Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 66

66. 4 (+1) Party

Fedora and tattered coat.

Sonata Campbell, who looked the same as usual, stood there.

“C-Captain Sonata Campbell!?”

Layla looked at Sonata with a respectful color in her eyes, saying “I can’t believe it…”.

Well, Layla wanted to be a Knight, so of course, she knew Sonata.

“Ah, you’re… Layla-chan! I’ve heard of your success at the Magic Academy. Even though you haven’t joined the army yet, there was a battle over you in the upper ranks of the Knights.”

“It’s the person who isn’t good at singing.”

“Ash-chan, please refrain from remembering that…”

Sonata picked up the bag and pointed his toes towards the valley.

“Are you also going to the valley?”

“Yep… Hey, President, are you not interested…”

Sonata held the hat in his hand and turned his eyes toward us.

“…in Barha Zetta’s last partner――Adolphos Eater-kun “


Adolphos Eater.

As expected, he was the last partner of the old man.

―― 『”That’s right… I think it’s the last partner I teamed up with and adventured with.”』

When I asked who was the strongest magician the old man had ever met, he replied so.

The Strongest Magician, is it―― There is no reason not to be interested.

“I’m going to see him now.”

According to Sonata, Adolphos Eater should be in a tower in the center of the valley, <Volketurm>. It seemed that he lived on the top floor. In other words, the hermit that Layla mentioned before, must be Adolphos.

“Want to follow me?”


Somehow, I felt like Sonata knew this.

This guy…. was he actually ambushing me? He’ll try to guide me and at the same time add me to the new unit, right?

… well, I can’t help but be suspicious. Just in case, I should be alert at all times.

“I’m going to take a majority vote now. Raise your hand if you want to see him~”

I and Layla raised hands, and Ash… did not.

“I’m interested. He’s the person who traveled with Grandpa after all.”

“I’m not interested. Such a tall tower, must be tiring to climb…”

<Volketurm>… a tower high enough to penetrate the clouds.

Certainly, it’ll be tiring to climb. Ash… I mean, Ash and Shura. They don’t really care enough about Aldophos to bother to climb.

“Adolphos traveled around the world with Barha. The amount of knowledge he has should be considerable. Maybe he knows some hints to break the curse? “

Ash raised her hand immediately.

“Looks like, it’s decided. Then, let’s go back to the valley! “

“I ended up acting with you as if it’s a matter of course…”

“Hmm? What is it, President? Why’re you a little sullen? Oh! Maybe…… Surrounded by beautiful girls, a harem adventure trip!… Did I ruin your dream?”

Sonata put his arm around my shoulders and whispered so.

“T-that’s… not true.”

“Isn’t it convincing to say it while your eyes swimming around, you know?”

“Actually, there are too many people of the opposite sex. So, to be honest, I’m relieved that you joined the party. “

“Is that so? That’s good. Let’s get along well.”

“Ah, if you want to leave, say it first.”

“…Ahaha, am I smell so suspicious?”

Ashura sisters. 



And then, I.

4 people (+1 person), with such a party, we went into the valley.

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