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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 90

90. When it’s too complicated, some misunderstanding may arise

Haruna’s words were, in every sense, too unexpected for Atsushi.

…why did she know that? No, more than that, it was Kaede’s request…

Of course, Atsushi’s thought couldn’t be heard, and Haruna continued.

“Why is that face? Of course, I’ve investigated that much. I mean, why do you need, to go, to a maid café, with a woman? No, I’m not denying the existence of a maid cafe. Just that, when you’re on a date, why the destination, must be a maid café? There are a lot of better places!”


Atsushi couldn’t hide his shock at that word.

Wait, it may look like a date to someone who doesn’t know the truth. But, the destination is a maid cafe. It’s a maid café. Just that is enough to think that it’s not a date that?

……But, if she asks me what is it if it’s not a date, it’s also difficult to answer.

“……I see, is it that? Did you want to show Kaede-san a real maid as a preliminary preparation so that Kaede-san knew how to act like a maid when she wears a maid’s outfit? And then, at home, you asked Kaede to do a “Maid Play”. Is that your ulterior motive!?”

“Huh!? No, thaー”

“And then, what’s with the date in the amusement park? How can you bring another girl? You damn Playboy Bastard!! Is it the rumored “two-timing” that I heard from people on the street!? Seeing a Playboy Bastard who’s holding many girls’ hands, at the side of Kaede-san, how could I, be relieved!?”

“Ok, I understand. I understand that you’re making a terrible misunderstanding. I’d like to explain that “two-timing”, but for now, calm down. You need to calm down.”

Perhaps Atsushi wanted to say that the “two-timing” wasn’t rumored by people in the city and could be understood by the general public.

“But well, even if it’s a misunderstanding, I’ll admit, such events did happen.”

Regardless of the destination, Atsushi and Kaede went out to hang out just the two of them, and after that, they went to the amusement park together with Yuri. There were good reasons for each of them, but people who only looked from the side didn’t know the reason.

Therefore, since Haruna didn’t know the full story, it wasn’t that strange that she made a mistake.

“Still, what you did this morning, the leaflet is overkill. Didn’t you know, that it may lead to Hirose being isolated at school?”

It could be understood that Haruna misunderstood Atsushi’s actions. Since it seemed that she cherished Kaede so much.

But even so, what exactly was her purpose for the morning leaflet?

Her actions so far were solely for Kaede. However, that leaflet would only harm Kaede, and it seemed that the direction was a little different from what she did before. It was like you suddenly made a U-turn on a highway.

But, Haruna’s answer was,

“Umm, I’ve been wanting to ask since earlier――― what do you mean by the leaflet?”

She tilted her head as if it was the first time, she heard about it.

“… Hey. I don’t think it’s possible to fake it out now.”

“No, no, that’s not the case. For sure I used my brother’s name to warn you. It has two purposes, to check on you and to tell you the fact that “Toru Ninomiya is a bad guy.”, That’s why I deliberately mentioned the engagement when I first met you. I fully admit that…”



“…But I really can’t remember anything about the leaflet? In the first place, I had no time to do such a thing because I was earnestly preparing to get rid of my brother…”

It was kind of, but now I don’t care about that.

The question is, does she really know about the leaflets?

“I ask you again, is that true? Do you really not know anything?”

“Yes, it’s true.”

Atsushi couldn’t feel a lie in those words.

Of course, there might be a great possibility that Haruna was just playing around with him. But if that was the case, what was the point of her talking so much, revealing what she did just to deny only the leafet…

Before Atsushi could ask further, his smartphone rang.

Looking at the screen, it was Hiiragi, and Atsushi immediately answered the phone.

“Hello, chairman? What’s wrong?”

[“Sorry. I’ve bad news.”]

Bad news.

Such a word came out of Hiiragi’s mouth.

It’s the chairman, it must be something really bad.

[“I just heard some story from our teacher… It seems that Hirose, who should have left early, hasn’t returned home.”]


That words made Atsushi understand one thing.

Apparently, this wasn’t over yet.


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