Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 284

This ch is from Subaru Shirogane POV (3rd Person)

284. On the road to Kenran

“Uuu …”

Unconsciously, the hand was on the top of the stomach.

For the time being, the problem with the stomach had healed, and the man returned to work at the Student Council of Seimei High, Subaru Shirogane, as the Student Council President. But, now, he started to feel uncomfortable in his stomach again.

It had been a while since he returned to do his work in the Student Council, but while he wasn’t there, the Vice President, Hibiya, seemed to continue many things in meeting with the other members. Perhaps, because it had already underway, Hibiya held his own opinion and try to make a success of the event. Or perhaps, Hibiya didn’t want to ruin his reputation by saying something extra about the collaboration event with Kenran. 

Hibiya is an excellent person, so if he makes full use of his abilities, I think he can deal with any problems.

Well, when I’m in the room, he’s also among those who have many complaints, but with my disappearance, it seems he didn’t complain much. Perhaps, the feeling of being a leader got him? Well, anyway, it’s good that…

“Shirogane, are you okay? If you’re still not feeling well, you can just go back.”

“… No, it’s okay.”

It seems, Hibiya’s horizons have become wide enough to notice others. He’s an excellent person, but perhaps because of his background, he’d never show consideration enough to pay attention to the surroundings. His attitude was as if saying it was natural for other people to be considerate of him. And now he’s doing the opposite of it…

When Subaru realized the growth of Hibiya, there was something that comes to his mind. 

Considering this, it seems that the communication with that man from Kenran wasn’t all bad.

However, even if some people had finally grown up, some had regressed.

“President, let’s go fast. That crazy blockhead will be there, right? I’ll show him my improved self!”

It was Kanda, Subaru’s assistant in Student Council, who raised his voice. He was a first-year student who was accepted into the Student Council for his excellence. He had the charisma to keep things calm and take leadership in the whole first grade. 

He’s a charismatic person, but things developed in the wrong direction after he fought with Hatano. It was as if he wore a mask all this time, and Hatano peeled it off. There’s no trace of his charismatic figure.

This is also the cause of the current first graders being divided into groups. There seems to be a fierce battle to decide who will take the top spot in the first year.

……Honestly, I don’t care who it’ll be, as long as that person will be involved in school management and put things in order. For now, it’s just a small amount of fire, but if oil is thrown into it, it could lead to a big fire.

……urgh, my stomach hurts.

“Kanda-kun … Hatano-kun isn’t the main topic today. We have to properly talk about the cultural festival…”

“Hah…!? I know that. Stop reminding me about that.”

“I’m sorry …”

Kanda cut off Tamachi’s words.

Tamachi, was the assistant of the Vice President.

Both used to be good friends. And now they are in this state… I was planning to teach Kanda to be the Student Council President in the future, but seeing him now… It’s difficult for me to say I can leave it to him with confidence.

…… urgh… My stomach hurts.

“Kanda, Tamachi isn’t wrong. I think it’s not good to reply to him like that?”

“Vice President……”

I’m sure he’ll listen to his words… right?

Hibiya had always paid attention to Kanda, so perhaps, it was just a bit of advice to the beloved junior. But, now, Kanda was like a mad dog that would bite everyone. Even his beloved senior.

“Unlike Vice President, I won’t surrender myself to Hatano…!”

“… Sure, I lost that battle, but I didn’t mean to surrender to Hatano either.”


“The thing we’ll talk about soon, it’s about the school festival. And your attitude, it can make the other members feel uncomfortable. Restrain yourself.”

“tch… I understand.”

Kanda diverted his gaze, and…

“Tamachi, you didn’t say anything wrong, so you don’t have to apologize.”


“Huff… well, that kindness is also your good point.”

Hibiya gave a nice word to him.

Looking at it in this way, Hibiya’s growth is really remarkable. I can’t help but feel a little happy. Really, I couldn’t believe he grew up to that point while I was away.

The current Student Council of Seimei High still had its own problems, but perhaps because they had many meetings, their attitude toward girls had somewhat eased a little bit.

This might be good for the soon be held school festival.

Well, it could be said that this joint cultural festival had been proceeding well so far.

“Now, it’s about time we reach Kenran. Let’s stop this talk for now.”

“That’s right. Also, a member of Kenran’s Student Council always welcomes us at the school gate, so…”

Kenran High was large, so there was a possibility of getting lost if there was no guidance. Whether it was just a gesture of being considerate or not, it was nice that they gave a guide.

The school gate of Kenran High was finally within sight. 

Certainly, I can see someone standing in front of the gate…

…hm? It’s you? Really? There won’t be a fight, right?

“Ah, Welcome to Kenran High. And, Goーod Moーrning!”

“Oh, yeah, good morning”

“Huff…It’s you, huh?”


Kohaku Hatano, greeted us cheerfully.

Hibiya sighed and Kanda clenched his teeth.

…For the time being, I’ll remind them, not to forget to reply to the greeting.

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  1. ……………AWW MAN………i practically can see another ulcer in the president stomach…..i mean, i can already see Kohaku picking a fight without even meaning to….rather that has been his modus operandi so far………….

    Well, is time once again to leave Seimei’s student council president on medical leave……….EH?? It’s just a friendly event? They went there to afirm relationships of friendship between schools?……………That doesn’t matter at this point.

  2. The sinopse seemed good, but I need some spoilers before giving it a go. Is the protagonist in a relationship with any of the girls? If yes, is it on name only or do they at least kiss?

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    1. MC is trying to raise his worth, so don’t expect too much romance from his part. The girls are crazy for him, like real simps. Yeah, he has kissed one of them and took a bath with other. Imo you should read it, the comedy is pretty good, I enjoy it a lot.

      1. Thanks for the reply my dude!

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