Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 69

69. No Rules

In front of the waterfall, where Layla and Shura had their fight, I put my hands on both knees while looking around in search of something.

When I looked into the water, I found a round object that reflected the moonlight.

Plunged my hand into the water and picked up the mysterious object.

――It was an iron ball.

Right, a large number of iron balls that were large enough to be wrapped with both hands were there.

The scooped iron balls became a green mist over time and turned into nothing.

“…Green Mana, did you make these iron balls with the Mana of Creation?”

Judging from the fact that Layla created a knife for battle, it won’t be strange that she’s good at creating other things too.

Set up the iron balls in the water with Green Mana while engaging in a close battle with Shura.

Layla leaded Shura to step on the iron ball and lost her balance, which must be what happened.

But, the scariest thing is that she could do that in that high-speed battle.

“W-what a scary woman …”

I got out of the water and walked towards Shura, who was crouching on the ground.

“Are you okay?”

Shura raised her face.



Biting her lower lip, Shura glanced at me.

Tears collected at the corners of the eyes. From the appearance of her desperately enduring tears, I felt that she would definitely cry if no one was around.

It must have been humiliating. She was completely defeated in the close combat that she was good at.

The weak expression that the normally bullish Shura showed, such a gap in her expression, somehow aroused the desire for protecting her. I was on the verge of hugging her and stroking her head, saying “It’s ok, don’t worry”, but I could imagine that things would get worse if I did that, so I held myself.

“…I’ll run for a while”


“I’ll be back!”

“W-well… be careful”

Shura ran away towards the darkness of the forest.

Is she okay? If she’s attacked by a monster―― yep, she’ll be okay.

There was a popping sound from the puddle behind.

“It was a great amount of Red Mana. I would be knocked out if I got even one direct hit.”

Layla walked beside me, squeezing her wet clothes.

The white clothes were transparent, and the skin color was faintly visible. The figure of her wiping the water droplets on her body with a handkerchief, was sexy. Naturally, my eyes were on her body.

Layla noticed my gaze as she squeezed her wet bangs with her right hand.

“Huff, you’re a man after all…”

Layla uttered as if she was amazed and looked down.

I forcibly blocked my eyes with my eyelids and scratched my cheeks, trying to get my reasons back.

“I’ll leave Shura, to you.”

“Yeah, I get it. I’ll apologize to Shura-chan. “

Layla followed Shura’s footsteps into the forest.

The sound of trampling the grass echoed behind.

When I turned around, Sonata stood with his hand on his waist.

“It’s sure nice being young. But, a duel huh… I haven’t done it for a while. I used to do a lot with friends from the same school.”

“Huh? Did you learn martial arts?”

“It’s not a martial art, it’s a school of magic. There is also a school of magic. And I belong to a magic school called, 《Yuubaku Style》. One of the Knight Elite Guards called Shinhwa is from the same school.” [TN: “Yuubaku”, roughly mean, Playful Bind]

A school of magic huh…

I wonder if Sealing Technique is also regarded as one.

“Huff…This is bad. It seems that the fighting spirit in me is ignited because I remembered the old days. “

Sonata’s eyes become sharper.

I was pressured by Sonata, who was supposed to be my companion, and took a step back.

“President. The night is still long. You must have felt something after seeing their fight, right? There was almost no fighting today, I think, I have a lot of physical strength to use, how is it?”

Sonata walked towards the waterfall.

“What do you want to say?”

Sonata Campbell answered my question with a smirk.

“Have one serious battle with me. Do you feel like it? Sealer, Seal Zetta-kun “


Green Mana rose from Sonata’s body.

The Mana that made the blue water surface looked green…

The fear inside me appealed to “Reject”.

However, my curiosity told me, “Go!”

“A duel, is it…”

Sonata looked at me with a relaxed expression.

He’s really annoying…

It was a face saying that you could never lose.

It was more like “Let’s see your strength”…  I was seen as below him.

Well… I don’t think I can beat a Knight Captain.

But, I’m sure my power is enough to surprise him.

Above all, the fight with this guy is sure, will be fun. I mean, he’s a Knight Captain. A great magician. He must have an interesting skill. I want to see it!

“――Alright, it’s going to be a good way to kill time.”

I took out the talisman with “祓” from my pocket, held it in my right hand, and proceeded to the waterfall. [TN: it’s the dagger]

“Can I take it as a YES?”

Like Layla and Shura, I and Sonata sunk our feet into the water with the waterfall in the background.

“What about the rules? 《Sub-Source Colors》 allowed?”


“What about sharp weapons?”

“Let’s go with Yes!”

“… What about killer magic?”

“Hmm, that’s right… let’s go with, YES!”

“OK, good. Bright it on!”

With a talisman between my right index and middle fingers, I readied myself.

“<Lutta> …… ‘OPEN’!”

“Good, Let’s staーrt!”

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