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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 292

292. Homeroom for school festival 2

It felt like the air in the classroom was tense because the bully had said something crazy.


Fukushima, who was swallowed by the air, swallowed his spit and sweated cold.

“What’s wrong, Fukushima-kun? Since you are trying to reach out to the existence with much history, you have the determination to fulfill the expectation, right?”

“Eh… umm…”

“Don’t say that you actually… don’t know anything about it, no way!? At least, you’re investigating the origin of the butler and the history, right?”

“H-history!? That… I…”

Shino-san was cornering Fukushima without moving or changing her expression.

Thanks to that, Fukushima looked at me with tearful eyes. He was asking for help. But unfortunately, Fukushima said it was his proposal, so I let it pass by.

…What? Don’t look over here.

“Hmmm? You didn’t look it up? At all? And you’re trying to do a butler cafe? Oh my, isn’t it strange? Maybe you’re underestimating what a butler is?”

Shino-san looked at Fukushima with wide-open eyes. Her brilliantly shining eyes seemed to look like someone who found tasty prey.

Fukushima-kun was trembling.

“Fukushima-kun? Say something. If you don’t say something, the talk won’t go on.”

“I-I’m sorry. I-I haven’t checked it …”

Shino-san sighed at Fukushima, even though he did his best to say an apology.

“… But as Shino-chan said, maybe we don’t have enough understanding about a butler.”

“Yes, you’re right… Certainly, there are only a few Kings in history who had butlers.”

“Wellー, most of the Kings had harems.”

“Isn’t it because a butler is a profession that requires a lot of skills? It seems like you can’t become one just because you want to.”

The girls in the class were also trying to join the conversation.

Well, I think it’s good to aim for a real butler. It’s good to have the spirit to do your best, but yeah, it’s impossible to get these crazy boys to be real butlers. I was thinking about getting rid of the etiquette and tea-making techniques, and just focusing on giving some sort of service to please the girls. I mean, as long as a man dresses as a butler, customers will come. But, Shino-san, is unexpectedly, a butler maniac, so I guess just that much won’t do…

While I was thinking such, Shino-san seemed to be also thinking about something while tapping the desk with her finger.

“Okay, I understand … Fukushima-kun.”

“Eh? W-what is it…”

“Have you ever been to this school library?”

“N-no? But…”

“Then go today and take a quick look at the history of the butler.”


“Make a report of what you have investigated by tomorrow and submit it to――”

“Shino, you can’t be such a bully.”


At the moment when Shino-san tried to say something terrifying, Yuzuka-san, who had come behind her with dead eyes, swung her arm around Shino-san’s neck with a smooth movement and tightened it tightly. And she quickly caught Shino-san’s consciousness, and brought it back to reality.

As for Fukushima and the boys who saw the scene were shocked. Of course, I was shocked too.

However, the girls didn’t seem to have the same reaction as the boys. On the contrary, they looked impressed. And Minori-san had a face saying she would do the same if her seat was near Shino-san’s.

Do girls in this class always think that they would be dead if they aren’t careful? Does this class always a part of hell? Since when…?

Yuzuka-san, who slowly lowered Shino-san’s face to the desk, smiled without letting her hands away.

“Ah, I think the butler’s cafe is a good idea. If the boy treats the customers well, it’ll be definitely a success!”


As Yuzuka-san recommended the proposal for a butler café, she made a very cute gesture.

Scary… how could her expression change so quickly!

But, the other girls didn’t seem to care about it at all and began to agree with the statement.

“That’s right, I think so too! I mean, I want to come as a customer and be treated well!”

“Yeah, me too!”

“Miu too! Miu too!”

“But, I have one concern.”

“What is it?”

A natural question flew to Yuzuka-san, who made another cute gesture by touching her index finger to the cheek.

“According to a source, it seems, Seimei High may also have a butler cafe.”

“Good, let’s go!”

“That’s right, we need to give a visit and check for a “research”.”

“Can I make a reservation now?”

“Well… I wonder how much should I pay to take the butler home?”

“You, you should go to the police with me after this.”

“Ah… no, no, I don’t mean to say that… I’m just kidding, hahaha”


Yuzuka-san cleared her throat so as to not let the talk go even further astray.

“If they really do, we’ll have fierce competition for customers. We may not be able to rank in the top ranks either.”

Everyone was convinced that the words must be true.

“Furthermore, I think that everyone in Seimei will probably do it properly. There is also a point that we’ll be compared to each other. If our is clearly inferior, we’ll just be a laughing stock.”

Yuzuka-san continued to say.

“One more, they have a brand called Seimei. They’re regarded as sacred since only boys go to that school. So, if those sacred beings do a butler café, it’ll be a big topic for sure.”

What Yuzuka-san said was correct. But her words tickled my pride.

There’s no choice…

I stood up quietly and told Yuzuka-san.


“It’s true that the other side has a long history and is well known. But I, am in this class… The winner of the King of Boys. Which is still, a hot topic right now. We’re not necessarily in a bad position.”

The girl in the classroom screamed.


And Yuzuka-san, who received my words, smiled and said,

“That’s right. That’s why, let’s definitely win!”


At that moment, the students in my class shout a battle cry all at once. It was a moment when the hearts of class 1-1’s students were united toward the school festival.

The only problem was that I was the one who proposed this idea to Seimei and also the boys in my class.

I hope no one would find out that I was the one who proposed the butler cafe to Seimei. I mean, I didn’t do anything wrong! I just tried to help my friend… yeah, it’s not my fault…

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