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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 283

283. One day in summer

After returning from a trip, I finally had a relaxing day for the first time in a while.

While lying on the sofa in the living room, I was eating Maria’s homemade ice cream.

On the Tv, it was a kind of variety show that only aired at noon. I couldn’t usually see when I had school.

Being able to watch such programs that you couldn’t usually watch was one of the real pleasures of summer vacation.

Unfortunately, the high school baseball tournament wasn’t broadcasted in this world in the summer, since the tournament was held in the fall.

“So, Kohaku-sama, was there really nothing that happened at your travel destination?”

Maria had been asking this same question since I came back.

Perhaps it was a question from a sense of responsibility as a guardian, but of course, because there was really no such a lovely event happened, the answer I gave was,


“I see… But, if a girl went on a trip with a boy and didn’t do anything, maybe that lady you went with was a coward?”


What a terrifying and difficult question.

“Kikusui-sama, who heard that Kohaku-sama was going on a trip with women, said that she would release a collection of short stories with episodes of high school boys who had some “fun” at the destination. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Wait a minute. Who is the inspiration!?”

“Please rest assured. I will purchase it when it comes out.”

I’m not worried about that!

Felling a little disappointed, I put the ice cream in my mouth. Then, I heard an interesting word from the TV.

『”Have you ever heard the word “men’s power”?”』

A female host on TV asked the viewers.

『”Now, it seems that the number of young men who are improving their “men’s power” is increasing.”』

… I’m a young man, but I’ve never heard of it.

I mean, what does “men’s power” mean? Is it a way to live without moving as much as possible?

The host on TV continued her word as if to answer my question.

『”The word “men’s power” is a word that circulating around recently. This word began to be said since… look here.”』

That said, what appeared on the screen was the image of the contestants of King of Boys. To be exact, what was projected… was the figure of the four people who remained until the end, including me.

『”People saw the behavior of these top young men…”』

…… What did I do?

What I did in the match… All I did was, deceiving, rushing in the early morning, and deceiving……. Yeah, I didn’t do anything elegant?

So, is the word “men’s power” a bad word? 

Wait, my actions shouldn’t have given a bad impression, right? After the broadcast, I haven’t been criticized at all. In addition, there are other people besides me, so it may have a different meaning.

『”These four boys. Remained until the end of the King of Boys. In fact, these four had something in common.”』

…… R-really? 

On TV, a video was projected. And what appeared was a boy who said he was inspired by the four boys.

『”Ah, yeah. That’s right, I thought they were amazing, so I’m referencing that “style”.”』

『”What “style”?”』

『”Umm… the four of them had different ways of fighting, but they all have something in common……. It’s a “consideration for girls”. Even the seemingly crude Daikuji showed kindness to girls during the game.”』

『”I see. So the “men’s power’ means “consideration for girls”?”』

『”It’s a little different. Through that consideration, you should create a consciousness in that girl to work for you. This, is men――”』

I turned off the TV before the boy said the word to the end.

And I muttered involuntarily.

“T-this is the worst…”

I don’t know about the other boys, but I’ve never thought of this possibility. 

I thought it would damage my reputation. But women’s opinions seemed to be different.

“But if all of the young boys are influenced by Kohaku-sama, perhaps they’ll start to be kind to us women, I’m happy as a girl. I think this is a good thing.”

Maria, who was watching TV while eating ice cream, said that.

B-but if you believe what he said on TV, you girls will be just treated as free labor you know…?

No, wait… It’s not that much different from the situation now… I guess, only the fact that they wanted to do it in a more gentle way? So, Should I consider this a good influence…?

When I realized the darkness of modern society in this world, my smartphone shook. After confirming, it was someone from the Student Council who contacted me.

Apparently, next week, a meeting for the school festival would be held, and I was asked to participate.


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