanting――”

Suddenly, I remembered that moment in my head.

Oh, right, this guy, he sent a flying ridiculous mass of thunder on Seadust Island in the form of a dragon to the dragon {Gun Emperor} was riding.

――At that time, he didn’t chant.

“You see, I, can manifest a thunder dragon in no time

It wasn’t a lie, I knew that Sonata could do it.

At the same time as I thought so, Sonata’s tongue shone.

――A dazzling light fell on the surface of the water.

Looking up at the sky, a giant thunder dragon opened its mouth while staring at me.

I threw away my dagger and raised my hands.

“I, surrender …”

It’s clearly a foul… not fair!

Author’s note: If you stop chanting, you can resume it. However other Mana can’t be used properly if you are interrupted.
You should always focus your mind on the chant, otherwise, you must chant again from start.


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