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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 91

91. When the stock of patience has run out

First of all, Hiiragi’s words were a little wrong.

Kaede went home.

But, after returning home, she left again while her parents were away. And the reason wasn’t very favorable.

“Honestly, when I was called, I thought it was Toru… Never thought it was you who called me――― Kana Inoue.”

An abandoned hospital on the outskirts of the city.

Kaede was called to come there.

By one of the people, she didn’t want to meet.

A girl with long, slightly reddish hair… Kana Inoue.

“Well, aren’t you late”

“I’m not that late. Don’t complain too much. It’s just a few minutes. I mean, I’ve my own circumstances. In addition, the threatened person came this far without complaining.”

While saying so, Kaede took out the paper from her pocket. It said,

[Come to an abandoned hospital by yourself. If you don’t come, I’ll harm the people around you. And if you contact the police, the same thing will happen.]

“As usual, you still have a foul mouth. As a girl, you should be more careful with your words.”

“Mind your own business.”

Kaede dismissed Kana’s words and asked a question.

“So? What on earth do you want from me?”

“What do I want? Unbelievable. How can you be so clueless? Even after being in the way between me and him.”

With that word, Kaede understood.

That Kana, also had the same thoughts as Toru.

“I, in the way?”

“Of course. Otherwise, it’s weird. My life was smooth sailing until I got involved with you. And it should have been that way even now. So, please tell me――― You, who are you? How could you overturn the prediction of “that person”? “

” “That person” ?”

Kaede instinctively asked as a strange word was suddenly mentioned.

However, Kana continued as if Kaede knew all of it.

“My family was reborn with the prediction of “that person”. In just one year, my dad’s company grew rapidly, I was able to live an elegant life, and I became a lover of Toru-kun… But, the result, where your house supposed to be crushed, how? How can you overturn the prediction.”

“Wait a minute. What are you talking about?”

A lot of words that Kaede didn’t understand.

Kaede was confused, but Kana was somehow frustrated.

“Are you playing dumb? What? You wanna say, you don’t have any idea about it? That can’t be true. “That person” said that the prediction might be wrong. But this time it’s too far away. For sure, someone must be in the way. And I thought. It was also the reason why my life went wrong. The cause of it… it was when I was involved with you.”

Certainly, that might be the case.

Regardless of the factors, it was at that time that Kana’s company went down and she lost her engagement. From that point of view, it could be said that her life began to fall because she was involved with Kaede.

However, Kaede thought that such a thing was just a baseless excuse, but for Kana, such a word wouldn’t go into her ears.

“Well, that’s okay. In any case, I’ll make you want to talk immediately even if you don’t like it.”

Said so and snapped the fingers.

Then, several men came in from the entrance of the hospital room.

“Surprised? They are some people I met not long ago. I asked them to cooperate in filming your “unladylike figure” and they all gladly agreed.”

Kaede looked at the men around him. It could be inferred that all of them weren’t good people, and that must mean, that what they were thinking wasn’t good either.

In other words, Kana intended to record the unladylike figure of Kaede and threaten her through it, for her revenge. That must be what Kaede was trying to do.

“I’m looking forward to it. What kind of voice do you make when you cry? I wonder if it’ll be sweet.”

Kana had a vulgar smile while saying that.

In reality, there were many people that came in. No matter how, Kaede was in a corner.

But, what came out of Kaede’s mouth was,

” ―――Is that, all you want to say?”

Kaede didn’t seem to be frightened at all, and instead, uttered such words in a somewhat amazed tone.

“……Are you really stupid?”

“Huff… I thought you would do something strange when I got the call, but I never thought it would be this. You, you really are more stupid than I expected.”


Kana had an angry expression on her face.

However, Kaede continued her words.

“Did you think that I, would come here, without thinking about anything? Did I look that stupid?”

“… D-did you call the police?”

“No. I haven’t told the police, I mean, if I did that, it wouldn’t relieve my anger, wouldn’t it?”


Kaede came all the way to this place alone, not because she felt threatened.

To get rid of this with her own hands. That was her plan.

“You see. I’ve been able to spend a lot of fulfilling days lately. I’ve made friends, started a part-time job, and I’ve been able to be so enthusiastic about what I like… I’m starting to have a good time. And now, you’re trying to ruin it again…? To be clear, my bag of patience has run out.”


“So, yeah, prepare yourself――― since I’ll beat all of you.”

The moment that words were said.

Kaede’s appearance disappeared in an instant.


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  1. I do like that the girls actively help or take steps to solve issues on their own instead of simply being helped all the time.

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