Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 285

This ch is from Subaru Shirogane POV (3rd Person)

285. At the school gate

Kohaku Hatano welcomed the member of Seimei’s Student Council with a smile.

A glittering smile.

It was so bright. It was like welcoming a close friend for the first time in a while.

Subaru couldn’t feel any negative feelings on Kohaku Hatano’s face.

On the other hand, Hibiya looked tired, Kanda showed anger, and Tamachi showed suspicious behavior.

“Even in this hot weather, everyone came to visit us. Thank you. We are preparing a cold drink in the Student Council room, so please follow me.”

“Oh, thank you. It must have been hard for Hatano-kun to be outside waiting for us in this hot weather.”

“Thank you very much for your concern, Seimei’s Student Council President, but don’t worry, it’s my job to guide you all smoothly.”

…… Isn’t he, a good boy?

Subaru felt so when he saw Kohaku Hatano who answered with a smile.

Looking back, I haven’t had many interactions with Hatano… I’ve heard people say something really bad, but I don’t know who they are unless I actually get involved.

Subaru hadn’t talked that much with Kohaku Hatano, so he couldn’t give an appropriate rating, but as of now, he didn’t have a bad impression of him.

“Hatano! I won’t be fooled!”


Oh right, Kanda got involved with Hatano. Was there any fake element in the story?

Hatano looks troubled as if he doesn’t know what he did wrong. Really, what happened to you, Kanda? I want you to return to the former calm Kanda.

“Kanda, don’t be rude. What the hell did he do to you, to be so angry like that?”

“President! Don’t believe this guy’s story. If there are ten stories coming out of his mouth, those ten are all lies!”

Are you dumb!? If there is such a lie, I’ll know it every time! I mean, it’s all 100% a lie! At least 10% must be a truth!


“W-what is it?”

Kanda still spoke to Kohaku Hatano in the same tone and momentum. And Kohaku Hatano looked troubled. 

I’m sorry for what the boy from my school did.

But, urgh… I’d like to take a rest in a cool room as soon as possible.

“You’ve dug your own grave”


“You’re preparing a drink… right?”

“Ah, em, yeah…? So…?”

I wonder what got caught by Kanda?

The expression on Kanda’s face was full of self-confidence, and even a faint smile was there. 

He looks pretty confident this time. As the Student Council President of Seimei High, I can’t overlook this! 

Thinking so, Subaru listened to every word and every word.

“You can’t do that kind of thing! Sure, it’s hot today. You’ll want a cold drink in this weather. That’s why, you’re ahead of our thoughts and working on that drink!”


“Maybe, it’s a laxative… you’ll then laugh at us, taking pictures, and threatening us while seeing us suffer?”

“No… that’s not…”

“Too bad. This much won’t work on me.”

False accusation! It’s clearly, a false accusation!! I’ve regretted hearing it seriously. I mean, what are you doing, Kanda! That can’t be true! We’re also part of the school event. If the students from our school have such a problem, it’ll be a big problem. Also, if that’s true, the girls’ reputations will go bad.

If you think about it for a moment, you’ll understand, really, I want you to be a little calm.

Even so, taking pictures while ridiculing and threatening, it’s just too much! Too cruel!

Kanda had smug face, but Kohaku Hatano, who had been accused, looked so in trouble because he didn’t know what to do, and Hibiya wasn’t even trying to hide his dismayed face. As for the other members… some of them, their face was saying, “No way, we’ll be poisoned?!”…


Urgh… my stomach…


“President! I’ve already spotted his tricks. You can rest assured!”

“Apologize to Hatano-kun”


Kanda looked as if he was betrayed, but Subaru wanted him to apologize for damaging his stomach.

“He… the members of Kenran’s Student Council who are always so kind to us, giving us a guide every time, won’t put such a thing in the drinks. Apologize for what you said. “


“Even if he doesn’t like us, even if he’s really like what you said, I can’t believe he is a short-tempered person who will do what you said in a place where so many people get together.”

“…That’s right, even if Hatano is a person with a character like rotten sewage, but there is no way he would do that.”

Hibiya! Why do you suddenly come in and have a passionate hate to Hatano too!

See, he has a troubled face.

However, Kanda apologized to Kohaku Hatano, perhaps because Hibiya’s words echoed in Kanda.

“I-I’m sorry…”

“I’m sorry, Hatano-kun. Kanda said rude things. It’s my responsibility for Kanda’s behavior. I’m truly sorry.”

That said, Subaru bowed his head.

“No worries, I accept the apology. Please don’t worry anymore…”

Kohaku Hatano said so and smiled.

Subaru thought it couldn’t be helped if he was yelled at, but instead…

“Also, I know that President Subaru is a hard-working person. It must be hard to be their leader. Are your stomach okay now?”

To worry about my body… Isn’t he a really nice boy?


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