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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 295

295. Subaru’s concern

Seimei High… a historical school. With its long history, the school building had a strong classic impression and was quaint. In such school, to be exact, there was a room where usually boys who were the center of the students gathered, the Student Council Room.

In that room, the Student Council President, Subaru Shirogane, was reading the submitted documents for the school festival.

Subaru continued to read the documents while enjoying his own brewed coffee. He looked through it all, but read it again and again, and finally put the document on his desk.

The subject stated in the document was a person who wished to participate in the butler’s cafe. To be honest, Subaru suggested a butler cafe, but he didn’t expect it to be accepted so welcoming like this. Because, Seimei High was a prestigious school, and the boys who gathered there, other than had the ability, had a high pride to match it.

Events that were required to have some touch with women of the same age, were avoided from the conventional thinking of how high the pride of the students of Seimei High had. But in reality, there was almost no opposition.

…… Why?

Subaru was so worried about the butler’s cafe.

Other than that, he didn’t worry at all. Drama plays or musical performances didn’t seem worrying to him. On the contrary, he was convinced that it would surely succeed. This confidence was because the students of this school have a deep knowledge of art.

Even if the boys sing and act without practice, they could get attention, so if the active students of the prestigious high school were to do it, it was almost a free win. In addition to that, if the boy had the skill and talent for it, no doubt that the people would go to see it.

But the butler café? He was not confident at all. There were these unknown and random factors that could happen, such as being angry with girls, and also about their general acceptance in engaging a job that required hospitality.

“Still, this…”

Subaru looked down at the documents on the desk. The names of the students who were planning to participate in the butler’s cafe were listed there. And there, all the names of the member of Seimei’s Student Council were listed.

For some reason, among them was the name of Subaru, which he didn’t remember writing it.


Subaru lightly rubbed the inner corner of the eye to relieve stress and fatigue.

Well, it wasn’t that he had no idea as to why his name was written there. The one who proposed the butler cafe itself was him. So, of course, it couldn’t be helped if the others thought that he would want to participate.

I mean… that doesn’t mean that all members have to participate, right? Isn’t Tamachi scared of women? Is he going to be alright? I’m worried…

Well, it’s good that it was decided more smoothly than I expected. Oh right, I heard that it seems Kenran will also have a butler cafe. Seems to be Hatano-kun’s class, he will be gathering customers using the title, the King of Boys, for sure.

It seems that a lot of media will come, so I think that it will be taken to the confrontation of Kenran and Seimei, but honestly, considering the rarity, I think that Seimei’s butler cafe is in a more advantageous position.

To be honest, there was another thing that Subaru was more worried about than which one won.

“Shirogane, it seems like you’re tired.”

“… Hibiya”

“You don’t have to say anything. I know it well.”


Good… seems like he knows what I’m worried about.

Yes, what Subaru was concerned about was that the café must serve food. Of course, that would mean, someone who could cook would be required. Difficult dishes or not wasn’t really the problem. As long as an edible sandwich could be served, Subaru would be more than happy.

“Yeah, it’s about how you win against that guy class, right?”



“You don’t have to say anything. I know this all is his doing, but we’re from a prestigious high school, Seimei High. We can’t escape the challenge.”


…… What is this guy talking about?

“And this time, Shirogane, you’re here. No matter how much that guy, Hatano, is a threat, he has one else. There’s no doubt about our victory.”

“I-is that so? Well, Hibiya…”


“Can you cook?”

Subaru asked such a question. Hibiya, who tilted his head lightly, answered the question.

“There is no way I can do it. Food is something that is served to me.”

“… Washing the dishes?”

“My hands will become rough.”


Subaru was in despair.

…But he kept asking a few questions with a single hope.

“… By the way, a cafe is where you serve food, but do you have any idea who can do it among these people?”

“Of course.”


Hope remained.

It remained because Hibiya said that he had an idea of ​​someone who could do this.

“Shirogane, you can do it, right?”


“The pasta and ajillo that you cooked before, was superb.”

“…aside from me?”

“I don’t know”

Once again, Subaru was in despair.

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  1. ……………..There it is. Another ulcer for the president. And the event hasn’t even started yet…………………….hahahahaha…………………………
    This guys have supposedly high skills but since their own pride doesn’t allow them to use them for all sorts of situations when they meet with stuff like this they are beyond screwed, fortunately the girls in that world aren’t normal either.
    I guess, the prez will buy food and have the other seimei dudes to just serve it.

    Hmmm….i can already see the number of ulcers in the prez stomach during the event but not after it. That would be too scary to imagine(LOL).

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