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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 70.5

This Glossary is up to what happened in arc 1, not just a list of character names, so it contains spoilers. The author didn’t write this, so you can just ignore this ch if you want.

I wrote this myself. So, there might be a mistake here and there. This is a pretty simple one, so it’s not detailed. Some may just the name. May update it in the future.

As for the status of the character, I based it on the implication of the last chapter that somewhat had any relation with that character. Also, as long as it hadn’t been confirmed in the WN, I’ll put “?” behind.

70.5 Chapter 70.5 – Glossary 1








Highserk Empire

Status : Alive
Age : 20?
The Mc of the novel. In Japan, he was called, Takakura Raizou (Familiy Name first). Died of a heart attack. Reincarnated in this new world as the 3rd son of a farmer family, and still remember his previous life. Cause of his new family situation, he was said to be someone illiterate.
He was a member of Duwei Squad. After the battle in Sarajevo Fortress, he got the title “Knight” and was assigned as the Escort Captain of an escort unit that protecting Ayane and Maia, while supervising them. He then became a Wartime Battalion Commander in the defense of Dandurg Castle.
He has a cursed mask that can vibrate, the Demon Mask. And after he lost both of his eyes, the evil eyes of the Ogre Lord were transplanted into him. So now also, Demon Eyes, which has a side effect? on his vision, making it slightly lag behind.
Attributes: Fire (High), Wind (High), Water (Very low)
Skill: 《Strike》,《Demon Fire》

Status : Dead?
The Squad Commander, in which Walm was belonged.
Skill: 《Strike》

Status : Dead?
Said to be a son of a merchant

Status : Dead?
A Magic User
Attributes: Fire and Water

Status : Dead?
The rookie of Duwei Squad

Status : Dead?
Another rookie of Duwei Squad

Status : Dead
One of the “three idiots” of the Duwei Squad

Status : Dead
One of the “three idiots” of the Duwei Squad

Status : Dead
One of the “three idiots” of the Duwei Squad

Status : Dead?
A Platoon Commander. The Platoon to which Duwei Squad belonged.

Status : Dead?
A Battalion Commander. The Battalion to which Kozul Platoon belonged.

Gerard Berger
Status : Dead?
A veteran called, “the war god” by Highserk people.

Status : Dead?
A Cavalry Battalion Commander.

Status : Alive?
A logistic officer.

Status : Dead
A Brigade Commander in charge of Dandurg Castle in the defense of the outbreak. An old man with gray hair and a lot of old wounds on the body.

Status : Alive?
A Company Commander. He then became a Wartime Brigade Commander in the defense of Dandurg Castle.

Status : Alive?
A balding man. A member of the Escort Unit under Walm. Said to have a Poison Resistance Skill.

Status : Alive?
A Platoon Commander. In the Dandurg Castle defense, he was under Walm and was then assigned as a Wartime Company Commander by Walm.

Status : Dead
A Platoon Commander.

Status : Dead
A Platoon Commander. In the Dandurg Castle defense, he was under Walm and was then assigned as a Wartime Company Commander by Walm.

Status : Dead
A Platoon Commander.

Liberitoa Trade Federation

Hugo Avans
Status : Alive
The Foreign Minister. The man who made a proposal of burning the forest.

Status : Alive
A Company Commander

Principality of Myard (Left Only Celta Territory)

Youth Myard
Status : Dead
A Grand Duke. The leader of Myard.

Rita Myard
Status : Alive
The daughter of Youth Myard. In a sense, she was once saved by Walm. She’s now the leader of Myard.

Status : Alive
The bodyguard of Rita Myard. He’s a veteran.

Status : Dead
An A-rank adventurer. The leader of his party. A sword user. He mainly use the wind magic 《Burst》
Attributes: Wind

Status : Dead
A member of Al’s party. She’s Al’s girlfriend. A bow user.
Skill: 《Strong Shoot》

Status : Dead?
A member of Al’s party. A great shield user.
Skill: 《Iron Wall》

Status : Alive
C-rank adventurer. A member of Al’s party. She has a feeling for Al. She’s one of the adventurers who lead the unit to burn the forest.
Attributes: Wind
Skill: 《Air Fang》

Status : Alive
A member of Al’s party. He’s the scout of the party. He has a feeling for Leethia. He’s following Leethia.

Status : Alive?
Yogim’s wife. A former adventurer.
Skill: 《Super Strength》,《Indestructible Body》

Deborah’s husband. A former Kanoa soldier.
Status : Alive?
Skill: 《Intuition》

Status : Alive?
The son of Yogim and Deborah. He called his mother, “Mama”. A former Myard soldier.
Skill: 《Intuition》, 《Super Strength》

Ferrius Kingdom (Destroyed)

Winston Ferrius
Status : Dead
Killed in action by Walm

Balliston Ferrius
Status : Dead
The King of Ferrius Kingdom.

Status : Dead?
A Ferrius Soldier.

Status : Alive
A 10-man Commander.

Status : Alive?
Age : 21
A Healing Magician. Ayane’s assistant ever since the Four Country Alliance attacked Highserk. She became Highserk Prisoner of War.
Attributes: Water

Craist Kingdom

Chester Craist
Status : Alive
The King of Craist Kingdom

Gran Reharzen
Status : Alive
The Commander of the Order of Reharzen

Status : Alive
A Knight belonged to the Order of Reharzen
Skill: 《Iron Wall》 , 《Strike》

Sugimoto Ayane (in Japan) -> Ayane Sugimoto (in this world)
Status : Alive?
Age : 16
A transported person from Japan. One of the “Three Heroes”. Makoto and Yuuto’s childhood friend. She became Highserk Prisoner of War. Could use Healing Magic.

Isaki Makoto (in Japan) -> Makoto Isaki (in this world)
Status : Alive
Age : 16?
A transported person from Japan. One of the “Three Heroes”. Ayane and Yuuto’s childhood friend.
Attributes: All four elements? It’s said that she has multiple attributes.

Asama Yuuto (in Japan) -> Yuuto Asama (in this world)
Status : Alive
Age : 16?
A transported person from Japan. One of the “Three Heroes”. Ayane and Makoto’s childhood friend.
Attributes: Holy
Skill: 《Holy Slash》


– In this world, skill seems to be something attainable by training and somewhat influenced by talent. Having talent, but no training or event that triggers the awakening = no skill. At least most of the time. Also, the child of those with a skill seems to have a chance to manifest the same skill. So, talent could be inherited perhaps?
– The same skill could be manifested by different people, at different paces. So, it wasn’t particularly unique. Of course, there is a rare one.
– Skill consumes Mana. And, the amount of people’s Mana in this world is described in a vague manner, such as, explosive, high, medium, average, small, low, etc.
– Skill could be increased in level? Seems like, one can learn to use a skill more efficiently.

{Active Skill}

《Strike》 – Seems to be mostly manifested by sharp-weapon wielders, such as axe, sword, halberd, etc. And said to be a common one that one manifests on the battlefield.

《Hard Shoot》 – Seems to be mostly manifested by Archer

《Strong Shoot》 – Seems to be mostly manifested by Archer

《Strong Throw》 – Increase Power in throwing

《Iron Wall》 – Seems to be mostly manifested by Shield-wielder

《Indestructible Body》 – Increase Defense

《Super Strength》 – Increase Physical Strength

{Passive Skill}

《Intuition》 – Seems to be a passive and active skill at the same time. But most likely, more of a passive one.

《Poison Resistance》–  Seems to be a passive skill.

{Magic Skill}

《Demon Fire》 – A magic skill, which is a combination of Wind and Fire. Said to be effective against the undead, comparable to 《Purification》.

《Air Fang》– A magic skill of wind attribute. This skill sends a barrage of

《Air Blade》, so it seems to be the upgraded version of this wind magic.

《Holy Slash》–  A magic skill of holy attribute.


– In general, Magic in this world seems to be lesser than Skill. (At least for now, as this is the only info presented up to this point). Of course. there are some strong magics too, but there’s no detailed explanation for it.
– Magic consumes mana. And mana doesn’t recover that fast.
– There’s no exact explanation as to how people can feel mana. Can it be taught to anyone? Or is one just naturally able to feel mana? At least, if someone manifested a Skill beforehand, it seems to be easier to feel mana.
– Even if one can feel mana, it doesn’t seem to be that anyone always has at least one affinity to an attribute. Such people will most likely use mana for only Magical Barrier, which is covering one’s body with mana to increase the overall defense, consciously or unconsciously
– One would have a resistance to the attribute they had an affinity with, the level would be about the same as how high the affinity level.
– It’s also said than one in every ten people, has some level of aptitude in an attribute.





《Fire Lance》



《Ice Lance》

《Ice Wall》


《Air Blade》




《Earth Bullet》


《Earth Crack》

Holy / Light



Healing Magic / Recovery Magic


-It’s said that monsters aren’t all mindless. Some may gain wisdom. They may also gain it as the battle goes on. Though, there hasn’t been a case where they can speak.
-Some could even use <skill> and <magic>. And also, magical barrier.


Undead (?)

Ghoul (?)

Gigant Ghoul (B?)

Wraith (?)

Skeleton (?)

Lich (?)

Horned Rabbit (?)

Horned Grizzly (?)

Wild Boar (E?)

Goblin (E)

Goblin Rider (E)

Goblin Mage (?)

Hobgoblin (?)

Kobold (D)

Silver Wolf (?)

Werewolf (?)

Orc (C)

Hellbat (?)

Scorpion (?)

Red Scorpion (?)

Abyss Bird (?)

Bicorn (?)

Ogre (B)

High Ogre (A?)

Ogre Lord (S)

Lizardman (B)

Lamia (B)

Death Spider (?)

Poison Spider (?)

Orthrus (?)

Centipede (B-A)

Owlbear (?)

Troll (?)

Cyclops (?)

Death Condor (?)

Tyrant Worm (A)

Crawler (A)

Lake Dragon (A?)

Flame Emperor Dragon (SS)


Liberitoa’s Black Water (Kind of flammable?, said that there’s a springs of it in the desert within the territory, where a lot of deadly monsters reside.)

Magic Bag (Many sizes, could be found in labyrinths, some were man-made by the Great Forest Alliance)

Magic Stone (Said to be useful as catalysts and lamps)

Communication Magic Tool


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