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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 94

94. It’s dangerous to do things in a strange tension

“―――So? Any excuse?”

Atsushi simply asked Kaede a question.

“Huh…? E-excuse…?”

“Hmm? You don’t understand the situation? Do you say that you can’t understand why you’re now sitting in a seiza position while being surrounded?”

Current situation… Four people were surrounding her.

And at the center, Kaede sat down with her shoulders narrowed as if a child being preached. No, it wasn’t “as if”. In fact, now she was receiving a ferocious sermon from four people.

Needless to say, there was a cause for it.

“Really, I was really impatient when I saw it from below. When I thought there was a girl hanging in the air, the next moment she fell.”

『”Yeah, that made my heart stop beating for a moment. No joke, my eyes turned white for a moment… but what’s even more surprising was that the girl stopped falling halfway.”』

Yuri’s words weren’t exaggerated. In fact, Atsushi’s mind was blown away when he saw the scene. Dropping a person from the roof, wasn’t funny for someone seeing it, even from far away.


Only, this time, it could be said that the girl was lucky because she didn’t fall to death.

“Well, so, how did you hang her in the air?”

“I did my best with both hands.”

“Oi, don’t be so proud about it. Again, it’s not that. I’m talking about why the fall stopped halfway.”

“Oh, that one. It’s a lifeline. I made it with sheets and curtains I collected from the hospital.”

“A lifeline… but I didn’t see anything at that time?”

“Because I made it transparent with my power. I fainted her once, and at that time I attached a lifeline in a transparent state. Thanks to that, she didn’t even notice that a lifeline was attached to her.”

Atsushi was holding his head against Kaede who said such a thing.

Certainly, if you were in a panicked state, you might have a hard time noticing something, and if the thing was transparent, the effect would be enormous. In such a state, there was no time to feel a sense of discomfort, even if something was tied to the legs.

However. Still, it could be said that it was a sloppy strategy.

“Really, how could you do such a dangerous thing.”

“D-dangerous…? Well, it may be true that it was dangerous, but I made a lifeline. Sure, it wasn’t absolutely safe, but I was careful enough to not let her die…”

“Seriously? Really? Are you really saying that?”

“…….Umm, honestly, I think I overdid it a little.”

Kaede’s counterargument was cut off in Atsushi’s words.

It’s too optimistic to say that I’m relieved because I made a lifeline. Certainly, as a result, it was successful and was able to give a tremendous effect.


“Well, I just heard about the situation. I have no intention of sympathizing with that woman. But… still, it’s a different story. What would you do if that woman fell and died? “

“Urhhh… I, don’t know…”

Kaede couldn’t argue against Atsushi’s words.

If the lifeline broke…  The result would be, something that Kaede might regret in the future.

“But, well, umm… I mean, the things that had accumulated in various ways inside of me exploded, and that made me feel weird… I couldn’t control it… Yeah, it was my fault.”

“Huff… anyway, where did that idea come from?”

“That’s, well… I got the idea from the movie I borrowed from Shirasawa the other day…”

“In other words, you are the real culprit huh?”

『”Fua!?? No, no, no, just renting a movie is not evil! Why am I treated as a villain!!?? I mean, I can’t look into the future!!”』

Only this time, Atsushi had no choice but to accept such a reason. Yuri had no intention of having Kaede do anything similar to something from her recommended movie. Normally, people just watched the movie and no one would try to do the same. So, Kaede’s case was a bit different.

Kaede’s tension led her in a strange direction so much that she acted without thinking much.

“Well, well. It’s passed already. And it seems, that girl won’t do something bad to you again, see there.”

Makoto pointed to Kana who was on the ground, wiping water falling off her eyes.

“But Kaede-chan. I’m still angry. Do you know why?”


Seeing Kaede’s attitude as if she didn’t know the reason, Makoto continued.

“I told you before, right? If you have a problem, say it properly. And rely on others. But you’ve come this far to solve it by yourself… alone. You’re a really troubling child. But… still… I’m glad you’re safe.”

Said so, Makoto hugged Kaede.

“And also, well, it’s not my place to say this but… you’ve done your best.”

He scolded what the child had done and was relieved to know that the child was safe.

The gestures and words were that of adults.

Therefore, Atsushi instinctively uttered,

“Really, your father is an adult.”

『”… No comment”』

Yuri sent such words to Atsushi.

It was just the reaction of a child whose parent got praised but couldn’t accept it obediently.


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