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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 96

96. When your acquaintance suddenly works in your favorite shop

The problem with Kaede Hirose had been cleared up.

Haruna sent them to those who were aiming for Atsushi, but the misunderstanding was resolved. In addition, Kana, who wanted to make a troublesome mess but fail, had become a nuisance to the police, and so, she would never appear in front of Atsushi and others again.

Therefore, Kaede went to the maid cafe as usual without worrying about it …

“Why is Haruna-chan working at this maid cafe…?”

Involuntarily asked questions to an acquaintance nearby.

Of course, such a question came up. Anyone who had an old friend working as a maid in their favorite store would be surprised.

“I-it just happened, that I moved to this area, so I decided to work part-time here…”

Of course, such a thing was a lie.

The truth? It was completely different and more selfish.

Haruna couldn’t say it… she just couldn’t say that she thought of working as a maid because she knew that Kaede liked this kind of thing…

Kaede, who didn’t know that, asked another question while tilting her head.

“Hm? Moved…? What do you mean?”

“Ah, haven’t I told you about this? You see, I have to transfer from the previous school to the same one as Kaede-san. And, I decided to rent an apartment and live alone…”

“Eh? Are you serious?”

“Yes, I’m serious.”

Haruna gave a straightforward answer.

Kaede couldn’t feel a lie from it.

Many things seem messed up, but… let’s not touch them

Thinking that it must be for some important reason, Kaede thought that listening to it now would be too insensitive and thoughtless. And so Kaede asked another question as she noticed something strange.

“…Hm? But my school should be in the neighboring town…”

“!!? T-The property that met my conditions was only here, so…!!”

“Ah, I see.”

Kaede didn’t notice Haruna’s deception and believed it without much doubt.

After breathing out, Haruna threw words to Kaede.

“Ka.. Kaede-san. That… are you, angry with me?”

What did that mean? Kaede understood it.

Kaede heard everything from Haruna after Kana’s case was cleared up.

After Kaede transferred to another school, Haruna hunted down Kana and the ones that were bullying Kaede. And she also said she gave a little taste of it to Atsushi and Yuri.

Knowing all of them, Kaede answered.

“I’ve told you before. It’s already over. Well, I’m angry that you troubled my friend, but that’s because Haruna-chan was worried about me. Still, I was quite surprised that you did bring the company of Kana Inoue and those who had troubled me downhill.”

An acquaintance had brought demise into multiple companies in revenge for you… Anyone would be surprised to hear that. On the contrary, it would make you wonder if such a thing was really possible.

Kaede continued to say to Haruna who had done something out of the ordinary.

“Well, it may sound imprudent, but I’m a little happy. There are people who would do that for me. Anyway, I don’t care about them anymore. Ah, you can’t do the same thing, okay? I’m really angry next time.”

“Kaede-san …”

“Then, let’s stop talking about this gloomy story. You’re at work right now, right?”

Right. That story was over, and the case had been solved. And they were in a maid cafe. A place where such a dark and gloomy story wouldn’t fit well with the atmosphere.

Told so, Haruna smiled as if something had blown out, and entered the customer service mode while glancing up.

“Yes. Then, huff――― what would you like to order, Master?”


“K-Kaede-san !?”

Haruna was surprised at Kaede who coughed as if she suddenly vomited blood.

“A-are you okay …?”

“I-I’m okay… don’t worry…”

As Kaede said so, her body was quivering.

Of course, that word was also a lie.

Speaking of her inner feelings, it was a mess.

W-what’s with that attack… She, she’s so precious…!! Oh, no, no, no, Kaede calm down. Haruna-chan is a long-time friend, she’s a sister-like existence!! To be excited for someone like her calling you “Master”, would make someone question you as a woman, no, as a human being!! Besides, I have an angel named Mei-chan!!… B-but Haruna-chan is so, so, so cute!!

And so on, Kaede pushed the brake button inside her mind and was restraining herself from diving deeper inside the dangerous rabbit hole.

However. Mei came as if to shut down that function and accelerate Kaede’s diving.

“Aーh, you really came, Master… Hn? Master? You’re so mean. Just because the newcomer Haru-chan is cute, you’re trying to switch from meー you’re making me feーel a little jealーlous.”


Kaede went crazy at the unexpected words.

Je-jealous!? Mei-chan feels jealous…!? For me?! Oh, no, no, no, calm down, Kaede, calm down. Mei-chan just doesn’t want her customer to be taken by another child. Yeah, that must be it. It’s not because she likes me. I can’t get the wrong idea… but, still, I’m happy even if it’s a lie.

While shaking her head, Kaede hurriedly opened her mouth.

“N-no, Mei-chan, I don’t mean to do that!! I mean, I’m Mei-chan’s number one fan!! Ah, Haruna-chan and the other girls are cute too, but my favorite is Mei-chan. I think Mei-chan is the best, I’m serious, really!!”


“Really, really!!”

“I’m glad if you think soー. Then I can join in, right? Maーster.”

“O-of course…!!”

“Yeーay! Then, I’ll sit… next to you.”

“Hm!! T-then I’ll sit on the other side…!!”

With that said, Mei and Haruna sat next to Kaede and grabbed her arms.

Two maids snuggled up to the beautiful girl. In a sense, this was also a kind of harem.

However, the two maids were fluttering their eyes for some reason, but Kaede, who was sandwiched between them, was swimming in heaven’s clouds, so she didn’t notice it at all.

“Oh, by the way, Master. What happened to that insect… I mean, the man that you used to come with…?”

“Hmm? Ah, he said that he has a bit of a business today. He’s going to clean the leftover. Was what he said.”

To clean the leftover…

However, Kaede had no idea at this time that it had something to do with her.

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