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Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 64

TN: This is the start of Arc 3 and also the start of LN vol 3

Also, btw the 1st chapter of the manga came out 4 days ago. It’ll comes out every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month.

Author note : The event on this ch happened in the night before Seal’s group departed from Mother Punk

64. The Regenerator From A Legend

There were seven Regenerators in this world.

Those Regenerators were said to have been born at the beginning of the Rondo calendar (no official confirmation).

There were two main characteristics of a Regenerator,

One, never die. They had the ability to heal any wound immediately.

Two, they were angry with the human species. Their motivation might be different, but it was always related to the destruction of humanity.

The number of countries destroyed by the Regenerator was unknown. In the “White Calendar”, one of the five continents of the era was sunk by the power of the regenerator.

It was no exaggeration to say that the period between years 0 and 500 in the “Rondo Calendar” was the age of the Regenerator. Mankind was still bad at handling Mana, and the Regenerator gradually reduced the human population.

However, the era of regenerators ended with the first Sealer born in the 500th year of the Rondo Calendar.

Not only the Sealer, but also some other Technique users who could repel the Regenerator alone appeared one after another after the 500th year of the Rondo Calendar. The Regenerators, and those of demon race, called them

―― ”Natural Enemies”

In the last half century, there were 7 people called “Natural Enemies”. Two of them, Barha Zetta and Saurus Rosso, had died, leaving only five.

One of the remaining five, Adolphos Eater, was visiting a wetland.

“I finally found you, Regenerator”

The night when the full moon colored the sky.

Adolphos glared at a woman across the lake.

At first glance, the woman would look so beautiful that she could captivate men and women of all ages. She didn’t wear any piece of her clothes. She generously exposed her beauty.

“I’ve never thought you would accumulate mana in such a place…”

The woman slowly turned to Adolphos and appealed with her tearful eyes.

“No… don’t look at me with such scary eyes! I’m not like what you think.”

Being shown a bad performance, Adolphos sighed as if he was deeply disappointed.

“{Mud Emperor} “Anri Rou Elflare”. A legend said you could manipulate “mud”, which is considered to be the source of all things, very well to the point of sinking one of the continents into a mud.”


The woman―― {Mud Emperor} was exposed to Adolphos’s confident eyes and smiled.

“Fufufu… You knew that much and still dare to come in front of me, huh? Yeah, I’m the Legendary Regenerator. Not someone you could against. You know it, right? Boy with Dragon Wing.”

“Twenty years ago, you got sealed by Venerable Bar. Being able to revive only with the help of others, you don’t have the right to brag.”


“The legend was over since then, and it won’t start again. Not today, not in the future.”

“You bark a lot…”

The woman’s skin melted and her whole body turned brown.

The Woman Illustration

Adolphos frowned at the scent of sewage on his nose.

“You are… not a Sealer.”

The {Mud Emperor} focused her eyes on the dragon wings that spread wide on the back of Adolphoss.

“You use the mana of creation to turn your body into a monster huh? I see, so you’re a Transformation Technique user, I presume?”

“Who knows.”

“If you’re not a sealer, you won’t be a threat …!”

The {Mud Emperor} raised her chin, looking down on Adolphoss.

Adolphos gently rubbed the sole of his shoe against the ground without changing his expression.

“…When I broke the egg, two yolks came out.”


“When I fished, I caught a rare fish that I wouldn’t normally see. The book I’ve been looking for was found in an antique shop in a small village I visited by chance.”

“So what?”

“And you are now in front of me. Today, I’m very lucky… Today, I don’t have the misfortune that is my biggest weakness.”

Adolphos took his right foot one step further.

The {Mud Emperor} finally realized the amount of magical power hidden in Adolphos.


The {Mud Emperor} quickly broke her relaxed composure and in her head, she was preparing for a strategy. She thought she couldn’t win without a proper strategy.

T-this amount of mana…! No way. It’s more than me, a Regenerator――

“Be prepared. The lucky me, will definitely defeat you.”

The sound of the weight of one man stepping on the ground. Upon hearing the sound, the {Mud Emperor} exuded sweat from her whole body and took a long distance. 

“Y-you’re just right for exercise!!”

A part of the body of the {Mud Emperor} popped.

The mud that overflowed from the body turned into a blade and approached Adolphos’s eyes.

” ”Vattle” “

Adolphos cast a spell, a whirlwind was created, shedding the mud.

“Huh? Is this all you’ve got? Very disappointing!”

The trees around Adolphos melted turning into mud and swirled around Adolphos.

――But soon the mud was wiped off by the wind. Adolphos looked up at the {Mud Emperor} with boring eyes and hands in his pocket.

“――Really. Is this all you’ve got? Very disappointing.”

“――?!This damn brat …! “

The {Mud Emperor} jumped into the lake next to Adolphos.

Then the water of the lake turned brown, and the whole area of ​​the water turned into mud. A high wave of mud was then approaching Adolphos.

Adolphos flapped the dragon wings on his back and flew into the sky to avoid it.

While flying, he was dodging the following mud bullets.

The power to turn the touched object into the mud. In addition, the mud can be manipulated freely. If she managed to touch me, I’ll be out in one shot. Close combat is prohibited…

The landscape was changing to mud one after another.

The earth, the lake, and even the atmosphere were turned into mud.

Adolphos predicted that if this kept going on, the entire wetland would become a muddy land.

“So it’s not just a legend. I can’t leave her alone…!”

“I’ll make you muddy! Winged Boy!!”

The {Mud Emperor} made countless muddy giant hands and stretched them towards Adolphoss.

Adolphos landed on the ground once, then put his right hand on a land that was not yet muddy.

Used the Mana of Creation to spawn hundreds of towers of hard iron from the ground.

The iron tower blocked the muddy giant hands.

The vision was narrowed by the splashes of mud, so he relied on his nose instead of his eyes.

“Back, is it!?”

Adolphos sniffed a bad smell from his back, so he created an evasive posture…

“I’m really lucky today!”

But, when Adolphos turned around, his left arm was cut off by a mud sword that stretched away.


“A type that is good at medium to long distances, is it? Means, you’re not good at short-range battles! Right, Boy!?”

Holding the mud sword, the {Mud Emperor} said in a confident voice.

“That’s right. Close range is certainly… well, let’s say, it may be something I’m not good at.”

Adolphos admitted lightly and grew a hard iron arm from his left shoulder.

“But, see? No blood… It was a prosthetic hand from the beginning.”

The {Mud Emperor} turned the ground into mud.

“So, what!?”

Adolphos sensed the danger and jumped into the sky. The {Mud Emperor} covered the sky with mud and prevented Adolphos from jumping high in the sky.

Adolphos had no choice but to fly low.

“Kyahahaha! By the way, close combat is mーy favorite!”

The {Mud Emperor} grew mud wings, and also flew in the sky. She was approaching Adolphos.

The mud thorns that grew from the ground aimed at Adolphos from below, and the mud that covered the sky also generated mud thorns, approaching Adolphos from overhead.

And, the {Mud Emperor} aimed at Adolphos from the front with a mud sword.

“Come here and take my gift, boy!… What happened to you!? I won’t let you take any more distance!!!”


Top, bottom, front. Simultaneous attacks from three directions.

Adolphos moved his eyes up and down while avoiding the mud sword that shorten the distance.

“You can’t handle this much mud with just a mere whirlwind!”

The ground on the other side turns into mud, and it kept rising up, closing the escape route.

Lost his escape and was being cornered…

“――As expected, Humans are insignificant!!”

――Desperation should be in his mind.

But, in a situation where up, down, front and back were blocked,

Adolphos was just seeing at the {Mud Emperor} with a looking-down gaze.

“Don’t make light of humans, you damn Regenerator…! Also, your good points are not always better than my weak points.”

Adolphos emitted Blue Mana from the whole body.

The {Mud Emperor}, the mud ceiling, the earth, and the area around Adolphos were all wrapped in Blue Mana.

The Blue Mana then spun, creating a torrent――


” ――”Ruten”!!”

The Blue Mana swirled like a storm and blew away all the mud around Adolphos.

The approaching mud thorns, the mud ceiling that was blocking the sky, and the mud sword, all of which were swallowed by the Blue Mana, were destroyed.

“No way!?”

The Mud Emperor literally becomes naked, loses the wings of the mud, and floats in the sky unprotected.

With the mud ceiling gone, Adolphos flew toward the {Mud Emperor} with a rusty sword.

“Wai ――!!”

” “Mud Destroyer” “

Adolphos turned the rusty sword into a red sword, pierced the {Mud Emperor}’s belly, and slammed her to the ground.

Red blood flowing from the belly of the {Mud Emperor}.

Seeing blood flowing from her belly, confusion came out on her face.

“W-Why…? Why I can’t parry the attack!?”

“The name of the sword is <Claiomh Solais>. It’s a sword that can capture the substance of a demon and block the use of mana. Still, it can’t prevent the regeneration…”  [TN: just some info, Claíomh Solais is said to be the sword of light in many Irish and Scottish folktales]

Adolphos raised his right foot and stomped the ground.

A rigid iron kiln grew from the ground. Adolphos grabbed the {Mud Emperor}’s arm with his sword stuck in the belly and threw her into the kiln.


The {Mud Emperor} hit her head against the bottom of a hard iron kiln.

“It’s useless! Eve, if you trapped me in a place like this, I…”

As the {Mud Emperor} looked up at the sky, a lump of flame was thrown into the kiln.

“No――Don’t joke with meeearrgh!!”

The body of the {Mud Emperor} bathed in flames and burned.

Adolphos gave the kiln a whirlwind protection so that the hard iron kiln wouldn’t melt in the flames.


Finally, Adolphos covered the kiln with a rigid iron lid with air holes, and further sealed the kiln with a chain of rigid iron.

A rigid iron altar was built around the kiln, and a wind barrier was wrapped around the altar.

“…Die for the rest of your life.”

Adolphos turned his back on the kiln and began to walk away.

This area is a no-man’s land with no towns or villages nearby. There should be no problem even if she manages to escape and rampage… After reducing her mana to the lowest point, let’s move it to a place that is easy to monitor…

Adolphos suddenly stopped and looked up at the moon.

――『”If you’re not a sealer, you won’t be a threat.”』

Recalling the words of the {Mud Emperor}, Adolphos looked down.

“That’s right.”

That’s right. As that muddy woman said. I can’t seal a Regenerator completely. As I keep maintaining the sealed kiln, my mana is constantly consumed… It’s impossible to make 6 more and maintain all of them.

First, if Adolphos himself died, this simple seal would break very fast. It was impossible to contain the subject forever.

Adolphos looked down and remembered one of his benefactors.

“How to stop them completely without a Sealer? Teach me. Venerable Bar…… “

Muttering so, Adolphos flew away.


After Adolphos flew away, a man appeared in the wetland.

“Oi oi, doing such a terrible thing to a woman, he really isn’t a gentleman.”

It was a white-haired old man with a weapon called a “pistol” on his waist.

Barha Zetta’s younger brother, the {Gun Emperor}, a <MAJIN> who confronted Seal Zetta on <Seadust Island>.

“But, well… so that man was Adolphos, huh? I’ve heard rumors about him, but yeah, I don’t want to fight him…”

The {Gun Emperor} approached the kiln where the {Mud Emperor} was sealed with a grinning face, and pointed the muzzle at the kiln from outside the wind barrier.

“Hihihi! Please be a catalyst for “his” growth. Do your best, Lady Regenerator…”

At the middle of night, the popping sound of gunpowder echoed in the wetland.

Author Note :

Barha & Saurus → Sealed Corpse Emperor

Barha alone → Sealed Mud Emperor

Barha & Adolphos → Sealed the remaining two


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