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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 293

293. Knowledge of a butler

“Let’s see…”

The event at our school festival was decided to be a butler cafe.

And since I got heated up with that flow, I also had to do my best.

I was pretty embarrassed when I calmed down thinking about what I had just said, but I couldn’t put back what I had said.

So, when the homeroom was over, I went straight to the library and got a book.


It’s said that this book was written hundreds of years ago, but it seems to be a great book that has been published all the time even to the present day.

…Alright, let’s check the contents immediately.

I wonder, how did the old professional butler feel when doing his job here?

Opened the first page… There was only one line on that first page.

『Be patient. And the road will be opened.』

… I see, it’s a deep word. This may have some serious meaning…  perhaps similar to a saying in the previous world, something like “Perseverance prevails.”… I guess?

In other words, even if you feel pain, if you endure and do your best, you will succeed. Must be such teaching. Judging from this, I think that the work of a butler, must be very difficult.

Perhaps the author had a hard time? And he endured and became a first-class butler.

Now, now, I can’t help but have a little more respect for this person

I continued reading.

……Apparently, this book was written in a diary format, and as I read it, it was written in a way that made it easier for the reader to feel the author’s emotions.

Also apparently, the author had no intention of becoming a butler at first, but he borrowed money since he wasted it too much on extravagance and so decided to serve as a butler to stay alive.

In the first half, it was clear that he still couldn’t accept the situation.

『”I can not forgive! They should be thankful to me for spending their money! Then bow their heads to me! But, they want me to pay back the loan with the interest!? I can not forgive!”』

…… Yeah, he seems like a dangerous person no matter what I think. It’s really surprising that such a person has made a name for himself in history.

The author was thus put into a butler’s training school for debt. From this point on, the author’s arrogant attitude weakened, and his feelings leaked.

Apparently, there were other people who received butler education together with the author, but unlike the author, they were said to be of the butler’s family and had many conflicts with the author.

『”Why, why should I do this… why, why is this happening to me… It’s a woman’s thing to work…”』

I see… this sentence clearly indicates that even a person who may become a good person later will not be able to heal his core immediately.

I continued reading while thinking that the author would get better soon, but without that happening, he graduated from the school.

For the time being, it seemed that he had become able to do his job, albeit poorly, but it could be understood through the book that his core was still rotten.

『”That woman, I can’t forgive her. How dare she gave me an order…”』

It was the impression of the first day the author served someone as a butler.

Well… I’m looking forward to seeing how he will change.

I continued reading the book, which I enjoyed more than I expected. At first, I thought the contents would be something like a how-to or a guide to developing your personality to be a butler, so I was disappointed, but in a good way.

『”Today, I was ordered again and again. It’s humiliation. But, somehow I…”』

Oh, has the change of consciousness finally happened? I see… loyalty was born inside him while serving. Must be.

『”I was accused of being late at work today… it was quite…”』

『”I have overflowed the tea brewed specially for the head of the family. I was kicked in her ass……. But, Why…?”』

『”I was introduced to the young lady’s friend. When I bowed to a stranger, my heart… it got hot.”』


Isn’t the author going in a different direction than I’m thinking?

With such a question, I read further.

『”I’m gradually getting used to this work. Today, I received a compliment from my master.”』

Oh, a big development?

『”But, I’m not happy at all. I don’t need such kind eyes. Look at me like a livestock, look down on me more. Moreee…!”』


『”… But, I finally understand. Rather than being constantly abused, the cold eyes that are directed by occasional mistakes, are more exciting. I’ll do my job perfectly from tomorrow, and if I can’t stand it, I’ll just need to make a mistake…… Then, I’ll be… looked… with those frigid eyes… I’m looking forward to it.”』



I turned the pages, recognizing that the fun I had felt earlier… had disappeared.

Pushed myself to finish reading the book, and closed it.

Then, I muttered unconsciously.

“It’s not the butler’s knowledge, it’s the way to be an M…” [TN: Masochist]

…… Anyway, let’s recommend this to Fukushima tomorrow. Maybe it’ll be helpful for him.

I’ll also introduce it to Seimei’s Student Council President, Shirogane.

This is equality.

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4 thoughts on “Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 293”

  1. ……………………..This won’t end well…….for you, Kohaku. Having the student council president and a bothersome dude in your own classroom turned into M’s will result in an absolute bother, especially the bothersome dude since he is close to you.
    I can already see the butler fight between seimei and Kohaku’s school, a match that will induce several migraines to Kohaku regardless of the winner.

  2. This is pretty much the moment when you realize you’ve fallen into some pretty cursed stuff, but you also don’t want to be the only victim so you start to share it with your friends.

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