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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 93

93. A Not So Moderate Threat


『”Hmm, Atsushi-san? Are you okay?”』

Yuri sent such telepathy to Atsushi who was holding his hand on his mouth.

“Ah, yeah… I’m okay. But sure, Store Manager’s driving skill is amazing. It usually takes two hours, but we’ve reached in less than an hour.”

『”Well, that person is amazing when it comes to driving skills. That’s why he seems to have overtaken the police motorcycle many times.”』

“Seriously, he is amazing in a lot of sense…”

Atsushi had never thought of such an ability from Makoto, but anyway, such an unexpected ability allowed them to come this far faster than it should be.

A certain mountain. To be exact, the abandoned hospital there, was where they were heading.

However, Haruna opened her mouth while frowning.

“Sorry, but, what are you mumbling alone? Also, do you really think that Kaede is in such a place?”

Her words weren’t strange.

Atsushi had explained the things about supernatural power he had. But Like others, when he said to have psychic powers, no one easily believed it.

However, Atsushi still kept his words.

“Yeah, I’m sure about that. I’ve been using my nose to chase her scent. To be honest, I was a little worried because it was the first time for me to have such a wide range, but it’s okay now. I’m sure, she’s there.”

Words full of confidence.

Atsushi’s nose was only able to smell the scent within a one-kilometer radius.

But, recently, the range had been updated.

I can’t believe, I’m really able to reach her. At first, I was really worried, but human beings, really could do anything if they put enough fighting spirit and willpower huh… But, thanks to this, my nose is not feeling well now. It’s really itchy…

Atsushi hadn’t tried to improve his power until now. He thought it was meaningless to do that. After all, unlike Yuri and Kaede, Atsushi’s abilities had no meaning even if it was strengthened.

However, no, as a result of trying to find Kaede’s whereabouts using this power, it might have been possible to search in a wider range than ever before. It was just ridiculous.

Finally, they arrived at the abandoned hospital.


“Hm!? Look up!!”

Makoto said so, and everyone looked up.

There was a figure of Kana hanging from the roof.


“Please… forgive me already…”

With a weak voice, Kana, who was hanging mid-air, said so.

The expression on her face, was as if she was almost dying. There was just no vigor left in her. But, it wasn’t because her leg was grabbed and hanging from the roof of an abandoned hospital.

By the time she came to the rooftop, she already had a lot of “discipline” and suffered a lot of mental damage. There were no external scars on her, but the trauma instilled in her wouldn’t go away that easily.

Listening to Kana’s words, Kaede, who remained transparent, opened her mouth.

『”Then, promise me that you’ll never be involved with me again. Then I will not let go of this hand.”』

Currently, Kaede was still transparent. Therefore, from an objective point of view, Kana looked like she was floating in the air for some reason.

However, for Kana, the biggest fear was that she couldn’t see Kaede. She couldn’t see Kaede’s expression or the hand holding her leg.

What would happen if she didn’t comply? When would her leg get released? What kind of expression did Kaede have now? Not being able to confirm it doubled the fear.

“I understand! I understand!!! I will never be involved with you again!! I swear! Promise! So, please forgive me … !!”

So, Kana said that she would do everything Kaede told her to.

Negotiations, solicitations, discussions… These could only be done by looking at the other person’s facial expressions and gestures. If you couldn’t see the other person’s face, or even see them, only words wouldn’t be enough to know the real feelings.

But, Kaede’s figure couldn’t be seen. And still, Kana was made to understand, how scary, Kaede was.


“Really! I swear, really, I promise! So please forgive me…!!”


To be honest, at this time, Kaede almost believed in Kana’s words completely.

What would happen if you retaliated again? Kaede had carved it into Kana’s mind thoroughly. Therefore, although it cannot be said absolutely, it was highly unlikely that Kana would try to do any revenge after this.

Some might say it was too optimistic and forgiving. But at least, Kaede was convinced that Kana wouldn’t do anything anymore.

Therefore, there was only one thing to do.

『”…Well, I said that I wouldn’t let go of this hand…”』

“T-that’s right. So please, pull me back…”

Kana begging with tears.

But, the answer was.

『”That was a lie.”』

Kaede took her hand off Kana’s leg.



The screaming of a girl echoed in the depths of the mountains.

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