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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 296

296. Costume adjustments

“Fufufu, wonderful.”

“Hmph… not bad…”

“As expected, I look good no matter what I wear”

While praising themselves, the boys were taking various poses in front of the mirror.

As the school festival date got nearer, the preparation for it got fiercer and so, we were trying on the clothes we would wear on the day.

In front of the butler’s clothes, which were almost completed, the boys were more excited than expected, and seemed more than happy to wear the clothes.

Of course, they would. After all the costume looked so great. The workmanship was impressive even in my eyes, which loved finery.

The girls who were in charge of the costumes must be had a lot of trouble, but they made it without showing exhaustion.

Where was I? I was actually wearing costumes for the final minor adjustments, but the eyes of the girls in charge of costumes were very strict. Those eyes were the eyes of craftswomen who had a high pride and would never allow any compromise in their work.

And to reward them for their hard work, I decided to do my best.

“Hatano-san, how is itー? Comfortable to wear?”

It was Yachigusa-san who was in charge of my costume. Even though she had training for her own drama club event, she perfected this outfit in time.

Once again, I was surprised by how versatile and good the skill of the girls in my class was.

“Yeah, it’s perfect. Thank you.”

“Is that soー? I’m glad if that’s the case. Butー, just in case, I’ll check it one last time!”


“Then, spread your hands wide for the time being.”

“Like this?”

“Yes, please keep it for a while, okayー?”

While saying that, Yachigusa-san checked around the shoulders and sleeves.

“The shoulders and cuffs are okay. Then, lastly, I will check the chest and waist, so please be in that position a little longer.”

When I nodded to that word, Yachigusa-san had a serious face after clearing her throat.

COUGH!!… Then, excuse me. Please do not move.”

“? yes”

When I answered that, Yachigusa-san hugged me tightly.

“Hmm, isn’t thereー a problem around the chest?”

I was surprised for a moment, but apparently, she was checking the dimensions by hand.

Yachigusa-san had a serious face while muttering such a thing.

Hearing her muttering in a serious tone, I decided that I would stay still until the check was over.




“Am Iー wrong? Let me confirm it again.”




I heard a strange voice.


“Yes, it looks like it’s okay around the chest. Hmー? What’s wrong?”

Yachigusa-san asked me with a cute smile. Her cuteness made me wonder if the voice of desire I heard was a mistake on my part.

“No, nothing……”

“Is that soー? Please tell me if you have any concerns, okayー?”

“Yes, thank you”

When I answered that, Yachigusa-san smiled and slowly approached my face, to be exact my ear, and whispered in low voice.

“If it’s Hatano-san, I will put it as first priority, so please do not hesitate.”

After saying that, Yachigusa-san quickly left and went to check the clothes of the other boys.

Hmm…  so, that’s what they called “cute devilish woman”? If this world is my previous world, many men would have been captivated by her in no time.

I was thinking about that while watching Yachigusa-san leaving.


Kyaaー! Miu, you really did it!

With that in mind, Miu, who left Kohaku, was pleased with the role of making the costume.

“Yachigusa-chan… You were so bold!”

“Yeah. How can you be so bold where everyone is around…”

“H-honestly, I envy you …”

The classmates in the same role looked at Miu with envy.

“Wellー, I just did what was necessary to make costumes properly.”

“Kugh, you can’t lie to me!”

“I mean, did everyone properly make the costume for the one you’re in charge of?”

“Yeah. Look, the boys are happy with it.”

“… But you couldn’t help but hope to have a little more skinship, right!?”

The one in charge of costume for the butler café of class 1-1, was very popular among the girls in the class.

Why so popular? The reason was that the girl could legally do harassme… skinships with boys with the pretense of checking dimensions and adjusting clothes.

However, contrary to its popularity, the number of girls who had the required sewing techniques were limited. The girls with the skill were expected to be in charge of it.

Not because of nasty feelings. But because this could be an opportunity to close the distance with the boys. However, unexpectedly, there was a lot of contact with the boy’s body, so they just felt that they could still go, further and beyond.

“But, the costume will be completed soon.”

“Yeah. It was hard but fun.”

“That’s right. And when the boy is wearing the clothes I made, there’s something, that you hope happens, between you and the boy.”

The other girls in charge of costumes nodded to such words. Then, for a while, small talk began.

“Do you know about that? The legend of the school festival”


“I mean, it’s common in a manga. Some place that will make a confession definitely a success.”

“Well, is there such a place like that here?”

“There seems to be one. The legend says that if you confess there on the last day of the school festival, it will come true.”

“What’s that! Too wonderful to be true!”

“Well, there is a hurdle to call a boy and say that he has to come to the place on the last day of the school festival…”

“… But, if the boy accepted your request to come, doesn’t that mean he has something to you that almost guarantees it to be a successful confession?”




Girls were silent in the words.

Miu muttered with a voice that they couldn’t hear.

“Definitely a success…”

And while smiling, Miu continued her words in a louder tone.

“Where is that?”

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