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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 286

286. Meeting again

Well, President Shirogane is a good person. Is there anyone in the same age group who has such common sense other than him?

This is why, even though he’s a hard-working person, his stomach has a lot of problems.

Because, the more common sense you have here, especially when the people in the surroundings are like them, of course, you’ll have a hard time. Good luck.

As for Kanda-kun, even though he has been quiet at the first meeting, he is now much noisier than before, well, I know the reason but, more than him, it’s really fortunate that Vice President Hibiya is calmer than before.

Perhaps, Vice President Hibiya finally got salvation, and the relationship fostered with me by having fun together in the King of Boys, made him realize the meaning of friendship? If that’s the case, perhaps it wasn’t a bad thing to appear on that show. I wonder what that muscle idiot and the king wannabe doing. I’m a little worried.

Anyway, I guided the members of Seimei’s Student Council.

And, the meeting to prepare for the school festival started.

A cultural festival in a joint with Seimei High School. No matter how carefully it was prepared, it would never be enough.

According to the story, the Seimei school festivals were inviting only the student’s families, and it seemed that the events were mostly exhibitions of some arts and showing results of the research by the students. It was a very proper student-like school festival, but I couldn’t feel it interesting at all.

…Really, do you all find it interesting?

” ―― Well, Seimei’s school festival is always something like this. Now, I would like to know what your school has done so far.”

“Thank you very much. Then, let me tell you about what our school festival looks like. As far as I heard from President Shirogane, it’s very different from ours, so I want us to decide the next step after I’m done telling ours.”

President Shirogane, who has finished the explanation, made a serious face. In response, President Sanada began talking.

Both of them were excellent, so the meeting went smoothly without going sideways. What a very meaningful time.

“One characteristic of Kenran’s school festival is its size. Not only the number of current students and the big area to use, but also the number of events.”

“Certainly… honestly, it’s a little ridiculous to compare the scale to our school. So What exactly are the events?”

Vice President Hibiya frankly asked so. His doubts were justified. I didn’t know what kind of things would be offered at the school festival, even though I was in Kenran high school since I was still in the first year.

…Well, in a typical high school… a coffee shop, a simple haunted house, a resting place, and something similar, I guess?

“Hmm. In terms of food and drink, coffee shops, Western food, Chinese food, Japanese food. In addition, there are also various food stalls. Also, there are donut shops, Japanese-style sweets shops, and bakeries. Ah, not to forget, there is some rare delicacy too. There are still more, but these stores are regular and joined every year.”

Too many! Don’t you think the students at our school have too much vitality!? See, those students from Seimei have a cramped face just by listening to it. Oi, Are you guys, okay?

“I-is that so. There are so many…”

“Yeah… what exactly is this rare delicacy?”

“Please be assured. It uses ingredients that can be eaten… Well, for example, Karasumi and sea cucumber.” [TN: Karasumi, is salted dried mullet roe]

“Huff… it’s pretty common, isn’t it?”

Tamachi-kun, our school is an ordinary high school. Do you think there’ll be poison in the food?

“Yes, most stores are common.”


“The troublesome thing is those who wrote those illogical ingredients for the dishes they will put out when they submitted the document to join the festival.”


“Their idea is that their taste is absolute. Speaking of delicacies, they think that any ingredient can be used.”

Somehow, President Sanada looked like she had bitten a bitter worm …


“It’s annoying that those stores put out a dish that can be eaten normally!”

“W-what kind of ingredients they used…?”

Tamachi-kun asked terrifyingly.

“For examples, snakes, scorpions, and insects.”



“Other than that, insect eggs and hornworms.”

“T-that’s really something… but will people enter such a store?”

“Yes, they have a certain number of visitors, perhaps those visitors have seen something scarier. Moreover, those stores cooked those ingredients with great care, and somehow made it look so tasty.”

“I-I often hear about insect food these days…”

“That’s right… It’s as President Shirogane says.”



President Sanada tapped the desk.

“You don’t have to put out anything like that at the school festival! As the host, we have to eat those before giving permission, you know!”


“Ugh! I’m sorry for getting too passionate…”

Being a Student Council President is really hard, huh. I definitely don’t want to do it.

“Let’s return to the story. Besides these restaurants, there are drama plays, animations and movie screenings. There is a class that has created a maze. It has a reputation as being a masterpiece. The baseball club has a strike-out and home run competition. The soccer club has a PK showdown every year.”

“Hmm… It’s very different. It seems that it will take some time to get the best for both sides.”

Vice President Hibiya said so when he heard the story. And after thinking a little and he then spoke again.

“But when it comes to which one should be the base of the festival… it will be Kenran high school.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

President Shirogane nodded to agree with Vice President Hibiya. The members of Kenran’s Student Council looked surprised to hear this. In fact, the issue could last long. Like how much should one side compromises, and many more.

It wasn’t a really big obstacle, and it wasn’t surprising that such remarks were made. But of course, some people weren’t convinced of it.

“What! Are you saying that we are going to change the cultural festival of the historical Seimei High School!? It would be a good idea for them to suit our event!”

President Shirogane calmly spoke to Kanda-kun, who stood up and spoke frustratingly.

“Of course, it’s okay to have a class that wants to exhibit some arts, but if we want to do it together, we have to make it more open than before, and I think, that’s what the school wants. And this is also the reason why they organized such a joint event.”

“In addition, the students have always said that they would like to try various things, not just the old-fashioned exhibition. This is a good opportunity. Because now, they’ll have more freedom since we’re going to do it with another high school that is doing various things. Also, it’s a good opportunity to learn from them. “

…Strange, I feel that Vice President Hibiya has grown too much as a human being. Is he a fake? A double?


Kanda, who was persuaded by the combination of the President and the Vice President, made such a defeated noise and sat down again.

In this way, the meeting went smoothly.


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