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Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 68

68. Battle Between Two Women

The duel between Shura and Layla would be interesting. On one side, stood Layla could fight at all short, medium, and long distances. On the other side, stood Shura who only fought in close combat.

Without knowing the circumstances, I was excited.

Good grief, but fine, do it.

I wonder, which one is stronger?

…Wait, wait a moment, Seal Zetta. Being curious is fine, but this is bad for a new party, isn’t it? I have to stop them.

“What happened? Did you have a fight for a man?”

“It’s not a big deal, Seal-kun”

“This girl came into my blanket without permission! Even though I turned it down once!”


It seemed Layla once offered to sleep together, but Shura refused.

However, Layla invaded Shura’s blanket without permission while Shura was sleeping. When Shura woke up from the heat, Layla was in her view, and angry Shura asked Layla for a duel.

I looked down at Layla, she put her index fingers together saying, “I can’t help it…”

“Layla, you’re bad”

“I’m sorry… but let me make an excuse, okay? After Shura-chan fell asleep, she grabbed the hem of my clothes and muttered, “Mom …”, you know? In that situation, isn’t it impossible to resist hugging her?”

“…I see, seems there is a situation for it.”

“Of course not!”

If I was in the same situation as Layla, and the person sleeping beside me, muttered “Dad…” …I don’t know if I could suppress the paternal instinct.

“Isn’t it okay? Let them have a duel, if that’s what she wants! It’s briーght tonight.”

Sonata made a carefree remark.

“Also, it may be a good opportunity to know each other’s power.”

By saying such plausible good reason, I was convinced that a duel might be a better option.

Of the four, only one was reluctant to duel.

“Hmmー… If I win, I don’t think… something good will come out from it…”

Layla, who was nearby me, muttered in a low voice so that only I could hear it.

“… Sure, even if you win, Shura will just be in a bad mood.”

I also replied with a small voice.

“If I lose, I’ll do anything, even if it’s sleeping together!”

But, as expected, Shura had good ears. It seemed that our muttering was also heard by her.

Promised a great reward, Layla’s eyes were shining, she was now more enthusiastic than anyone else.

“What are the rules? Where should we do it?!”

Layla was really excited.

“I think near the waterfall is a good place. The moonlight reflects off the water surface and the visibility there is good.”

“As for the rule, what about ‘No sub-source colors. And, a prohibition of sharp weapon and killer techniques’ ?”

Wait, isn’t the rule proposed by Sonata a little more advantageous to Shura?

I mean, it basically, limits Layla from throwing knives and using Mana of Transference. She can only use ‘Ruten’. Well, I guess with her battle sense, she’ll somehow manage it? Will she accept it?

“Sure. Let’s go with that.”

“I have no complaints either!”

The rules were decided with the consent of the two.

“Shura, what do you demand from Layla if you win?”

“Eh? Well… I’ll think about it after I win!”

This girl, she asked for a duel on impulse huh…


Shura and Layla were facing each other at a distance in the front of the waterfall, which had the weakest stream among many waterfalls.

The depth of the water was just enough to sink the two ankles. It was shallow because it was quite far from the waterfall.

I and Sonata put ourselves in the shadow of a tree farther than them.

“President, which one do you think will win?”

“Well, I think 60% of chance that Layla will win.”


“She can’t use her throwing knife and also her Mana of Transference, but Layla has ‘Ruten’. Well, the risk is severely cut down if the attack isn’t close, but Shura has no choice but to have a close combat. If she countered by ‘Ruten’ at a good timing, Shura won’t be able to stand up.”

Sure, Shura trained her body. But Shura is a woman, and she is short and weight lightly. I had a hard time dealing with Laya’s ‘Ruten’, and if Shura get a direct hit, her small body won’t be able to handle it.

“I’ll vote for, Vice-President.”


“Bard’s intuition!”

“Huh? What’s that……”

Unlike us, the two girls were looking at the other person in front of them with serious expressions.

“After seeing you and Seal fighting, I’ve always wanted to fight you… don’t let me down.”

She really just wanted to fight Layla huh…

Actually, you’re not so angry, right?

“I’m sorry Shura-chan. I’m not good at holding back… I might overdo it.”

“You should worry about yourself…!”


Sonata came out of the tree shadow and clapped his hands.

“Win or lose is decided at my own discretion. Once I clap my hands again, the fight starts. Ready… “


As soon as Sonata clapped his hands, Shura kicked the surface of the water with her right foot.

――She was creating a gap.

The water kicked up by her created a wall between them.

Layla ran towards the waterfall in an attempt to dodge the water wall. Perhaps Layla’s movements with predicted, Shura ran in the same direction as Layla.

They were now close in distance.

Shura’s prepared her left fist.

Pulled her left fist and put it forward ――

“—’Ruten’ !!”

Blue Mana swirled around Layla’s whole body in an instant.

It was a perfect timing counter. If the left fist hit it, the Mana covering Shura’s fist would be released, and Shura’s attack would be broken down.

“I thought it would come…!”

Shura’s left fist punched the air.

It seemed she didn’t want to hit Layla in the first place. In other words, it was a feint.

Shura jumped and kicked toward Layla, whose swirl of Blue Mana had disappeared. Which meant, no defense.

However, the kick didn’t hit Layla either. Layla bowed down and avoided it.

Yeah, Layla could still fight

She could be said a versatile fighter who could fight in all ranges. Of course, close combat too.

However, I didn’t think she could avoid Shura’s serious pursuit attack.

” ――!”

As expected, Blue Mana swirled around Layla’s palm.

Yeah. This blow should be what Shura must be afraid of.

Again, as expected, Shura seemed as if she wanted to retreat far away.

In a way, Shura was slowly reducing Layla’s Mana.

Layla on the other hand, was rebuilding her posture.

What would happen next was easy to guess.

As expected, Shura sank her foot into the water and tried to take a back step, but――


What happened? I can’t see it well from here.

――Shura’s feet went wild.

Shura lost her balance as if she had stumbled upon something.

Her knees sank so much that she stopped moving, though not enough to make her fall.

――Still, the winner, had been decided.

The bottom of Layla’s right hand caught Shura’s chest.

“—’Rutensho’ !”

The impact of the spiral made an explosive sound.

Shura’s little body was blown away and her back was struck against a large tree outside the puddle.

Shura curled up on the spot after spitting gastric fluid out of her mouth.

“That’s it! It’s Layla’s win!”

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