Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 282

282. End of the summer trip

“Everyone, we’ve arrived”

Once again, it was Musubi-san, Shino-san’s personal maid who drove the bus.

We played enough in the mountains and the sea. We enjoyed our summer vacation to the fullest. And, finally, we returned to our hometown.

Maybe everyone was tired, and they were sleeping all the way on the bus.

“Hmmー!? Have we finally arrived?”

“I-I’m still sleepy…”

Everyone heard Musubi-san’s voice and got up. As for me? I got ready to get off the bus ahead of time.

“Thank you for joining the trip”

“No, no, thank you for your hard work.”

Then, after waiting for a while, everyone came down.

“Hmmーmph! I feel like I’m back.”

“Rightー. I’ll be doing club activities from tomorrow!”

“Me too. The summer tournament will start soon, so I have to do my best.”

“Huhu. Everyone is hard working huh. Well, I’ve a longer summer vacation than everyone, so I can relax a little more.”

It seemed that the girls who were in a club such as Maizumi-san had a schedule from tomorrow. On the other hand, Minakatain-san, a university student, seemed to have some more relaxing days. In her case, it wasn’t so much different from a university student in my previous life, I had a long vacation too when I was a college student. But, Minakatain-san had her household business, so at the very least she should be better than me in the past.

…Since college students had a long vacation, some people suddenly stopped going to school just as it was.

“Okay, it seems everyone has got off. The trip is until we all get home! So please be careful and don’t get into an accident! Then, see you again!”

Everyone replied to Shino-san’s words. And the organizer, Shino-san, concluded the summer event.

On the way home, I was thinking about the trip.

…Looking back, I think we’ve done most of the summer activities such as barbecues at the beach, playing with fireworks, and even the test of courage… But, there was no such thing as “Kya, kya” or “Oh, sorry for suddenly hugging you” event between men and women.

Would this be considered a good summer by the high school students in this world?

Well, speaking of good summer, it was good, more than that it was so proper and healthy without many perverted events, but… hmm…


After Shino saw off Kohaku, she looked back at everyone who was seeing him off together with her.

“Alright… let’s have a reflection meeting …”

“Yeah, that’s right…”

“Why it became like this…”

“It was different from the plan. Well, it was fun, but…”

Everyone agreed with Shino’s words. It would have been nice to have everyone sent by Toukain’s car, but the girls had to discuss seriously what went wrong.

That was why they had Kohaku go home first.

“Then everyone, let’s go into the mansion. I’ll have a tea prepared right away.”

Then the girls decided to occupy one of the rooms and hold a reflection meeting on this trip.

A cup of tea was brought to everyone as soon as they entered the room. Each person brought the tea prepared in front of them to mouth once.

“This tea is delicious.”

When Serina said so with a relieved voice, it felt like the tense air had calmed down a little. But it returned to a tense atmosphere again in Shino’s words.

“Then… let’s go to the main problem.”

Everyone was silently looking at Shino. Looking back at everyone, Shino finally continued her words, clearly.

“We went on a trip with Kohaku-kun, but nothing progressed!”


Shino said so something while hitting a desk.

“Seriously! What’s the point of having a trip? It was a really nice chance! There were only us! There were none of our parents either! It was just us and a boy! He came on a trip, unprotected as if saying “eat me!!”, but what we did!? None of us made any progress with the boy!”

Everyone reacted to Shino’s heartfelt cry.

“We couldn’t even make use of the King’s game…”

“That’s right. But there is also the fact that Hatano-san’s luck was better than expected.”

“Well, isn’t there any other problem?”

“I-I enjoyed the trip very much though…”

Everyone talked about the problem.

“Hear me!”

“Yeah, Miyabi-san!”

Shino pointed to Miyabi who raised her hand in a well-behaved manner.


After clearing her throat, Miyabi spoke slowly.

“I’m sure, the trip was fun. I’m sure, it would be a good memory.”

Everyone nodded to Miyabi’s words.

“But, everybody couldn’t restrain themselves when other people approached Kohaku-kun, right? Isn’t that the cause?”

“You’re… right… but I don’t want to overlook another girl having a good atmosphere with him alone…”

That’s right. Even if God exists and allows the girl to have a good atmosphere with him, I will never. I mean, as the organizer, I should be the one who has it! And not others! Not before me!

“Is that idea, the cause of the current situation?”

Ugh… That’s true, but! But!….

Maybe everyone had a similar thought, it became quiet.

“Then, Miyabi-san, what do you think we should do?”

“Yuzuka-chan, that’s a good question. Well, my idea is, everyone should put their feelings aside and cooperate.”


“Yeah. Everyone will go to deepen their relationship with Kohaku-kun one by one, and if someone can become his official partner safely, she’ll support the others. Well, in short, everyone here is going to form an alliance.”

…… What is this person saying? Certainly, since everyone will cooperate, there’ll be no competition between each other. Also, Kohaku-kun himself doesn’t seem to have any bad feelings towards any of us.

….But there is one problem with this…

“…If that happens, who will be the first?”

That’s right! See? Everyone wants it. 

However, Miyabi-san smiled as if the problem had been solved.

“There’s an easy solution for it”

“What? Is it true!?”

“Yeah. There’s this traditional culture that has been passed down since ancient times.”

“Since ancient times …?”

“Yes, it’s called the “culture of seniority”. If we follow that culture… Well, I’ll be the first… it can’t be helped. But with this, problem solved.”

With a bright smile, Miyabi said so.

” ” ” “No way!!” ” ” “

In the middle of such a ruckus. Shino was nervous.

…… What kind of excuses I can say to my dear grandfather?


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  1. ………Mission failed successfully…..or rather they didn’t have any chance of succes…
    Well, it appears a harem ending i still very far away for Kohaku. In fact, i’m starting to think as long as Kohaku doesn’t start to make one no progress will be done from the girls side.

    1. You are completely correct. The ball is in his court and they are literally holding themselves and each other back for fear of upsetting him.

      Still this way the author has plenty of material for future chapters as they all try and get closer to him.

  2. In a certain sense the one off ghost character made more progress with him then they did.

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