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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 291

291. Homeroom for school festival

After the exam, the tense classroom softened and returned to the same calm atmosphere as before. And today, using the homeroom, discussions about what to do for the school festival were about to begin. It seemed that the motivation of the boys hadn’t diminished since I talked with Fukushima and others before. I could feel their motivation for this discussion.

“Then today’s agenda is, about school festival events. So, the committee should come forward and proceed.”

Saying so, Sumita-sensei, the teacher in charge, stepped down to the back. The girl of the committee came out.

“Well, then I’d like to decide what our class will do first. If you have any opinion, raise your hand.”

As if waiting for that word, all the boys except me raised their hands immediately.

It’s great that everyone is motivated, but couldn’t you decide who will announce it beforehand?

The boys were staring at each other, almost like they wanted to say “I’m the leader!”. As a result, all the boys were in a situation where they were having a glaring contest. Thanks to that, the committee girl was confused.

“Ummm…. Seems like, all the boys are really motivated… Umm, then, Fukushima-kun.”


Some clicking tongue sounds could be heard.

Fukushima stood up with a smug laugh.

“Hah… I propose a butler cafe”

The classroom buzzed with Fukushima’s proposal.

“Butler’s cafe? Is it definitely a café where you dress as a butler and welcome customers?” 

“Yeh, that’s right. Let me correct you, the butler cafe I propose is not like those fake, but a real thing. The butler will be the boys here!”

Fukushima made an enormous appeal by spreading both hands. The classroom that was buzzing with the proposal became even more noisy.

“That means the boys of our class will treat others as a butler, right?”

“Yeah. This for sure, will gather a lot of people!”

“Maybe our class will be in the top ranking of the school festival …”

“Even if that’s not the case, there is no doubt about sales!”

Everyone’s reaction was good. Fukushima received a good feeling and laughed with satisfaction before continuing his words.

“It’s a great proposal, right!? Of course, it’s my idea after all! Hahaha…”

No, it’s not.

I turned my gaze at Fukushima, which pointed to himself with his thumb.

Well, that’s fine…

But, unlike me who thought so, other boys weren’t kind enough to forgive it.

“Wait a minute, Fukushima. The proposal may not have been yours.”

“That’s right, don’t be so shameless.”

“Really… can’t you be a little bit modest in your actions?”


The other boys were swearing at Fukushima one after another.

“Umm… so, whose ide――”

” ” ” “Me!” ” ” “


All the boys claimed that it was their suggestion. Thanks to that, the committee girl was in trouble.

“Anyway, it’s a butler’s café, right?”

When the committee girl asked again, there was an atmosphere in the class that said it was the best choice.

“Then, our class will do a but――”


And the moment it was about to be decided on a butler cafe, such a word rushed in.

“… Toukain-san? What is it?”

“Please wait a minute…”

Shino-san put her elbows on the desk and held her face with her hands. She had a serious eye, but overall, she looked so relaxed.

“Toukain!? What’s your problem! Do you have any complaint about this proposal of mine!?”

It seemed that Shino-san’s relaxed attitude was offensive to Fukushima.

Huff, this guy… can’t you stop saying that it’s your idea?

Shino-san looked cold at Fukushima.

What a rare sight. I had never thought such a sweet girl could make such a look to a boy.

“W-what is it…?”

Fukushima fluttered.

Shino-san then opened her mouth.

“I think the proposal itself is good. I think that sales can be expected, and I think that the slogan of a boy’s butler will have a great effect. If it goes well, I think that we can aim for the first place in the school festival ranking.”

“T-that’s right. If so, what’s the problem?”

“It’s just a story if everything goes well.”


“A male butler is a very unique existence from a historical point of view. Of course, if a boy, not a girl, is the butler, the expectations of customers will inevitably rise high.”

“Isn’t it, good news?”

The boy who didn’t understand what was wrong with Shino-san’s words asked.

“Sure… but what if it doesn’t meet expectations?”

“That is……”

“In that case, all the expectations up to that point will turn into disappointment. That’s when you’ll end up exposing a pitiful appearance at the upcoming school festival, which attracts a lot of attention. The word butler, has that much meaning. My house only hires maids and chefs, but we don’t hire a male butler because a wannabe butler will only lower my family status.”

… What to do huh, Fukushima… Shino-san is a real butler maniac…

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  1. LOL Shino is a butler fanatic! Now i know what kind of “play” she will ask MC to do if they end up together.

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