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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 89

89. People that usually silent, are scary when get angry

“Who do you think this is?”

This time, Haruna took out a photo.

There were two… little girls.

“Is this blonde, Hirose? And next to her…”

The little blonde girl must be Kaede because of her sharp eyes. But the little girl next to her, Atsushi didn’t know at all. She was a little… no, she was pretty fat, she was twice as big as Kaede.

Atsushi suddenly had an idea there.

Showing this picture now…

The reason must be…

“No way… it’s you?!”

Haruna nodded to the words, and Atsushi opened his eyes big.


Haurna and the little girl in the picture were so different that Atsushi couldn’t help but think so. Well, he knew that someone might have a different figure as they grew up.

“In the old days, I didn’t have the appearance or body that could be said to be pretty or cute. Everyone kept picking on me, they bullied me. Even my brother told me that I was ugly. But there was a person who didn’t abandon me. There was a person who kept on my side. That was Kaede-san.”

Haruna continued talking while looking at the pictures.

“She was a person who understood me. The only person in the same situation who was forced to be with that insolence brother of mine. We complained to each other, had a tea party, and even cooked together. Everyday life was a treasure for me.”


“My father and mother have told me that I must support my brother and that only me who can do it, only me who have that ability… I’ve been told so, for a long time. In their eyes, the child is only my older brother. As for me? I’m supposed to be his assistant. My life was all about wiping my brother’s ass, cleaning all of his mess. I’ve never shown my own selfishness. No, they had never listened to it.”

For the Ninomiya family, the next in line would be Toru. Therefore, the parents probably thought that they must take good care of the oldest son.

However, using the sister for that purpose couldn’t be said as a very good move. At least, from Atsushi’s point of view, the parents didn’t seem to bring Toru up carefully, rather they had spoiled him.

And, by that, the burden that came up from the son was passed on to the daughter… To be honest, every parent had their own various problems as parents, but it didn’t change the fact of what they had done.

“But, that’s okay. You see, I had a dream. The day when Kaede-san and “that person”… the day when I can call Kaede-san, “Onee-san”. Until then, I’ll do my best.” [TN: “Onee-san” -> Older sister]

For Haruna, Kaede was a support for her heart. As a companion who knew her circumstances and shared her pain, and who would become her family in the future.

But… it never happened.

“But… but my brother, he took away even that dream! That helpless idiot. He cut off Kaede-san without knowing that he was being used. And our parents didn’t even try to stop him. There was no hesitation. They gave up Kaede-san, who had worked hard for my idiot brother for many years. Rather, they were more than happy to hear that my brother had found his loved one… “

That lead to the engagement with Kana Inoue.

For Haruna, that one action, had cut the reason line in her mind.

“At that moment, the little thread inside me broke completely. The role they gave me for my brother, the affection for my family, and anything related to my family, collapsed all at once. I finally understood. I shouldn’t put up with it anymore. That’s why, I crushed them――― those who hurt my dear one, who was supposed to be my sister.”

It was the reason for Haruna’s actions.

She was robbed of her dreams and her loved one was hurt. Her feelings inside then exploded, leading to this history.

“And so, you crushed their company…?”

“Yes, but to be honest, most of them were sooner or later would go bankrupt. Kana Inoue’s company, as well as other companies, all have been committing embezzlement, bribery, and many other crimes. It seems that the police had already marked their companies, and even if I didn’t do it, those companies would have disappeared in a few years. “

“Oi, oi, you just said something worrisome for the future of this country…”

Certainly, the school Kaede attended was a place with many prestigious sons and daughters. In other words, it could be said to be the next in line for the top Japanese companies. It was surprising that they were bullying other people, but Atsushi couldn’t complain, instead, he wanted to sigh because his parent’s company was also “not all white”.

“Huff… Still, you crushed them with your own hands.”

“Yes, otherwise I wouldn’t be satisfied.”

With that word, Atsushi realized once again that the girl in front of him was a kind of unusual.

To be satisfied… For that very reason alone, she dragged multiple companies into their end sooner. It wasn’t all bad, but some kind of sacrifice was made for that.

The office workers and employees, who had nothing to do with her problem… to those people, there should be a sense of guilt for them inside Haruna, right? Well, probably not. There was no way a person who could feel guilty to that extent chose to crush those companies.

“… I can understand your feelings well. But, I can’t understand what you really want. To be honest, I’m even grateful for the fact that you hunted down those who were bullying Hirose. Even if I look like this, I’m her friend. So, tell me ――― why did you even try to get rid of us? “

Atsushi wanted to hear that one point.

He knew well the reason for Kana Inoue and her former classmates.

However, why did Haruna try to trouble Atsushi and Yuri? He couldn’t think of a reason.

“That’s because you guys… no, to be precise, you, I thought that you were a harmful person to Kaede-san…”

“Me? Harmful? … can you elaborate further?”

Is it my face?

Is it because of the rumor about me?

… No, maybe she thinks that anyone who approaches Kaede, except herself, is evil, and that’s why she’s trying to eliminate them.

Considering the conversation earlier, she seems to have a strong feeling for Kaede. It’s not a surprise if she wants to monopolize her. If that’s the case, she has a slightly dangerous way of thinking.

And so on, Atsushi was thinking for a reason, but then,


It seemed to be something hard for Haruna to say.

But, Atsushi didn’t get impatient and kept waiting for her.

Then, after a while…

“Because, a man who brings a woman to a maid café, must be a little crazy!”





The words that were more than expectations made Atsushi’s eyes round again.


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