Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 288

Most of this ch is from Shinichi Hibiya POV (3rd Person)

288. A short break time

“Shirogane, What happened? You’ve been touching your smartphone since a while ago… something urgent?”

“Ah, no, it’s nothing. I just got a call from a friend.”


“Yeah, but don’t worry because it’s not an urgent matter.”

“I see.”

The members of the Seimei High’s Student Council, were relaxing at an affordable cafe to take a break after finishing the meeting for the joint cultural festival with Kenran High School.

They became the attention, and even if it was uncomfortable, they couldn’t help but just ignore it.

After all, Seimei High was filled with exactly what many people would regard as the elite boys as only a handful of boys could enroll. Of course, from the perspective of women in this world, it would be unavoidable for their eyes to swim around them. The boys used to be frustrated by this kind of gaze, but now that they knew there were more frustrating things in the world, they could now treat these unscrupulous gazes like a breeze, even Shinichi.

Shinichi’s cousin said, “Young lord, lately you’ve become kinderー” but he gave her a flick on her forehead, saying that he was always kind.

“Hmm… It’s worth considering…”

The Student Council President, Shirogane, was looking at his smartphone for a while, then he muttered so, before putting it in his pocket.

“So, President, what should we do?”

“What is it? I mean Kanda, please make the question clear.”

“President, you know what I mean!? It’s about the cultural festival! Cultural festival! If we let the traditional Seimei High’s cultural festival go this route, it will be destroyed!”

Kanda said so passionately, but Shirogane didn’t care about it at all. After taking a sip of coffee slowly, he responded to Kanda’s words as if to remind him.

“It won’t be destroyed. The things our school will put out at the festival are still, mainly exhibition.”

“It takes time to make it! On top of that, if you understand the scope of what those people of Kenran would do, the burden on the students will be too great.”

“No, that’s okay. Unfortunately, the Seimei’s school festival has become too barren like a ghost town, lifeless and nothing exciting. And that cultural festival exhibition that hasn’t changed for the last decade or so, finally gets the chance to change.”

Shirogane was right. The word tradition might sound good, but it also meant that nothing had changed after all. The cultural festival of Seime High was remarkable, with the same theme, “History of Seimei High School” for the first year, “Introduction of the achievements of graduates” for the second year, and “Prospects after graduation” for the third year. A repetition of that, every time.

…I see, I’ve never cared so much about it before, but now that I think about it, there is no progress in our school. Sure, it’s important to keep the tradition, but if we keep doing this, our school will just be stagnant.

“In fact, we have a long preparation period for the school festival, but most of the classes are ready before using all of them. That leaves a lot of time for deadlines…”


“And the scale of Kenran High’s school festival is indeed extraordinary. Participating in it will give us a lot of experience, and that experience should be useful to us. For the future of Seimei. So, I want you to be more open-minded.”

Shirogane said so and put his hand on Kanda’s shoulder and smiled.


“Kanda, as an assistant, can you help me?”

“I-I’ll help… Isn’t it natural? I’m your assistant…”

Kanda said so in a small voice after turning his face away from Shirogane. He didn’t look like someone who had just strongly opposed it.

Shinichi couldn’t help but be impressed with Shirogane’s mind-grasping technique.

After all, this man is amazing.

With the persuasion of Shirogane, Kanda had a calm look as if he had been possessed, and now he was talking with another first-year, Tamachi.

Hibiya looked at Shirogane, and saw Shirogane was touching his smartphone once again, perhaps to give his response, but it ended immediately.

“It looks like you’re convinced of something.”

“Yeah, he is a straightforward guy. I believed that if we talk, he’ll understand.”

There was a warm smile on Shirogane’s face.

“… Shirogane”

“What is it?”

“I’m sorry…”

“Why so sudden?”

Hibiya apologized for being late. However, it seemed that Shirogane had no idea what he apologized for.

“For losing the King of Boys… I couldn’t afford to lose as a representative of Seimei High… But as you know, I was defeated. I’ve tainted Seimei’s name.”

“… Hmmm”

“To be honest, it’s a big blunder of me.”

“Hibiya, you’re misunderstanding something.”


“You have done more than enough in a tournament of that size. You should be praised, not rebuked. It’s a pity that you didn’t get number one, but at that point, it already has nothing to do with Seimei’s value. The important thing is that you had try your best to reach the top. Even so, if you still can’t get the top… “


“It just means that the other person was amazing. You should have revenge, the next time you have the chance.”

The words made Shinichi feel lighter. He was going to take responsibility for the defeat, but instead, got told that the result of doing his best wasn’t vain. He was a little happy to be recognized.

“I see……”

“Yeah, don’t worry too much…”

Hibiya and Shinichi laughed and drank coffee.

… But, what would have happened if Shirogane was in that battle instead of me?

Shinichi asked Shirogane because of that interest.

“Shirogane, what would you do in that fight if you were me?”

“Well, first, you and I have different perceptions of Hatano-kun… Hibiya, you thought that he was the biggest obstacle, right?”

Hibiya nodded obediently to the words. Certainly, there were other people to watch out for, but he thought Kohaku was the most dangerous one.

“So, if I were you who was trying to get rid of him first. First, I would figure out the positions of all the participants, and then team up with at least two groups. Then, with them, I would rush into Hatano-kun’s territory. Even if his companions were great, he would just run out of hands. And it should result in his defeat.”


“No matter how great a person he is, if you defeat him before he can do anything, it’ll give you a better chance for you to win the rest. Except for the biggest obstacles, it thought it should be an easy match for you.”

“… Kukuku”

“What’s wrong?”

“No, nothing”

Shinichi just thought that Shirogane was indeed amazing. He didn’t even think of joining hands with other teams in that battle after all.

It seems, I still have a long way to go.


The sound of the smartphone sounds.

When I picked it up, there was a message from President Shirogane.

『”I’m worried that the first year is too easy, and will be deceived by a bad woman (; ‘Д`)”』

I thought a little and replied,

『”Well, that would be a good experience for them, right?”』

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