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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 92

92. Only a muscular man with a green beret can hunt invisible thing

Kana didn’t expect this to happen.

“What… what is that… why… it turned out like this!!”

While saying such a thing, Kana was running around the abandoned hospital.

Kana especially gathered men who she thought could “get it done” and came here, with the expectation of settling this all for one. There were many people that she brought here. To be clear, Kaede, who came alone, shouldn’t have been a trouble.

In addition.

She planned to let go of Kaede once intentionally, but then asked the men to hunt her down, and then once they caught up, she would order the men to “do it”.

But, what a naive idea.

Maybe that was why she was in a situation where she was being cornered.


Someone at the back screamed. Probably one of the men who was done for. However, Kana kept moving forward without turning around.

“Damn, damn it, what’s that, I haven’t heard any of this! What the hell she did!! Right after she disappeared, suddenly the men were blown away as if they had been beaten by something…!! Aaaaahhh, someone, tell me what exactly happening!!”

The moment Kaede disappeared, everyone was confused. And the next moment, one of the men fell down on the spot as if he had been beaten by something.

It went on, one by one, and most of them fell to the ground in less than a minute.

“Really, what the hell is that…!! There was nothing like this in the prophecy of “that person”…!! In the first place, after I scattered the leaflets, left early, and called her, it should have gone in my favor, right!? “

Everything up to this point had gone by what had been foreseen by “that person.”. Once Kana scattered the leaflets in the school and guided Kaede to come to this place alone. And let the men, “do her”, everything would be solved. “That person” said so.

However, even though Kana had done step by step the prediction of “that person”.

The reality was completely different.

“What does this mean… is this also because of that woman…!?”

As far as Kana knew, the prophecy of “that person” was the real deal. That was why both Kana and her parents had been paying high prices. However, when Kaede was involved, all of them were overturned.

Really, for Kana, Kaede was like a misfortune Goddess, no, b*tch.

Kana finally arrived at the entrance to the abandoned hospital.

“Yes, for sure I’ll be okay soon…!!”

Light from the entrance.

Made Kana feel relieved for a moment.

But, at the same moment.

『”―――You think you’re saved now?”』

Kana could hear the voice.

At the same time, the entrance door, which had been left open, was vigorously closed.


When the door made a loud noise, Kana couldn’t help but make such a voice.

『”Did you think you could escape? Sorry, but I’m in a bad mood today, so don’t expect sweet things.”』

Kana looked around as she heard Kaede’s voice from somewhere.

“W-where are you…!!”

『”Right next to you.”』


When Kana heard the voice from her ear, she looked back vigorously.

But after all there was no one there. No, to be correct, it only looked like no one in Kana’s eyes.

“Where… where are you… show yourself!!”

『”Do you think, I’ll just say yes?”』

Kaede continued to say to Kana, who tried to not be shaken while being confronted with such a frank word.

『”You see. Recently, I borrowed various DVDs from my friends, and watched various movies. And, I was able to use one of them as a reference. Humans, when dealing with something incomprehensible and invisible, would most likely get confused. Well, in that movie, if you were not careful, you might be killed by a former green beret who was a muscular man. But in here, there’s no such a man. Which means, I can devote myself to hunting you down.”』

“Urgh… guys, where are you all…”

『”Of course, everyone is sleeping on the ground. Even with that many people, if you can’t see the target, you can’t do anything. On the other hand, you would be an easy target to hit.”』

The men gathered were those who had been training in their own way. However, they were still completely powerless before the surprise invisible attack. In fact, Kaede had beat everyone. That was the reason she could be here now.

『”What are you going to do now? Now that you realized, this situation, is already a checkmate?”』

“…You think, it’s okay for you to keep that attitude? If something happens to me, I don’t know what will happens to your important people, you know?”

Even in such a situation, Kana still threatened Kaede.

No, perhaps, because of this situation, she did so.

To protect herself, she thought that she must bet Kaede’s important things as cards to play.


『”…I see. As expected, you choose this. I was going to forgive you if you apologized and said you wouldn’t do it again, but… you still saying that.”』

Right after those words were spoken, Kana was kicked from behind and hit her face on the ground. Her leg was then grabbed, and just like that she was dragged by Kaede, who was still invisible.


『”Then, it’s easy… I’ll do my best to “discipline” you, so that you don’t dare to touch my important family and friends.”』

“No, Nooooo, let me go! What… what are you going to do!?”

『”Didn’t you hear what I just said? I’ll, “discipline” you so that you won’t do stupid things again. Fortunately, this is an abandoned hospital. I’ve plenty of tools to have fun with. Well, don’t worry. you won’t die――― perhaps.”』

Kana couldn’t see Kaede’s face.

However, whether she liked it or not, she was forced to understand one thing.

That Kaede now must have an eerie and fearless smile on her face.


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