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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 289

289. School Festival Preparation

These past few days, I had been coming to school to help the Student Council prepare for the school festival.

… Huff, why the student council has so many works? Sure, if you can do this much work, you will have a sense of responsibility and independence, as well as the ability to make decisions that you will need when you enter society.

Still, what are the teachers doing…? I mean, you can say, some of the work is what should be done by teachers, not students…

I couldn’t help but think about such a thing in front of a large amount of equipment used at the school festival last year.

…If this is this school’s way of doing things, it can’t be helped. No matter how much I don’t want to work, I’m the type of man who will do the job I accepted.

Well… it’s a paradise compared to the work at the company in my previous life.

The one on the shift before me disappeared without giving any instruction and I couldn’t find any documents to continue at all…


Yeah, I can’t compare that with this, this is way better… If you’re trying to drive me nuts, this isn’t enough.

I silently checked the equipment I could confirm on paper.

“I think there is a fair amount. Please take care of that sideー.”


“Then I’ll be on this side.”

Working with me was Ashiya-senpai, one of the Vice Presidents. She seemed accustomed to doing this kind of work.

“The Student Council really has a lot of work even though on summer vacation.”

“Well, our school festival is one of the highlights of school events.”

“Is it that big?”

“It’s that big. Our schools will rank what the students will put out in the festival. Of course, everyone will do their best to aim for the top.”

“Rank? Is it decided by sales?”

“Sales is also an indicator, but besides that, the quality of what you put out, the number of students active in it, and many more. Seems like the school always give the score in a way the students do not know.”

“I seeー. Is there anything good if you get the top rank?”

“Of course, there is”

Ashiya-senpai kept speaking without resting her hands.

“Because the top-ranked groups are those who can produce quality works, it would be advantageous to raise the confidential score to get a recommendation to the university. In addition, tickets for free food in the cafeteria will be distributed according to the ranking.”

“I see, I see……”

The cafeteria at this school has a wide range of food from cheap to high-class, it would be nice for the student with a strong appetite. Many girls in this world are quite a glutton, I’m sure they’ll do their best to get it.

“In additionー, the media will come, so there will be a chance for commercialization and debut as a businesswoman.”

“I see…”

It’s incomparable to the school festival in my previous life. The scale here is at the national level. Of course, everyone will work hard for this. Otherwise, you’ll just embarrass yourself if you made something bad. I mean, it’ll be on TV, right? The more wonderful other things there are, the more pitiful you will be.

“That’s why the Student Council who support this festival must also eliminate mistakes, so yeah, there will be more work for us.”

Right… If I’m not mistaken, the Student Council also prepares documents to be sent to government offices in order to obtain various permits.

“And this time it’s a joint with Seimei High, so we have to ask for a security company. If something happens to them…”

Ashiya-senpai shook her face as if she didn’t want to think about it.

“We have to do many preparations in order to proceed with the school festival without delay, so let’s do our best.”


I smiled back to Ashiya-senpai, who smiled at me.

As I had one question, I asked her.


“What is itー?”

“Not all the rankings will be announced, right?”

“Yeahー. Only the top ranks.”

I see… wouldn’t those Seimei boys get hurt if theirs aren’t at the top? They’re so prideful after all.

According to President Shirogane, the main events of their school festival so far are exhibitions. As expected, no matter how many boys hold that, it’ll be hard to get a high ranking.

Perhaps, almost impossible.

After all, the students at this school are not that sweet.

“Did the members of Seimei’s Student Council know this?”


Ashiya-senpai answered after putting her finger on her lips and thinking for a moment.

“Hmmー, we haven’t told that yet. The meetings haven’t gotten to such detailed things so far. Also, it hasn’t been decided whether those of Seimei’s will be included.”

“I see”

If you do not include them, they will also be angry… So troublesome.

Alright, let’s leak the information. I mean, they’ll know it eventually, nothing hurts with knowing earlier. Also, it seems that they are arguing about what kind of event to make, so it will be a good judgment material.

I guess, their high pride will react sensitively and ask to be included…

Well, those guys from Seimei are very cohesive, so if they aim for the first place, something good will be seen at the festival…

With that in mind, Butler Café will definitely gather a lot of sales, and attract a lot of customers, right? Yep, it was a wonderful proposal. As expected of me!!

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