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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 287

287. Suggestion

Unlike the previous meeting I joined, this time it went very smoothly and ended calmly. Thanks to that, I was able to come home early.

Today, it was hot outside, but now that the air conditioner had done its job, I was relaxing in the living room, watching TV with Maria.

On TV, it was a news program that was usually broadcasted from noon to evening. Right now, popular shops were introduced. Food that seemed to be delicious was certainly reflected on the screen.

I didn’t know if all of it could be imitated, but I was watching while thinking that some of these might be put out at our school festival.

When such a gourmet program was over and it changed to the next one.

『Hot! Butler cafe!』

That was written in the title that appeared.

I twisted my neck while eating the ice cream that Maria gave me.

“A butler cafe?”

“Kohaku-sama didn’t know about it? About five years ago, it became a hot topic and since then, often featured on TV.”

“I see. Well, it must be popular… Although, it seems difficult to get workers.”

Being a butler, the concept must be like a maid in my previous world, which to serve customers. No man in here with a big enough heart to allow such a thing.

Basically, a butler in this world could be said as a phantom existence.

The royal family in history had only been confirmed to have butlers when they had so much authority. As of now, it probably had become an extinct profession. According to the books I read, their appearance was the same as those in my previous life, they weren’t wearing the now standard skirt but trousers.

Even in the Toukain and Seikagu Household, I hadn’t confirmed a butler to exist, so I didn’t know how rare they must be if they existed in this world.

…Oh, right, in my previous life, the real butler and maid, are considered professional professions where you have to attend a specialized school overseas.

Well, I don’t think it matters here.

Either way, the concept of trying to get a man to work in this world would be the path of penance.

“It seems that it’s easy to get employees.”

“Lie! Is there a man out there with such a working spirit?!”

That’s unbelievable! Maybe, the hourly wage is so high?!!

“No, they’re not men.”


“The employees are women”

“…..What about men?”

“Such a fantastic place exists?”

I see… In other words, is it a butler cosplay coffee shop? Well, if they can do it well, I guess the customers will be happy regardless of whether the butler is a man or a woman?

“It became a hot topic, so it must be that popular, right?”

“That’s… right. After being covered on TV, it usually became popular.”

“I see…”

“But, only for a while. it’ll become less popular after that.”

Maria looked at the TV while saying so.

“Did the food taste bad? Or was it a rip-off?”

“The food? If I must say, it’s one of many places where you can find delicious food. The prices are like a normal restaurant, it’s reasonable.”

“Hmm… But if you add the butler as the plus point, it should be still popular for quite a while right…”

While licking the ice cream, I asked such a question.

I mean, being swayed by a man, even though in reality a woman, it’s still a good place to relax while also getting such a service, right?



“The feeling of emptiness is… amazing …”

Somehow, the usually expressionless Maria, had a bitter face.

“Because of the pain of reality, girls are going there to be healed, being swayed by a gentle butler.”


“But the butler is of the same sex. When you’re hit by that fact, you’ll suddenly feel cold as if you have a hole in your heart … Frankly, it would only make girls want to die.”

Maria looked sad.

I couldn’t say anything and somehow had a cold sweat.


“Hmm? Does that mean it will be popular if a real man does it?”

“Of course. I think it’ll be popular. There are reports saying that even just placing a man at the reception desk of a company, the impression improved. Isn’t it even more so if he’s a butler?”

“By the way, how about a butler with a slightly arrogant attitude?”

“I think they’re charming in their own way.”

“… What about the one looks frail?”

“I want to keep an eye on him and make sure nothing bad happens.”

“………… What about a gentle butler?”

“The best”

…… In other words, it’ll be fine as long as it’s a man?

I summarized the story I heard from Maria, and after thinking a little, I picked up my smartphone and sent a message to a certain person.

『Do you have time now?』

After a while, I got a reply.

『Hey, hey, thank you for today (o^-‘)b!! I’m free now. What happened? I also accept consultations such as having a problem with your stomach!』

A really frank reply.

I can’t believe that person will reply like this…

With that in mind, I gave a suggestion.


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