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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 294

294. Seimei’s decision

As the school festival approached, the work of the Student Council increased.

Each of us was responsible for the decided daily work, and so far, we haven’t had any problematic problems.

However, as the number of jobs increased, it became necessary to keep in touch with each member.

A meeting for that purpose was currently being held to check the status of events, club activities, and participation applications for each class. Due to a large number of students in this school, the number of participants was also large and diverse in what they would do.

However, the members of the Student Council were proceeding with the meeting smoothly, perhaps because they were accustomed to it.

At this young age, it could be said that their efficiency of work was so high.

“… Well, last but not least, Seimei High contacted me about what event they will do.”

The moment President Risa said so, tension ran in the student council room.

Then, Vice-President Katsurakawa uttered words while pushing up her glasses.

“Hoho… finally, it’s time…”

“Yeah, but… why do you speak like a mastermind of some plan…?”

“You don’t need to care about that. President, everyone is waiting. Please say it soon.”

“That’s right!”

“President, what will they do?!”

“My hope is a Photo Exhibition of the boys there! We must put the risqué photos in the biggest size!”

GULP!!… I can’t wait any longer, President…!!”

“L-let’s all calm down for the time being …”

“ ” ” I’m calm!!!!” ” ”

“I-I see…”

The president was confused by the members of the Student Council who let out their desires without control.

“So, President, what are they planning to do for the festival?”

“No way, it’s not the same exhibition-only as their usual school festival, right?”

“Haha, no way. If so, we’ve to tell them the meaning of making this a joint cultural festival, once again… So, President, isn’t it about time?”

“Hurry! Hurry up!!”

While saying that, everyone stood up and approached President Risa’s seat. She looked so restless.

Feeling left behind by the excitement of everyone, I just want to go out of the room as fast as I could.


……Everyone? There’s a man here, how can you all expose your wild desires like that…

“E-everyone, for the time being, please go back to your own seat. L-look, Hatano-kun is surprised because everyone suddenly stood up.”

President Risa said so and looked at me.

Everyone’s line of sight turned to me, at the same time. All of them had a strange eye… Frankly, I was very scared.

The light of reason returned to their eyes, perhaps because of me looking scared.

They cleared their throat and quietly returned to their seats.

“Excuse me. I was being a little unreasonable because I thought I had to know more about the information. It’s an important matter after all.”


Everyone agreed with Vice-President Katsurakawa’s words.

“As Vice Chairman Katsurakawa says. I’m sorry that we’ve scared Hatano-kun, but I want you to think that it happened because we are so faithful and enthusiastic about our duties.”

“That’s right. We never thought we could have a school festival with boys and do kyaa kyaa uhuhu.”

……Isn’t it better to just nod?

“So, let’s continue the story in a calm atmosphere.”

President Risa cleared her throat and began talking with a sharp look.

“The events that Seimei’s boys will do are exhibitions, chorus and instrumental performances, drama plays, and… butler cafe. Of these, exhibitions and instrumental performances will be held at their school. Drama plays will be here and there.”

“Praise be…”

“I definitely have to go see…”

“Finally, the day when we can enter that sacred place has come…”

“Butler cafe… I wonder how much should I spend?”

“I’m afraid of the amount, but no matter how expensive it is, I’ll definitely go…”

“If you think that you can experience being a popular girl among boys… isn’t any price cheap?”

“Can you make the boy serve you other than the menu?!”

The room became noisy.

“And the butler’s café, will be only here. Regarding this, you all know that they have never run a shop like this, so it seems they’re hoping for follow-up if something goes wrong. Please do your best everyone.”

When the President Rias said so, everyone replied, “Yes.”, with a tense voice. However, Vice-President Katsurakawa asked a question as if she noticed something.


“Hm? What?”

“It’s about the butler’s café. It seems class 1-1 will do a butler’s café too…”

President Risa let out a long sigh.

“Well, it’s common for events to be similar. It shouldn’t be a problem.”


Vice-President Katsurakawa, who suddenly stopped her word, turned her eyes to me.

“Don’t worry, it seems they know this. They said that no matter what the ranking they get, they won’t complain… Even if they lose to Hatano-kun’s class.”

“… Is that so? Then, there’s no problem.”

President Risa and Vice-President Katsurakawa, looked at me. From their eyes, I felt that I was being warned, “Don’t provoke them too much.”

……Hmm? Do they think that I somehow worked on it? No, no, that’s not true. It’s just a natural result that happens when the stars are aligned.

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