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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 290

290. End of Summer Holiday

When I was spending time helping the Student Council, the summer holiday was over in no time.

The first day after the summer vacation was half-day school, perhaps it was so everyone wouldn’t suddenly feel like the summer holiday had ended yet.

“Good morning”

I opened the classroom door. And what jumped into my eyes were the girls who were sticking to the desk and moving the pencils vigorously.

“I can’t lose, I can’t lose, I can’t lose…”

“I will never fall in class. I won’t give up…!”

“… I wish the scores of other than me is bellow mine. Just one person is fine!” 

Somehow, they were working hard in moving their pencils while muttering so.

But, hmm…? Do we have a test today?

I sat down so as not to disturb the girls who were studying desperately while tilting their heads.

“Hmph… Hatano, it’s been a long time.”

Soon after I got on my seat, Fukushima and other boys surrounded me.

Perhaps they enjoyed their summer vacation very much, they looked very energetic.

“Yo, good morning. All the girls are studying, but do we have a test later?”

“Not us”

“Yep, we are not. According to the information, only the girls will have a test. No one told anything to us since we won’t be involved, only the girls got told by the teacher.”

“I mean, the school only half a day today. It seems, the girls will do the test after that.”

“Seems to be an annual event, and it’ll affect the class changes.”

Answers were returned one after another. Surprisingly, the guys had information about this. Really, I was surprised.

A class change huh… sure this will increase the rate of students going to a good university, but for sure this school used this in a meticulous way. Probably because the school festival is coming up, they want the students to not slacking off.

“Ah, right. Hatano… I heard you stayed in the same place for a few days with the girls!”


“Really, I’m still amazed at your shameless behavior! Please don’t forget that we must live proudly as a man!”

“Huh….? live… proudly?”

…… Were the boys in my class always like this? Perhaps there’s something that these guys think of the girls interacting with Seimei’s boys?

In fact, it seems that the exchange meeting has been going on without a hitch. In the beginning, those boys in Seimei seemed to be wary of various things, but as they got used to it, they gradually began to act more considerate to the girls.

Perhaps this is a phenomenon peculiar to Seimei’s boys. Since the students there are all boys, they are accustomed to an environment where they didn’t get much attention. Even though they have high pride, their personality isn’t that bad……. Is it okay to say that most of them are naive? Well…

“Alright! It’s time for a school festival.”


“Once the summer vacation is over, preparations for the school festival will begin!”

“…That’s right.”

“Since the girls are busy! We should think about what to do on our own.”

“Well… that’s right.”

The boys were wondering if they could help with the preparation, but as expected it wasn’t that simple.

Perhaps… they want to help because it would be an event attracting a lot of attention? It must be so.

“Hmph, here’s our chance to remind those Seimei’s boys of our abilities.”

“Yeah… if we rank high, even a stupid guy will be able to recognize the difference in our abilities.”

“Kukuku… I’m looking forward to their dumbfounded face from now on …”

Well, seems the reason is even more stupid. All in their heads are their appearance, laughing loudly over Seimei’s boys.

It’s true that the school festival will announce the top rank, but at this school where many high-level students are enrolled, why are these guys so confident that they’ll be at the top?

I mean, if you look only at the abilities of the boys, Seimei’s boys are overwhelmingly superior. Are they really that blind to the surroundings?

But, well, since they’re showing such motivation. I won’t say anything that’ll discourage them.

Even I, don’t want to lose to anyone either, especially if I’ve decided to give my all.

Alright, let’s fan the fire.

“Hey, cute boy over there”

“C-cute boy? W-what;s wrong with you, Hatano…?”

“You see, I caught some juicy information. It seems that Seimei may do a butler’s cafe.”

President Shirogane told me that he would put the proposal I gave to him during the summer vacation on the agenda, and as a result, it was considered to be an effective event to be ranked high. Of course, it hadn’t been decided yet, but it seemed to be strongly considered.



“Good, it seems they want to have a fight with us huh. Alright, I’ll let you know which one is the better man.”

“I see… It’s going to be flooded with customers because the girls can have a great time with us.”

Fukushima and the other boys had begun discussions with the information I have given.

Really, where does their self-confidence come from?

…But, well, if our class decided to do the butler’s cafe, I’ll discipline your attitude toward customers.

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