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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 95

95. There may be a time when you can’t do anything

A few days after Kaede and Kana’s case.

Atsushi came to the principal’s office. Of course, the reason was to tell a series of uproar to the principal.

To tell the truth, he was forced to report.

“―――I see… Thanks for the report”


Atsushi didn’t come here on his own initiative.

After pushing Kana Inoue to the police, it seemed that the matter was heard by the principal, Sawashiro, and so she wanted to listen to it directly from the parties concerned.

“My niece, seems to have caused trouble again, I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s nothing much… I mean, this time, I didn’t do anything…”

It wasn’t humility, just an objective fact.

Atsushi had hardly done anything about Kaede this time. Thanks to Hiiragi, it turned out that it was Haruna, who gave them trouble. And it was Kaede herself who repelled Kana who tried to do harm to her directly. Atsushi just looked at it from the side.

“You didn’t do anything huh… I wonder if that’s the case. At least I think Kaede Hirose is different than before. The one who gave something important to that girl who accepts anything given to her, to the point where she would do anything to protect it, it was none other than you. At least I think so.”


“To be precise, you guys. She did all of that for her friends. Well, it was a little overkill, but… it’s not that I couldn’t understand, the desire to protect people.”

Sawashiro then gave a fearless smile.

Atsushi asked her a question.

“What will happen to Kana Inoue?”

“What she did was without a doubt, a crime. Above all, she admitted it. She will be subject to reasonable punishment, and will never appear before you again.”

“No, I mean…“

“What is it?”

“Hirose said that Inoue had a clause that was instigated by someone. She said that it was a “foresight”, a “prediction” of someone… So, maybe … “

“Oh, about that. In my research, there was someone with a supernatural power behind Kana Inoue. That person’s abilities, something like precognition or future vision. Using that, Inoue’s parents probably knew which company they should bribe and when to do it. Perhaps the reason for the engagement with Toru Ninomiya too.”

An unbelievable fact. However, that would make sense.

The rapid growth of Kana’s company and the engagement with Toru Ninomiya. And the fact that Kana called Kaede at the right time. If all of this was from someone who could see or predict the future, what Kana did wasn’t that strange.

Hearing the explanation, a new question came into Atsushi’s mind.

“But if they know the future, why did Inoue’s company go down? The engagement with Toru Ninomiya is also gone…”

“Well, I don’t know that much. But, if there’s one thing I can say for sure, like Kana Inoue, the future-seeker has already been cleaned up. No harm will come to you again. That much, I can guarantee.”

With confidence, Sawashiro said so.


A certain building.

In one of the rooms, a man was lying on the ground.

“Shit… it shouldn’t end like this…”

A man threw away such words. It just sounded like a howling of the loser. Not that he didn’t have any power. After all, he had a supernatural power called “future vision”. But, it had some restrictions and wasn’t absolute. Still, he took every step to prevent him from getting into this situation.

Even after all the measures prepared, he was now lying down in front of a girl.

“Bastard… who the hell, are you… why, why can’t my future vision work…!!”

The girl answered the man’s question in a straightforward manner.

“Unfortunately, supernatural powers, have no effect on me.”

“What, how is that possible…”

“Hmm, I wonder how. Well, you will never know it.”

The girl took the knife out of her waist and kept talking, while spinning around the knife.

“You’ve done too much. You can see the future, isn’t it too short-minded to make money with it? Like really? It’s okay if you make some pocket money with it, but you lay your hand to a big company or a politician. You ended up turning people who you should never reach out, to be enemies. Your defeat was due to a lack of information, and overconfidence. “

Even if you could see the future, there were existences that should never become your enemies.

The man didn’t know, he didn’t mean to be their enemy… But such a reason, couldn’t be a guarantee for your safety. There would always be people who would never hear excuses.

“Also, it’s because you’ve involved yourself with me. It seems that your future vision goes in the wrong direction, because I cooperated behind the scenes in crushing Kana Inoue’s company. Still, I can’t you overlook what you’ve done, you know? Because you’ve touched on my important, very important “master” … In that sense, it is, your end.”

The girl gave a fearless and eerie smile.

In the strange atmosphere that could be felt from there, the man quivered and asked a question.

“W-who are you?!!”

“I’m not the kind of person who likes to spread my own name. I’m just a normal girl, who usually works in a maid cafe.”

While saying this, the girl swung down the knife.

――― However, the blade didn’t pierce the man’s face, but pierced the floor. To be exact, the gap on the floor near him.

In front of the scene, the man seemed to have reached the limit of patience, and showed white eyes.

“Oh my. He fainted. Well, should I leave him to others?”

As she said so, she put away the knife and looked at the clock.

“With this, I’ve finished this work. I’ve to go back and prepare for the summer event. I’m sure “master” will come. But recently, weird insects have attached themselves. To get rid of them, I’ve to be enthusiastic and do my best.”

Different from the previous one, the tone and facial expression were like a maiden in love.

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